where does the best weed in the world grow

Washington State is home to numerous pioneers in the world of cannabis, including Northwest Cannabis Solutions, BMF Washington, Harmony Farms, Grow Op Farms, Spinning Heads, and so many others. The overall quality of weed in Washington is said to be quite phenomenal, but it is almost all indoor grown, making certain strain types more prevalent than others if they are locally raised.

Parts of California, especially Humboldt County in the “Emerald Triangle”, are known for supplying pot to a lot of the rest of the United States, stretching as far as the East Coast where they originally brought quality back to a region that was known for its poor quality weed.

Home to Subcool and TGA Genetics, as well as to the legendary dab maker Ganja Jon, there is a lot of insane pot related material arising out of OR, especially when it comes to concentrates, extracts and dabbing. In addition, the famous Jack Herer strain is seen as an Oregon strain, and we all know how amazing that one is.

Oregon (OR):

Just like Colorado, Washington does not possess the right outdoor temperatures to support the cultivation of a multitude of different strains outdoors, unless you go over to Eastern Washington, where mentalities and attitudes towards cannabis are not very positive… Seattle primarily, where plenty of dank weed is cultivated, can be rather cold and humid, so indoor growing is prefered over outdoor. Additionally, legal weed is not such an old decision in Washington, so some people are still getting used to this change and do not possess a positive attitude yet towards the medicinal green.

One aspect of Oregon cannabis that seems to set it above the rest is the affordability. Oregon, by far, has the greatest affordability of almost any other state, and for this reason you might even be able to purchase an out-of-this-world ounce for $200 or less. The price point alone might have you convinced that OR ganja is the best out there, but there is also some solid quality product being produced out of this forest-covered state.

One of the first states to legalize recreational cannabis, in 2014 Colorado made its way up the ladder by becoming a frontrunner of the legal marijuana scene, inspiring many other states to follow suit after they witnessed just how much success CO achieved after starting on its path towards legalization. For this specific reason, Colorado ranks high when it comes to the overall attitude and legalization status of this state. Aside from a few of the more conservative counties, residents of this mountainous state usually see marijuana as beneficial not only for the people, but also for the local economy.

Seen by many as having some of the all-time best weed, California is a massive state, and a massive cannabis culture has arisen from within it. With prices that are the fourth lowest in the United States, parts of CA have the perfect climate for outdoor cultivation, which is part of what makes the ganja out of this state so incredible. Although you may not discover a $200 ounce like in Oregon, if you are purchasing from a reputable dispensary or recreational pot shop, even the cheapest larf is almost always top-shelf product in many places.

A part of the famous “Emerald Triangle”, Humboldt County is widely recognized for its top-shelf marijuana being grown outdoors, which of course can only be cultivated during the season from April/May until the end of October, when weather conditions tend to take a massive turn. Humboldt County is seen as a region that is ideal climate-wise for producing amazing cannabis, and the weed that has hit the market from this area definitely lives up to its reputation.

Since the beginning of cannabis’ appearance and growing popularity in the United States, it has long been debated what region produces the best weed. Although the marijuana community will probably never reach an actual consensus, it is a fun topic to discuss and consider all the possibilities.

The downsides? Colorado does not typically possess the right outdoor temperatures to support the cultivation of a multitude of different strains. For this reason, it rates quite low in regards to ideal climate and environment, but this is why this state has learned to perfect its indoor growing techniques.

Humboldt County:

Overall, one thing that is really incredible about The Golden State is that the general attitude towards weed is positive; many people enjoy it and have for decades, so it is no surprise this area recently became legalized.

After considering a lot of research, we have ultimately concluded that the regions that consist of the “Emerald Triangle” are considered to possess the best weed in the United States. If you are not familiar with the Emerald Triangle and what it consists of, the next section will explain in further detail what this zone is all about.

Nowadays, there is actually way more competition. Early on, it used to be that California had the best green, hands down. After the West Coast went fully legal, Washington and Oregon began to consume some of the Golden State’s hype, and then came in Colorado, the in-land, unexpected competitor that seems to just have totally nailed indoor growing methods on the head with a hammer.

The Bay Area definitely has a much trickier climate than Southern California, but part of the year it is possible to cultivate the green even outside, although indoor growing methods are normally preferred, especially in this densely populated area that consists of many big cities and a high population of residents. Oakland, San Francisco, and Chico in particular are notorious for their top-quality Mary Jane, as well as the culture surrounding cannabis.

