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You want to buy Pineapple Purple Skunk seeds? Get yourself informed about the effects of the Pineapple Purple Skunk strain. Pineapple Purple Skunk is known for the following effects:

This Pineapple Purple Skunk strain is a mainly sativa strain with THC levels of 13 percent. The CBD level is 1 percent average. Pineapple Purple Skunk is related to the following strains; Pineapple and Purple Skunk consisting of 20% indica and 80% sativa. Pineapple Purple Skunk will grow into a beautiful cannabis plant with nice buds. Germinate the Pineapple Purple Skunk seeds and grow it into a nice cannbis plant, a fast flowering period of 60 days before the plant is ready.

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Unfortunatly, there are no offers available to buy Pineapple Purple Skunk seeds. Do you know a seedshop selling Pineapple Purple Skunk seeds? Send us a message and we will add the offer as soon as possible.

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The flavors of Pineapple Purple Skunk are mostly like: Sweet, Citrus, Pineapple, Earthy and Skunk while the effects of pineapple purple skunk are mostly like: aroused, euphoric, happy, talkative and hungry.Buying Pineapple Purple Skunk seeds is not possible at the moment, we will keep you informed as soon as the Pineapple Purple Skunk seeds are available.

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Is it good to know what the flavor of Pineapple Purple Skunk is before you buy Pineapple Purple Skunk seeds online. It said Pineapple Purple Skunk tastes mostly like:

Read the Pineapple Purple Skunk seed specifications in the table below. The values may vary between the different seedbanks where you can buy Pineapple Purple Skunk seeds.

Pineapple Purple Skunk (NJ blend) This is a review for our blend of Pineapple and Purple Skunk strains, may differ from MTGs. (97’PineappleM x PurpleSkunkClone) Looks: Bright green with streaks of purple going through its old school bud structure. Red hairs stand straight up and very few leaves. Thick hard trichs almost make a hard shell around it. Smell/Taste: Very nice flavor profile, much more than the citrus is says here. Lavender Skunkyness underlys while a tropical citrus fusion fights through the thick musty purple skunk smell. Definetly this strains draw. Effects: I get this once a year, comes in a wave then its gone. The effects are not over whelming, if you have it in stock for early mornings or a light afternoon smoke its not bad. Very light cerebral pressure with a happy mood, and it does give you a nice mellow body high, but nothing ground breaking. Its good if your not into sativas but dont want overly heavy indicas to weigh you down all day. If your just trying to get “high” there are better strains out there.

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About Pineapple Purple Skunk seeds.

Pineapple Skunk has a telltale aroma of lemon, Skunk and fresh flowers. The flavour offers clear notes of ripe fruit, pine, lemon, Skunk and slightly hot spices. The powerful long-lasting effect is physically and cerebrally balanced. A Skunk hybrid worth discovering.

The origins of Pineapple Skunk have more than proven their personality: Big Bud and a selection of Skunks. This elegant aromatic plant that does particularly well in SOG and SCROG and requires just growth control when cultivated indoors. Outdoors, it responds best to temperate and Mediterranean climates as well as to the comfort of the greenhouse. Remember to use an anti-odour system if you want your plants to go unnoticed indoors.

Pineapple Skunk by Humboldt Seed Organization is a Sativa/Indica feminized cannabis strain and a new all-round Skunk hybrid. If you buy Pineapple Skunk cannabis seeds, you will discover a high-yielding, fast-flowering, vigorous marijuana plant that has been successfully stabilized.

Genotype: 30% Sativa / 70% Indica THC: 15% CBD: 0.1% Indoor flowering: 53-58 days Indoor yield: 10-15+ oz/yd2 Outdoor yield: 35-106+ oz/plant Outdoor height: 3-10+ ft.

Users of Pineapple Purple Skunk can expect a relaxing mental experience that, interestingly, also provides almost instant motivation and energy. Many find this strain to be a great one for waking and baking, thanks to its ability to uplife and inspire at the beginning of the day.

If you’re into waking and baking, or just into relaxing and reducing stress and chronic pain, Pineapple Purple Skunk may be calling your name.

Pineapple Purple Skunk sounds like a cannabis strain that has a lot going on. An 80 percent sativa hybrid, this strain definitely makes an impact, leaving users with a strong head high and a stone in the body that tends to be felt in waves. Pineapple Purple Skunk has become quite popular as a daytime cannabis strain, and is popular with both seasoned marijuana users as well as those who are newer to the scene.

This strain is also frequently utiilized medicinally, particular to treat issues like chronic pain, allowing people who suffer from that to enjoy their day filled with strength and boundless energy. Thanks to its ability to lift moods, Pineapple Purple Skunk can uplift people dealing with stress and depression, enabling them to be much more productive than normal.