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Nila Wafer cultivation Two different phenotypes can be observed during its cultivation, being easy to distinguish by the difference in height. The lower phenotype contains a genetic inheritance more similar to Sundae Driver while the higher phenotype looks more like Wedding Cake. Both phenotypes have a powerful effect and high quality flavours, with some stability in their organoleptic base.

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Nila Wafer flowering Nila Wafer has a flowering period of about 65-70 days, producing abundant large, compact buds with large resin-coated calyxes.

Basic / Breeders Info.

Nila Wafer delivers a powerful organoleptic mixture, inherited from its ancestors which stand out in this respect. This variety offers a sweet base with tropical fruits and vanilla and grape notes along with spicy hints.

Nila Wafer by Cannardo seeds is a feminised cannabis plant, a cross between Wedding Cake and Sundae Driver. This variety provides the market with a very complete strain with powerful and tasty aromas and flavours, a high production and a powerful psychedelic effect.

Nila Wafer is an indica/sativa variety from Cannarado Genetics and can be cultivated indoors (where the plants will need a flowering time of ±63 days ) and outdoors . Cannarado Genetics’ Nila Wafer is a THC dominant variety and is/was only available as feminized seeds.

It produces a powerful and long-lasting effect thanks to its high THC level. It acts quickly relaxing mind and body and entering into a long-lasting meditative state.

Cannarado Seeds Nila Wafer info: Type: Feminised cannabis seed Genetics: Wedding Cake x Sundae Driver Indica / Sativa hybrid Indoor flowering: 9 weeks Outdoor harvest: October Indoor yield: 500-600g per m2 Outdoor yield: >600g per plant THC: High.

It produces long flower colas that look like a baseball bat or One Bud. This helps to maximise production in indoor cultivation by making the most of the growing space. Cultivated outdoors, the harvest is ready in October, the time when the plant is at its THC content peak and the flowers their maximum compaction.

Nila Wafer is well suited for both indoor and outdoor cultivation. It is also well adapted to the different substrates and cultivation methods. It responds very well to SOG cultivation, producing a large central bud and little lateral branching. The SCROG method can also be used, applying the topping technique in order to obtain multiple branches that quickly fill the cultivation space.

Cannarado Genetics’ Nila Wafer Description.

Nila Wafer from Cannarado Genetics is available only as feminized seeds. Regular seeds are not available at the moment. In 2 seedbanks, we found 2 offers between EUR 80.00 for 6 feminized seeds and EUR 88.00 for 6 feminized seeds. If you are looking to buy Nila Wafer Cannabis Seeds from Cannarado Genetics somewhere – have a look to our Nila Wafer Price Comparison page with all current offers from all the connected seedbanks and shops – or visit one of the following tested, trustworthy and recommended seed-shops directly to check out their current Nila Wafer offers: Oaseeds and Alchimia Grow Shop.

Where to buy Nila Wafer cannabis seeds?

Wedding Cake has garnered a reputation for being a particularly tricky strain to grow. This may be in part due to the fact that the original breeders of this strain kept their secrets under lock and key. In fact, until recently, Wedding Cake was not even available in seed form. Those that wanted to cultivate it had to obtain a clipping to grow a clone. Finding those cuttings wasn’t always easy.

Fortunately today, there are some seeds on the market. However, it still takes someone with a deft hand for gardening to attempt to grow this strain.

Wedding Cake is also known to be a very effective medicinal strain. Those that suffer from stress, anxiety, and depression may find that this strain allows them to let go and be more present. The strain will push all worries and concerns out of one’s mind, while still allowing them to remain lucid and levelheaded. Due to the fact that it can also help a person hone in on certain tasks, it is also useful for those suffering from attention deficit disorders.

Wedding Cake, also known as Birthday Cake, Marijuana Cake, and Pink Cookies, is a cross between Girl Scout Cookies and Cherry Pie. Its Girl Scout Cookies roots does make it lean towards the indica side of the spectrum. That’s due to the fact that while this strain is only 40 percent sativa, the other 60 percent of it is made up by its indica parentage. However, it is still technically a hybrid strain.

When the effects first begin, the sativa component of this hybrid will take over, with cerebral effects felt. At this time, thoughts may race and a person may become more aware of their surroundings. During this initial phase of the high, it’s not unusual for people to also become giddy and euphoric.

Grow Information.

No one really knows what breeder first created Wedding Cake, a strain that goes by many names. Perhaps that’s because they want to keep their secrets about how to grow this somewhat tricky strain closely guarded.

