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Leafly boasts of millions of active users. These users send in their feedback on anything and everything concerning cannabis. For starters, you can check various reviews about the specific strain that you need. There is specific information on almost every strain you can think of.

Looking for a trippy game to accompany you during your cannabis adventures? Get “Robot Unicorn Attack 2” on your iPhone and enjoy this hilarious thing of beauty courtesy of the guys from Adult Swim.

Also, you can pick between a 600W or 1000W lamp. In growing your cannabis, the app will assign you different tasks. Failing to look after your plants with proper care and attention can equate to their death.

5. GrowBuddy.

Continue reading below for 10 of the best cannabis apps – in no particular order – that beginners or experienced users will find helpful.

You get some of the vibes of Facebook; a touch of Instagram, and the excitement of Tinder through its “swipe right, swipe left” feature. This free social media app for marijuana lovers lets you post pictures and videos of your cannabis escapades. It lets you connect with fellow smokers in and around your city.

When it comes to payments, it uses Google payments options, which are secure. As for the reliability of the app’s suggestions, expect it to provide secure and legitimate recommendations.

The developers are currently working on getting it back up and running as soon as possible!

This app is awesome for those who are looking to learn how to care for cannabis plants all while making it fun.

With the help of these cannabis apps, you can better appreciate marijuana. You can expand your knowledge faster and connect with the best sources in your area. In case you wish to grow a plant in your home, having an app is not enough.

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8. Robot Unicorn Attack 2.

The great thing about Simleaf is its features. It comes with a myriad of settings that you can adjust and play around with as you grow your virtual cannabis.

It will also prompt you to select the kind of lighting, as well as the other environmental factors. From there, you will create a calendar containing all the activities you need to do. Each activity falls under a specific stage of the plant’s life cycle.

Hey, it may not be your conventional app but every recreational user will love this game.

What’s great about the app is it gives you a comprehensive list of withdrawal symptoms. Moreover, it helps you identify which of these you’re going through and how long they will last.

Interestingly, about 12% of American adults admit to smoking marijuana. Whether it’s for medical or recreational use is another topic altogether. Nevertheless, if you’re still a newbie, you need to get all the support you can get in terms of cannabis education.

2. WeedMaps.

This is especially helpful during COVID-19 as you may not want to browse an in-store dispensary. This app allows you to see what’s available near you, without having to leave your home.

Apart from access to different dispensaries, you can track their latest product releases. You can also check customer reviews to make better choices.

Another interesting app worth downloading is Weedmaps. Though it’s one of the veterans in the cannabis app landscape, it is still very popular and appreciated.

With its mystical creatures and vibrant graphics, you can experience a different kind of trip while going through different challenges and stages.

Using marijuana strains that don’t match your medical requirements may result in you not getting the benefits you were seeking. Different terpenes and cannabinoids in cannabis have different effects on the body, so some strains may be more or less beneficial to you. Thus, the app can keep you from buying the wrong kinds of cannabis products.

For newbie cannabis growers, the Simleaf app can easily become your best friend. The app is a cannabis growth simulator. It even draws the same vibe as the old Tamagochi game.

The whole service is loaded with so many tools and features that it may be too much for the home grower but is definitely worth a try for large-scale growers.

GrowBuddy is a great free grow journal app for home growers of all levels, even those with multiple gardens.

Grower Helper is thought to be a direct competitor to Grow With Jane and GrowBuddy. Although it is also a tracker app, it focuses more on tracking and reminding you of every minute task related to growing your marijuana. If you feel that some of the other apps are a bit too much, you may like Grower Helper instead.

Grobase is fairly simple to use and is a great companion app for casual growers to small-scale commercial growers.

Smartphone grow apps typically help growers by providing helpful insights generated through analytics based on data the user logs. Such apps also usually come with other tools like unit converters, calculators, and a social function that lets users connect to others in the cannabis community to exchange questions and answers.

Apps for commercial growers.

Similar to Grow with Jane, GrowBuddy is a cannabis grow journal that provides you with helpful growing insights based on the data you log into it but compared with GWJ, it looks more capable for handling the needs of growers with more plants, like medical marijuana caregivers. It also has some social-driven features like a Q & A knowledge base that users can contribute and upvote answers and a marketplace for various marijuana cultivation products and equipment.

When it comes to medical marijuana, it’s not all about the THC. MassRoots: Medical Cannabis is not not so much about giving growing guidance, but it is a big help for medical marijuana growers and users who need to be more selective of the strains and products they use. It is also a social app where you can show off your plants and share your knowledge with the community. However, the app is only available to users in states where medical cannabis is legal.

This doesn’t mean that there are no legitimate weed apps to be found online. There are actually a handful that are quite useful and are vouched for by the cannabis community.

This depends on your needs as a grower. Home growers tending to a single or several grow areas will greatly benefit from apps like Grow With Jane, Grow Buddy, and Grower Helper. Those running a growing business composed of multiple employees will find TRYM a great solution for their needs. Meanwhile, software like Canix will be capable of handling the requirements of large-scale growers and cannabis product manufacturing businesses.

TRYM is a cannabis business management software designed for commercial growers. It includes a whole suite of sophisticated features like plant tracking, team management, data analytics, and even various integrations with growing hardware and equipment.

