psycho dawg seeds

Moderate to heavy yields. yeah.. it’s the shit.

We received beans from Dr. Candyman before he went underground, all of which were amazingly rad strains. One of the packages was a few beans of an old Killer Queen, not sure what generation but supposed to be old. This particular selection is the perfect hybrid pheno of Killer Queen that popped up with the best resin production, densest nuggetry, and all around sativa traits and tropical smells/tastes. This was chosen to be hit with our reversed PRE 98 Bubba Kush femalepollen to make one potent hybrid version of Bubba Kush that can cover most medical aspects (as well as make some killer hash). There aren’t going to be many seeds made this particular run. If people dig it, I’ll make more. Flower Time 9-10 weeks.ÿ MASSIVE resin production – the Killer queen is jus one sick resin producing lady, as is the pre98 Bubba.

Seriously, if you’re looking for a plant to make loads of potent killer hash from – this is your baby!

White psychosis combines the best of both plants to produce plants of medium height with superb branching and perfect internode spacing making white psycho perfectly suited to indoor growing. Huge baseball bats of solid stacked Buds attached to a perfectly sized well spaced trunk provide extremely high yields.

The psychosis is fast in veg, frosts up even faster, has great structure , great caylax to leaf ratio, a great yield, long lasting high, and a stink so pungent growers have had to let her go through fear of loosing there liberty, she IS the original carbon filter killer.

Lineage : UK psychosis x White Russian (serious seeds) Hybrid : 70% indica 30% sativa Flower : 8 weeks Yield : Very Heavy, squat plants, medium size Smell : Pungent, Leather, skunk, indescribable, Carbon filter killer. Taste : Strong, same as smell, coats mouth and lingers NUGS : Solid, Thick, Super Resin Coated Bats.

Enjoy this rare skunk relic from a time before the stench was bred out combined with one of the best commercial euro buds there has ever been today!

White psycho provides a mind melting high that will last for hours, backed by by the one hitter quitter from the AK, Serious potency, it will last for hours! White psycho has a full flavour that not only coats the mouth and nostrils, but clothes, chairs, rooms, even solid walls are no match for this super stinker! Clearing public spaces in an instant is no problem with this variety and can have you running from the stench of your own clouds!

So what could you possibly pair with such a genetic relic of this magnitude that has it all.

The Psychosis is renowned for its supremely fast resin production, The white Russian coats itself in so much resin the buds appear white, Together they produce an hashassins dream, with a Huge return on runs and outstanding quality.

Serious seeds White Russian, European show stopper and UK mainstay for over a decade. Boasting Serious Resin Production of the finest quality, a one hitter quitter high, and a HUGE yield of dense A+ bud all this complementing the psychosis perfectly.

We would like to give a huge Thank you to SERIOUS SEEDS for allowing us to use there masterpiece!

The hybrid cannabis strain dubbed Mad Dawg leans toward being slightly sativa-dominant. Its buds are large, oval, and fluffy with lots of bright orange pistils and a visible coating of resin among its calyxes. The aroma that drifts from its flowers resembles pine and wet earth with hints of mint. When burned, its smoke or vapor carries a citrus quality mixed with tropical flowers and a bit of dirt.

Reviewers have reported a feeling of joy and euphoria nestles itself within the mind along with a noticeable cerebral impact just a few minutes after consumption . Following this, the body relaxes and eyes grow heavy almost leading to sedation. Some consumers have used Mad Dawg to help alleviate symptoms of stress, insomnia, lack of hunger, chronic pain, and even glaucoma.