super cheese seeds

It is an easy to grow plant that will adapt well to imperfect conditions. Its flowers are quickly covered with a thick layer of white resin . The buds are large, compact, with very few leaves, which will easy the manicuring work. Purple colors may appear at the time of harvest. Its odor during flowering will be strong, and it’s recommended to use a carbon filter during this life stage of the plant.

Once harvested the plant the smells released by the Super Cheese will remind us the Dutch 80s coffeeshops . The flavor will be as strong as the smell, sweet and sour , like some aged cheeses, hence its name. This variety will be suitable for resin extractions .

The Super Cheese is an ‘old school’ strain . For getting this variety, two different origin Cheese were crossed, providing more stability while maintaining at the same time the significant features of the Cheese cannabis strain.

Alchimia introduces the Super Cheese from Positronics Seeds , a mostly Indica hybrid that will not grow much, but will provide good harvests . We find in this strain smells and tastes from this Skunk selection who turned Cheese in such a famous genetics. Now available Alchimiaweb!

This genetic grows bushy, low and thick, but will provide bumper harvests , up to 400gr/m2 for fast flowering that will not exceed 70 days indoors. Outdoors it may be harvested from the second week of October where it will develop a full with a southern exposure and a good quantity of sunlight hours. It will be preferable to hold the branches with canes, that may break because of the weight of the buds.

The effect will be relaxing and sensitive ; Super Cheese will be advised in the framework of a therapeutic use of marihuana . It will be advised to consume it when we don’t have anything to do because it may be slightly incapacitating.

EFFECT : Notable relaxing and sensory sensation. Ideal for medicinal use . For recreational use is better not have anything to do.

INDOOR : It is a very versatile , versatile , adaptable plant that responds well if the parameters are not exactly tight. Extremely fragrant .

Robust plant with fir pattern tends to be plump and medium height. It is ideal for achieving high production at discrete sites where plant height is a problem. Its flowers are covered with resin goes almost completely white . They are big and compact flowers , with little amount of small leaves and a faint green that tends to magenta in the harvesting phase .

Its flowers are covered with resin goes almost completely white .

Commercial variety of great reputation. We moved to the ancestors of Skunk , with its strong, pungent smell like aged cheese . It is a variety of easy cultivation .

Recommended for the extraction of resins and oils , for multiplying the taste and flavor present in the flowers.

A throwback to the old school flavors . An old skunk that leaves no one indifferent. To retain a touch of Cheese and avoid exceeding the initial flavors , we hybridized this wonderful plant with another eponymous yours different source that gives great stability. The result is great. A marked cheesy , with strong pleasant aftertaste and an enviable production flavor.

SMELL : The old scent of the 80s, typical of the first coffeeshops . Nostalgic Sweet and sour touches . A thick, stinking aroma reminiscent of aged cheese . Share with pioneers this ancestral flavor that will captivate you .

TASTE : Strong flavor that permeates everything from the first puff , with sour lactic feeling cheesy . Hence its name.

OUTDOOR : Plant with high demand for light that will bring enormous potential in a south orientation . Entutorarla essential from the start so that the weight of the flowers will not break the branches at the end of flowering.

It is illegal to grow cannabis seeds in the UK. These seeds are for collectable and/or souvenir purposes only.

• 600-700 Grams per Meter Square • 7-9 Weeks Average Flowering Time • 22% Average THC Content.

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Super Cheese will bring you to your knees and have you saying please and begging for more when it’s these seeds that you score. Incredible Super Cheese produces phenomenal monster like yields coming in around 600 to 700 grams per square meter for indoor growers who choose the sea of green method for they’re grows. Outdoor growers can see this much per plant or more but even the basic beginner can get125 to 250 grams and some even more. The incredible Super Cheese feminized cannabis seeds sureare some mighty fine funk. Many people will even refer to this as fire as Swiss Skunk. You can expect impressive THC percentages of 22% or more with these lovely ladies so tread lightly as they are not for the faint of heart. Ice Headshop knows what you want when it comes to the cannabis seed you need and always has them waiting for you.

We will match your seeds with Feminised or Auto depending on your selection, We have a great choice of free seeds from all the big brands!!

Super Cheese AKA Swiss Skunk feminized cannabis seeds from Feminized Seeds will put some junk in your trunk when this is the cannabis seed you choose. Ice Headshop loves you a lot and that’s why they bring you some of the best cannabis in the world. Super Cheese AKA Swiss Skunk is some mighty fine funk and packs heavy THC levels along with high yields. With incredibly strong flavors that satisfy your palate the high THC levels in these lovely ladies are made for the heaviest of tokers.

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