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These generate dense buds, hence, solid yields. Some of them are mold-resistant. And some will grow well in many different climates – whether indoors and outdoors.

Experienced growers, where are you? Seedsman offers several different strains of high-quality cannabis seeds. They have an entire alphabetical list of these, just for your pick. And, yes, they include auto flowering, regular, and feminized seeds.

MA massive product selection.

What We Don’t Like 👎

1. I Love Growing Marijuana – Best Cannabis Seed Bank Overall.

However, because Seed City specializes in rare weed strains, they hardly stock the popular ones. You might want to look elsewhere for those if you need them.

What We Like 👍

You get a whopping 20% off the buying price if you check out with bitcoin. And should you opt to pay with a credit/debit card, the charges will be under a non-obvious company name. Only you’ll incur an additional cost.

While the seed bank offers guaranteed delivery, it charges separately for it.

The seeds in the banks are sourced from reputable breeders – just to ensure quality standards.

But, for some reason, something’s holding you back, still.

Competitive customer desk.

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Let’s start by asking this: are you a beginner or experienced grower?

What Cannabis Seeds Should I Buy?

And when it comes to delivery, most cannabis seed banks employ stealth shipping practices. This involves packaging the seeds in things like CDs, pens, and toys so they are hard to be spotted, even if they are intercepted by customs.

Flat shipping fee.

What we like about I Love Growing Marijuana is their discreet delivery. They package your stuff in things like CDs, ball pens, and toys. That way, your delivery is unlikely to be flagged as suspicious by customs.

Well, pot seeds are a cannabis product, just like edibles, flowers, and concentrates. And their legality varies from state to state. If you reside in a legal weed state (for recreational use), you can buy seeds within the state. And if your state is legalized for medical marijuana, you can buy cannabis seeds with a medical card.

Same-day shipping couldn’t be easier with Mary Janes Garden, a seed bank that’s been in business since 2003. There’s a catch, though. To qualify for same-day delivery, your order needs to get processed by 8 a.m. (EST). Otherwise, it could take a day longer.

What We Like 👍

5. Seed City – Top Seed Bank with Hard-To-Find Seeds.

Various payment methods.

If you opt to check out with bitcoin, Seedsman will slash 15% off the total cost, which is decent enough. And the company’s loyalty program could help save on $$ .

Wide selection of strains.

If you’re a newbie in the game, you want to buy high-quality seeds that will grow hassle-free. And the following cannabis strains might be a good fit for you.

And for your hard-to-find marijuana seeds, Seed City has got you covered. The seed bank boasts 5,000 product selections so you don't have to look elsewhere for the same. Their rare cannabis seeds – Puna Budder, Oaxacan Highland, Panama Red, etc. – are sourced from over 200 breeders.

What We Like 👍

What We Like 👍

Cannabis remains illegal at the federal level but legal in a number of U.S. states. No wonder all seed banks use stealth shipping to avoid legal hassles and confiscation.

Some online seed banks might not be legitimate, but the ones in this article are.

That’s about as discreet as you can get.

We hope you find the perfect seed bank for your needs!

Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds is one of the oldest companies and one of the first seed banks to gain popularity online. AMS is also one of the most generous companies, giving away free seeds with every order, or 3-10 extra seeds depending on how much you spend.

What’s the safest way to pay for weed seeds?

Quebec Cannabis Seeds was founded in 2013, but still claims to have 15 years of experience in marijuana seed retail.


The handshake agreement also means their prices are comparable to those companies and they won’t offer much in the way of unique discounts. Still, if you want a company based in the United States, and one that’s attentive to your unique requests, you can’t do better or do it faster.


The company sold a number of bulk & mix packages and packs of 100, which are shipped discreetly and spread across a few packages. The most interesting aspect is the company’s Limited Edition line, which lets you buy rare marijuana seeds while they stay in supply.

Beaver Seeds is a flexible seed bank all around, from their methods of payments, to free shipping, and guaranteed delivery, with paid tracking. The germination rate is guaranteed and all shipping is discreet.


Location: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada Ships to: Worldwide Shipping time to the USA: Ships in 24 hours, 7-24 days for delivery.


Try Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds for the free gifts and keep coming back for its reputable seed bank brand, and from the city that started the whole craze. As a wise stoner in a pulpy black suit once said, “You’ll dig it the most.”

Are online seed banks legit?