The downsides? You do not always know the quality of your cannabis in California. Cartels and other illegal organizations do also cultivate a lot of cannabis, because marijuana is no doubt a cash crop, and for this reason you are not always getting organic quality in The Golden State. You have to be careful and know your source. If you are purchasing from a reputable dispensary or recreational pot shop, this will likely not be the case, and you can trust what your knowledgeable budtender is offering you. A recently passed law may have only improved the trust in cannabis vendors, however, because it is now required for California dispensaries to apply stricter laws and testing for pesticides, etc. if they want to sell cannabis in their storefronts. Although this is a financial hit for vendors, it definitely does keep the health of the consume as a priority.

Southern California:

On top of California cannabis just being overall mind-blowing by the standards of many, there are a multitude of cutting-edge cannabis breeders and other related companies coming out of California, including Aficionado Seeds, Exotic Genetix, Brothers Grimm Seeds, Bodhi Seeds, The Source Genetics, Top Dawg Seeds, Crockett Family Farms, Swamp Boys Seeds and Gage Green Group, just to name a few.

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The downsides? There is not a huge public interest regarding marijuana in Oregon, especially not in Eastern Oregon where the demographic is still quite conservative and not particularly accepting towards enjoying 420. Regardless, in areas like Southern Oregon and Northern Oregon (Portland), people seem to overall really love weed and are quite open towards its consumption.

In reality, this is not that easy of a question to answer, primarily because the marijuana front runners in the US have changed drastically in the past 10 years, especially as more and more states have begun cultivating their own herb, and people are really perfecting their skill sets. This shift in extraordinary growing practices is a result of the widespread legalization of recreational cannabis, particularly throughout the states that would be considered candidates for a list of “the best”.

It is important to begin by stating that there is a massive difference between states where you can purchase the best quality weed versus the states that grow the best marijuana. This article specifically focuses on the regions that are known for their quality ganja grows, and this product is typically widely distributed to other locations where it is enjoyed and consumed.

In Southern Oregon especially, which is considered to be a pretty good place to grow, weed is being grown both indoors and outdoors, because the outside environment during growing season is superb in this region. It is a bit too cold during the growing season in Northern Oregon to have the same results, but Portland and the surrounding areas have perfected their indoor cultivation techniques, and they are stocking up dispensaries all over the US with some top-notch herb.

Rezwan Khan, vice president of global corporate development for cannabis seed supplier DNA Genetics, believes that U.S. cannabis is the world’s best but said: “Canada has a huge advantage, because they can fill a gap.”

The crop would be in high demand internationally — perhaps the centerpiece of a new U.S. industry — if not for the regulatory conundrum in which growers operate.

Because marijuana is legal in many states but still illegal federally, marijuana growers are unable to ship their products to other countries or even other American states that have legalized the drug. So while U.S. cannabis firms have driven product innovation and mastered the science of large-scale grow operations, they restlessly wait for the export curtain to lift.

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Canadian firms are using their head start to sign trade deals and secure licenses to sell marijuana internationally. While the market remains limited, at least 30 countries — including Mexico, Germany and Italy — have legalized medical marijuana. And the numbers are growing as scientific studies have demonstrated its utility for pain control, nausea and glaucoma.

“California has been the epicenter of cannabis culture for many years,” he said.

The other draw of American-grown cannabis, according to Denver-based cannabis law expert Bob Hoban, is that foreign customers value the regulatory oversight that ensures the product is safe and unadulterated.

Its cannabis seeds have been distributed all over the world, and many foreign firms are trying to reproduce the quality of West Coast marijuana. But Khan said it takes more than seeds and water to grow good weed.

“The world wants that technology,” said Michael Sassano, CEO of Solaris Farms, the largest cannabis hybrid greenhouse in Nevada. “The Netherlands had a big jump; they could have done anything. But the U.S. is the one that turned the industry into what it is today, with all the products we make, not Canada.”

“Then you farm vertically,” said Dean Heizer, LivWell’s chief legal strategist. “We learned that from the microgreens that people are farming in old cities and in old skyscrapers. If you can cultivate in cubic meters, you can scale. If you’re cultivating in square feet, you can’t.”

With 11 states plus Washington, D.C., approving recreational use and 33 states legalizing medical marijuana, industry insiders believe marijuana may be legalized nationally in the near future, greatly expanding their market.

“There’s more than enough time for American companies to catch up,” said Kris Krane, president of 4Front Ventures, which grows and sells marijuana in nine states. “But the longer that we wait, the longer we continue to maintain this unsustainable prohibition, the more difficult it’s going to be for American companies to catch up.”