Like TRYM, Canix is a seed-to-sale software and ERP that focuses on compliance with marijuana regulations. It is loaded with features and tools including Barcode/RFID Scanning, Inventory & Sales Management, Quickbooks Integration, Yield Reporting and more. As you may have expected, software this powerful does not have a free version, but even at $300/month it is well worth its price for marijuana businesses looking to increase their profit margins and avoid compliance issues.

Since it is a free app, it is a great tool for home growers, especially the new ones who might be looking for more guidance.

simLeaf is a 3D marijuana growing simulator. Similar to those “virtual pet” games, you get to raise, take care, and harvest the strain of cannabis of your choice. It is so realistic that you can even keep a mother plant and crossbreed to capture its genetics. The outcomes are based on accurately modeled data developed by real growers and you can even zoom in on your plant to see the detail in high resolution. The game will also provide useful tips and educational information as you play.

If you’re ready to start growing and want to find out the best seedbanks that ship to the U.S. click here.

In this article, we’ll take a look at a couple of highly rated and recommended apps that are able to leverage the advancement in smartphone and cloud tech to aid weed lovers around the world improve their cannabis grows.

Nutrient calculator apps.

Grow With Jane is an app that helps growers track their plant’s growth and all growing activity. By logging your growing data, its analytics feature can generate valuable insights that can help guide your growing journey. It also has other tools like various unit converters and calculators that growers typically use and provide you with useful information relevant to every stage of your plant’s growth. You can also upload your plant’s progress and connect with other users for advice.

One of the problems with a hydroponic grow setup is nutrient dosing. Thankfully, there’s already an app that solves that. BudLabs is an app specifically designed to aid hydro growers of all levels with their nutrient tasks and those handling multiple crops will find it particularly helpful.

Like they say, “there’s an app for everything” so why shouldn’t there be one for growing cannabis? As expected, there are a lot since marijuana is big business and on its way to becoming completely legal in the US. However, app stores, especially Google’s Play Store, are littered with marijuana apps that offer little to no value while some are even scams.

Similar to GrowBuddy and GWJ, EZGro’s GroBase is a grow journal app but with a bit more focus on organizing various aspects of your growing operation to make it more efficient. It can also be used for almost any kind of plant, not just marijuana.

simLeaf is a great app for those who want to learn and practice growing marijuana before they do it for real.

The list of cannabis growing apps just keeps on growing and while a lot of them will be useful, there may only be a select few that would be suitable for your needs as a home flower. It can be time-consuming to try out various apps but it’s definitely worth investing time in it since finding the app that works best for you will eliminate a lot of work for you and possibly improve your results. Better yet, growing apps that allow you to log data can help you repeat your successes for future grows.

Grobase: Plant Growing & Gardening Companion.

First things first – it’s not a free-for-all on the app stores.

As co-founder Otha Smith said, “through data, we aim to empower not only cannabis consumers, but the entire industry.”

Long before we all got surgically-attached to our smartphones, cannabis was there, lovingly held in the palm of your hand, a constant companion in daily life. But as cannabis has become more mainstream – and our lives have become more and more online – the cannabis industry has also gone mobile. Today, there are a host of smartphone apps to help people find, grow, talk, and write about weed, and bring it into their daily life like never before.

Weed apps on Android and iOS – what you should know.

In July, Eaze announced the launch of a shoppable marijuana delivery app for iPhone users, following a decision by Apple to allow cannabis ecommerce apps on the app store.

A good example of this is the KEEP, an IoT cannabis storage box that has an eye-catching design and allows the user to remotely monitor the temperature and humidity of their stash box – and whether or not they’re running low.

Smith said the company believes that the data can help cannabis retailers, producers, and medical marijuana professionals communicate directly with consumers, with the goal of developing better cannabis products.

The app provides recommended strains for a wide variety of health conditions, and for each strain, includes a detailed readout of the cannabis and terpenes profile.

GrowBuddy has a data-based approach that helps growers gain a wide variety of insights about their garden and what they could be doing better.

GrowBuddy also puts a big focus on helping users connect with other growers in order to talk shop and share advice and tips in the “case files” section of the app. And once they have that knowledge in hand, growers can also find all sorts of solutions on the app’s “growers marketplace,” including nutrients, lights, pesticides, seeds, and more.

Best app for medical marijuana patients – PotBot.

But beyond all that, Emjay also has a truly impressive selection of products, including 764 different options for flower. The brands represented include some of the most highly-acclaimed names in cannabis, including Sherbinski’s, Alien Labs, and Cookies.

Not only that, unlike cannabis apps and sites that use user generated reviews, PotBot relies instead on published, peer-reviewed scientific and medical research on cannabis and how it affects the body.

Dubbed “Leafly + WebMD” by PC Mag, PotBot is an app designed to build tailor-made recommendations for medical marijuana treatment.

Indeed, Cannabis delivery apps like Eaze can be found on the Google apps store, but users must go to the website, a mobile web browser, (or use an iPhone) if they want to order cannabis delivery. To make things clearer, the bottom of the Eaze entry on the apps store clearly states “Eaze does not cultivate, distribute or deliver marijuana.”

Best app for ordering weed – Emjay.

Here are some of the best cannabis apps anywhere:

In other words, it’s a great option for parents who smoke weed and want a good-looking, safe and secure stash box that they can monitor at all times no matter where they are – by way of their smartphone app.

He added that in just one year, the company has managed to build relationships with more than 100 dispensaries who promote the app.

Oh, and users can always upload photos as well.

The makers of Jointly state that the app can help users take control of a wide variety of aspects of their cannabis usage, including defining their goals and tracking the results of their sessions.