white berry seeds

Of course a plant worthy of a fairy tale forest is going to thrive outdoors too. White Berry prefers sunnier conditions, so she can show off those trichomes in all their dusty glory, but she will also grow in more northern and moderate conditions, such as northern Europe and Canada. When flowering White Berry will soon sparkle with white crystals that glisten on her colorful buds like the first frost on the forbidden forest floor.

The typical result is a crystalline Sativa head high. But when smoked in higher quantities, an Indica-style body stone comes forward. As a daytime companion it will inspire creativity (it will also bring an interesting twist to your night out) and as a nighttime companion it will put you to sleep like a baby on a lullaby.

White Berry is a popular choice for indoor growing thanks to a very quick flowering time (7 weeks). Slender and medium sized plant with all the bud growth concentrated around her single cola. Indoor growers working in small spaces will appreciate the size and still benefit from a decent yield. With uniformity and obedience, White Berry is a firm favourite with gardeners cultivating in Sea Of Green (SOG) and Screen Of Green (SCROG) set ups.

This is one of our new generation strains and with White Berry we took our time. We took all the knowledge we had learned from the successes of our earlier strains and channeled it into this plant. The main ingredients came from the original lines of classic strains. The result is the closest we have come to creating the model cannabis plant.

Deadly Beauty … In every fairy tale forest you will find a bush yielding forbidden fruits that combine beauty with mythological potency. White Berry is such a plant! A one hit wonder with a unique high that the experienced smoker will savor.

With a character that is complex, welcome to a fruity mix of sativa awareness and long lasting indica that will revive by day and relax at night.

Once cured, the smoker will appreciate the delicious berry flavor that inspired the name. A flavorful heavy hitter, this strain is a match for any strong indica fan craving power. However, the user will also notice something special about the high. We describe the White Berry high as ‘complex and versatile’ for good reason.

This plant also has fans in the medical cannabis community, especially amongst those that like to have a bit of mental stimulation with their pain relief.

It is illegal to grow cannabis seeds in the UK. These seeds are for collectable and/or souvenir purposes only.

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With hints of blueberry and pine forest dancing on the aroma and sweet delectable flavors of candy making love to your mouth with hints of berries and wine White Berry will leave you feeling merry. The average grower sees impressive results for such short flowering times averaging400-500 grams per square meter indoors when grown in a sea of green. Outdoor growers can see this much per plant. Experienced growers can produce better results based upon experience and environmental conditions. When it comes to fire ass grass that kick ass, the cannabis seeds you need to be found without running all over town can be found by looking online anytime at Ice Headshop.

When it comes to flowering times White Berry feminized cannabis seeds have an impressive one. You can expect an average flowering time of an incredible 52 days from this 75% Indica dominant strain of cannabis. With such an incredibly short flowering time you’re probably thinking you’re not going to get any kind of yield but that’s not true. Not only do you get an incredible yield you get impressive THC results and a flavor profile that’ll drive you wild.

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White Berry feminized cannabis seeds from Ice Headshop will blow your mind each and every time you lay your eyes on these lovely ladies. These gals are your pal and will make your cannabis seed collection shine! When it comes the hard to find rare cannabis seed genetics like these you always find the ones you need by shopping for cannabis seeds online at Ice Headshop. White Berry feminized cannabis seeds will give your cannabis seed collection that touch with ease. That touch of elegance that screams you are a connoisseur of cannabis seeds.

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