That leaves cold Canada as a somewhat odd choice to be the world’s leader in marijuana exports.

Khan said California cannabis especially is superior because its growers have been developing legal marijuana products since 1996, longer than everywhere but Amsterdam.

When Canada legalized marijuana in 2018, its firms could be listed on the New York Stock Exchange and NASDAQ. So Canadian companies represent a back door for U.S. firms to access capital and export markets, and, for smaller firms, provide a potential exit strategy. Many U.S. marijuana growers are positioning themselves as attractive acquisition targets for Canadian firms eyeing the lucrative U.S. market.

The genetics and sophistication underlying the U.S. cannabis industry lead to better-quality and higher-potency flowers for those who smoke marijuana and innovations in oils, tinctures and edibles.

After 20 years of experience, legal marijuana growers in the U.S. have the reputation of creating the best product in the world, scientifically grown and tightly regulated for quality and safety.

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Every part of the growing process is meticulously documented and evaluated to constantly refine the process.

Long before it was widely accepted to spark up a joint, the Netherlands embraced the herb and welcomed tourists from around the world to imbibe. Amsterdam in particular is known for its “Coffeeshops” where you can not only purchase cannabis, but you can also often smoke in one of their lounges.

While we may be a bit bias, the United States could very well be the top dog in cannabis when it comes to innovation. With states legalizing cannabis left and right, growers feel empowered to experiment in order to create some of the most mind-blowing cultivars in the world.

With years of production under their belt, Afghanistan is also known as the father of some of your favorite kush strains like Afghan Kush and Afgooey just to name a few. If that isn’t enough to convince you, try some of their legendary Afghan Hashish and you’ll be converted into a believer in no-time.

As cannabis legalization continues to stretch out into every corner of the globe, each nation is competing to produce the best flower out there — but who really has the highest quality buds?

Perhaps best known as the birthplace of Bob Marley and the Rastafari lifestyle, Jamaica grows weed that is more than just plain old cannabis — it’s a spiritual experience. Revered as the “holy herb” by many, the cannabis here is meant to lead you to a deeper faith instead of just a recreational drug (but it’s fun to smoke too).


While they are new to the legal weed scene, Colombia is no stranger to cannabis cultivation. They were once one of the major suppliers of green in the heyday of Black Market cannabis, but have since changed their tune with the recent legalization of medical cannabis. They now welcome cannabis tourism to their postcard-perfect beaches, sky-high mountaintops, and bustling cities.

In addition to its religious roots, Jamaica has perfect year-round weather to support three full growing cycles of some of the finest weed around. Sign us up for a trip to their sandy beaches rife with the sticky icky.

As the most bio-diverse place on earth per square inch, it is no surprise that Colombia grows some of the best weed on the market today. Its rich soil and tropical climate, make this country the perfect place to grow some serious buds.

Needless to say, weed aficionados from across the globe make the trek to the US to sample some of the best ganja the world has to offer.

Whether growers opt for a precise indoor grow operation or let nature take control outdoors, weed has become an intricate science in the United States. In fact, the US has perfected and created popular strains like Blue Dream , Green Crack , and the iconic Gelato strain grown by the founder of Sherbinskis in his garage — kind of like Apple founder Steve Jobs. Much like Apple, producers stateside can now charge a pretty penny for their elite products with eighths costing upwards of $60 and buds testing at over 30% THC.

Heralded as one of the very first nations to cultivate the cannabis that we know and love today, Afghanistan has been producing some of the most fire flower out there for centuries. Despite the fact that weed was made illegal in 1957, cannabis is a way of life for many citizens and the use of the plant is deeply rooted in the nation’s history.

Well, that depends on what you are looking for: some countries have been growing the herb for centuries, others are innovators in the cannabis space, and others just want to have fun. No matter what makes your heart go pitter-pat, there is a country out there for you that is growing the ganja of your dreams. Let’s take a deeper dive into some of the nations that are vying for the top cannabis spot.

In recent years, the Netherlands has continued to hold its spot towards the top of the cannabis chain by producing unique takes on popular strains like Amnesia Haze and Hulkberry. They also host the annual Cannabis Cup that draws thousands of competitors and onlookers each year from all over the world. Combined with a welcoming environment, you’re guaranteed to find some good green in the Netherlands.

As more and more countries throw their hat into the cannabis ring, each one is fighting for that coveted top spot. Lucky for us, we get to sit back, spark up, and enjoy the show as these nations duke it out. No matter where you decide to stock up for your next smoke session, it’s clear that there is good weed all over the globe — you just have to know where to look.

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