With the proper experience and know-how, Wedding Cake will grow well indoors and out. It may require a tent with reflective lining and high-density discharge lamps, as it’s proven to do well under these circumstances. It’s important the lights reach all parts of this plant, which can grow quite tall but also have a bushy appearance to them due to their indica roots.

Those that wish to take their plants outdoors can grow Wedding Cake, too. It still needs temperatures that hover around 70 degrees Fahrenheit, and it still needs a touch of humidity, as well. When grown outside in very rich soil, the strain should be ready for harvest around mid-October. Due to the fact that it needs fairly warm temperatures, and will be outside in the middle of fall, outdoor growing of this strain is really only appropriate for those that live in moderate year-round climate. When properly grown outside, Wedding Cake will yield approximately sixteen ounces per plant.

Those cerebral effects will soon melt into a full body high. Users may feel as though their spine and limbs become heavier, as a warm and pleasant flush rushes through them. Still, that awareness of the surroundings remains. After two or three bowls, a person may find the indica effects take completely over, putting them into full couch lock.

The aromas from this strain perfectly match the taste. Some have stated it smells like cookies, cake, butter, sweetness, and sugar, even just a few days after curing. Although, there is more to this strain than just dessert. After taking a big inhale, one will also smell spices and ginger, a hint of nuttiness, and even a little skunk.

Although not an easy plant to grow, Wedding Cake does come with some cultivating benefits. This strain has been shown to fight disease and damage quite effectively. In particular it can stand up to weather fluctuations, viruses, spiders, mold, mites, mildew, insects, and bacteria quite well.

Although technically a hybrid, this is an indica dominant strain. That makes it perfect for anyone that’s suffering from insomnia. Just a few tokes is enough to keep a novice down, while going around for two or three bowl sessions will take out even the most experienced consumer.

The biggest negative side effect that comes with Wedding Cake is dry mouth and dry eyes. This is particularly true for those that have smoked it. However, other unpleasant of marijuana, such as dizziness, paranoia, and anxiety, are kept to a minimum with this strain.

When thinking of actual wedding cake or birthday cake, it’s easy to imagine flavours that are sweet and sugary, reminiscent of cookies and vanilla wafers. All of those flavours are what connoisseurs love about the Wedding Cake strain, too. First, that sticky sweetness hits, like you’ve just had a bite of dessert. Soft vanilla notes then creep in, before the real earthiness of this strain is detected.

Wedding Cake strain comes from two hybrid parents, bringing perfect balance to any celebration or quiet night in. As its name would suggest, it’s best known for tasting like sweet and sugary wedding cake. This is what its creators originally intended, and it’s just one of the reasons this is such a highly sought-after strain still today.

Effects and Characteristics.

The effects felt after consuming Wedding Cake come on fairly fast for those that smoke it. They are also fairly potent, as this strain has a THC content of a whopping 25 percent. This you’ll be able to notice right away. The buds are covered in potent, white trichomes, foreshadowing what one can expect after consuming.

These flavours are intentional, and why two such beautifully sweet parents were joined together in the first place. Whether smoked or eaten, the dessert flavour of this strain will truly shine through. That makes it great for adding to baked goods, sweet sauces, custards, and more. Those that prefer to smoke the strain of course, will also get a burst of sweet flavour.

Wedding Cake does best in temperatures of approximately 70 degrees Fahrenheit. It also takes very well to humidity, so it’s important to adjust humidifiers and dehumidifiers accordingly. Indoors, the plant will likely flower in as little as eight weeks after flowering has been induced. When grown properly indoors, Wedding Cake will yield approximately sixteen ounces per meter squared.

A side effect of the Wedding Cake strain is that it can bring on some incredible munchies. This makes it perfect for those struggling from a loss of appetite due to medication, chemotherapy, or sickness.

The Wedding Cake strain is as delicious as it is elusive. Perfect when used as a dessert smoke, its effects are a perfect combination of its indica and sativa parents. This strain is so good, the original breeders have seemed to want to keep it all for themselves. These seeds though, are starting to appear on the market so, if you’re a grower with a fairly green thumb, scoop them up when you can. Showing up with some of this seemingly unobtainable strain will be a hit with any cannabis connoisseur.

The History of Wedding Cake.

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Description: Wedding Wafer is an indica-leaning hybrid cross of Wedding Cake and Sundae Driver. It has a sweet profile that features notes of creamy vanilla, fruity grapes, and gas. It may provide a happy mood boost accompanied by a relaxing body high that could feel sedating thanks to this bud’s indica-dominance.

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