purple buddha seeds

With explosive growth, Buddha Purple Kush culminates with a burst of colors in the flowering phase in just 60 days. The intense purple tonality that acquires each one of the individuals stands out from the first week. It can culminate, according to environmental conditions, with a genuine chromatic range of bright colors thanks to its abundant resin. Ideal for making your own extracts (dry/ice).

Highly dedicated work focussed on stabilizing the maximum qualities of each of its three ancestors, obtaining a non-autoflowering hybrid with high indica power.

Buddha Purple Kush non-autoflowering of Buddha Seeds is our tribute to those nice shared moments, the essence of which has been back in this attractive and modernized version. A flashback that will take you back to those wonderful 90’s.

Buddha Purple Kush is resistant to humidity, perfect for regions with shorter outdoor growing time, it is iron against pests and very productive. In short, simple to care for with high yields in the harvest.

The effect of Buddha Purple Kush is pleasant, ideal to reach your relaxing time after a stressful day. Inducer of the appetite for those more complicated days. You’ll appreciate berries tasty with notorious earthy nuances.

Buddha Purple Kush develops gorgeous medium sized, Indica-dominant, compact plants that are spectacularly purple in colour. There is a large central bud and many others on the secondary branches. The buds are hard and compact and covered with a thick layer of highly scented resin.

Buddha Purple Kush Auto from Buddha Seeds is a feminized auto-flowering marijuana seed from the renowned Hindu Kush valleys, the result of a crossing between a Purple and a Ruderalis. It is a vigorous, potent, fast flowering and easy to grow hybrid.

Buddha Purple Kush Auto by Buddha Seeds.

Buddha Purple Kush offers good results in both indoor and outdoor settings. This is a cannabis strain appropriate for impatient growers who are looking for a quality result in a short time.

Buddha Purple Kush is a marijuana seed with an rich aroma and taste and obviously Kush. Her effect is powerful, Indica-style, yes, of course, light narcotic.

Thankfully, this strain is a pretty easy plant to tame as long as you have some general knowledge about cultivation. Purple Buddha does well inside and outdoors, but keep in mind that she ends up being very large so you’d better plan ahead. Roughly 7 to 8 weeks of grow time will result in a nicely sized yield, although you’ll have more luck if you choose to plant in an outside garden.

It is a powerful stress reliever with a strong body high that can lock you to your couch, when you have had too much. Purple Buddha is perfect for stabilizing your moody and minimizing the negativity that you may be prone to feeling, which is why it is also often used as a medical strain.

When you look at the Buddha, you see a man with a big smile on his face and often times a giant belly. Imagine being that happy and free, each and every day! With Purple Buddha, a strain from unknown origins, you can. This cross between Blue Buddha and Mendocino Purps has resulted in a well-balanced strain that’s powerful and delicious.

Medical patients can reap a great deal of benefit from Purple Buddha, imparting their own sense of peace and zen into their lives. It tends to work equally well on mental and physical ailments, so whether you struggle with stress and depression or body pain and headaches, you’re in the right place. Insomnia can be a difficult beast to tame, and enough Purple Buddha will do the job here as well.

Have you ever experienced the 3 o’clock slump and wondered if anything other than a grande latte would help? Next time, reach for some Purple Buddha instead. Don’t get us wrong, you won’t be given endless amounts of energy after smoking this bud, but it will help you to stay focused on your tasks, whatever they may be. If you’re on the hook to be running back and forth getting things done, this isn’t the strain for you, but those who can afford to relax a bit while still staying productive will find this to be a winner. Eventually, you may notice you’re so calm that you end up falling asleep.


Purple Buddha is a delicious cross between Blue Buddha and grape flavored Mendocino Purps, resulting in a creamy berry taste you need to this strain. This bud is a balanced strain with strong indica effects, that is famous for making you feel enlightened and euphoric.

There are few reports of THC testing on this strain, but the information that is available notes that users should expect something in the 15% range. While that’s not anything incredible, what’s more enticing is the flavor and aroma profile you’ll enjoy. Purple Buddha brings a mix of cream and berries to your palette, allowing you to indulge in a sweet treat. Nugs tend to be rather dense and feature a warm green tone with brown hairs and decent trichome coverage.

Mostly found in California, Arizona, and Michigan, Purple Buddha is a treat that you won’t be able to try just once. This strain has the perfect blend of high and low points during your experience, and the flavors she brings are simply to die for. Despite an average THC content, keep in mind that you should know your limits with this one – no one wants to end up passing out at work!