Remember you can also check online reviews of the best cannabis seed bank brands and which companies excelled at safety, shipping time, guaranteed products, and best of all, the quality of the seeds themselves.


You can also get free basic stealth shipping or discounted guaranteed delivery free shipping when ordering packs of seeds. Suffice it to say that you’ll have plenty of cannabis seeds to go around.



The company has also started shipping to Australia again, after a brief hiatus.

Are there any weed banks in the United States?

Always check that your cannabis seed bank ships to your country before you buy weed seeds online.

Seedsman offers plenty of discounts, averaging about 25 percent off of orders and approximately 40 promotions a year.

In this discussion, we’re going to list 13 of the best seed bank options, along with the pros and cons of each company.



The shipping time to the US could definitely be better, but if you’re looking to support a new Spanish cannabis seed bank that’s making a name for itself in the scene, you should definitely give Herbie’s Seeds a try.

No, some seed banks have temporarily halted international shipping because of COVID, while others choose to only ship to the U.K., Europe, U.S. Australia, and New Zealand in order to avoid legal problems with countries with stricter cannabis laws.

Shipping is quick because of the proximity to the US and many different strains have been collected from all over the world. But Sonoma Seeds’ fast shipping to the U.S. is what impressed us the most… a promising company to watch.

Ever since more states are decriminalizing marijuana, there has been a rise in the number of people interested in growing cannabis. As such, seed banks are popping everywhere. You can come across many options as marijuana seed banks, but how good are their seeds? Well, you do not just go around to buy marijuana seeds online without proper research.

2. What cannabis seeds should I buy and grow? Focus more on your needs for growing cannabis, as they will help you understand more about which type of cannabis seeds to buy. If you are a beginner, always start with beginner seeds. Experienced growers can consider the other options for seeds.

The payment is also secure. The Crop King Seeds bank has multiple payment options to make it even better. As such, you can have an easier time paying for your order. The option of offering discreet delivery to ensure privacy. Not all seedbanks might have this option.

Editor’s Choice.

You can get the best marijuana seeds from this seed bank because it is an active cannabis grower. The seed bank harvests and sells you the seeds by following proper farming practices. Since the brand knows a lot about its cannabis seeds, you can be confident in their advice on growing cannabis plants.


One thing you should know is that cannabis laws vary from one state to another. You might get one state that allows buying and selling cannabis seeds while others do not. So, it is best to check out the state laws before buying cannabis seeds to avoid any trouble with the authorities.

4. What is the best marijuana seed for sale? Here it depends on personal preference since most seed banks have various strains available to consider. Always start with what is your need then proceed to buying the seeds next.

3. Are cannabis seeds legal? It depends on your location. We recommend you always check your state laws before ordering cannabis seeds. If you are allowed to possess and grow cannabis, then it should not be a problem to get them to your state.



1. What is the best seed bank in the United States? We can recommend I Love Growing Marijuana as the best choice for a seed bank. Its customer service, variety of seeds, germination guarantees, and more make it a popular option.

The marijuana seeds NL blog is a nice place to be for those who want more information on the growth of cannabis. In case you have more questions, you can always talk to the support team for more help. The buyers will also like stealth shipping. This makes it easy to receive orders worldwide.

Cannabis still remains illegal at the federal level. The federal government can arrest someone for using cannabis since this law supersedes what the state law says. However, it seems that the federal government has not been too interested in making the arrests, rather leaving it to the state to decide more on the use of cannabis in the respective states.

Of course, you also have to make payments too. The seed bank has several options as payment methods. Such include card payments, bitcoin payments, and bank transfers. We hope that it can include more options in the future. If you are having problems with making the payment, talk to the support team for more help.

3. Crop King Seed.


I Love Growing Marijuana tops the list because it is a one-stop center for everything marijuana. Other than the marijuana seeds, you get to find more information on how to grow marijuana, strain reviews, journals, a forum, and so much more. So, you can buy the seeds after getting all the vital information you need.


Now that we have gone through the best online seed banks above, anyone who is interested in getting cannabis seeds should do it with ease. Make sure that the seed bank has multiple seed strains so that you can get the seeds you want. We also recommend buying marijuana seeds online from only reputable brands. You should not waste your money on brands whose seeds might not even germinate.

This is the best place where you can get marijuana seeds for sale. Some of the options include CBD seeds, autoflower seeds, feminized seeds, and regular seeds. There are adequate options under each category of cannabis seeds so that you find the right one for your needs generally.