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The strain is indica-dominant, so most of its effects center on subduing your body and mind. Expect pure calm and relaxation when the high hits. The force is definitely strong with this one, but depending on how much you take, you might just be able to manage the potency of the effects and prevent couchlock if that’s something you’d rather do without.

Once you see a Skywalker OG in person, you’ll immediately notice its remarkable number of thick white trichomes. It is unrelentingly sticky, with deep grayish green buds covered with orange hairs. Throughout the nugs, peeks of purple swirl with the backdrop of green, giving the bud some definite intergalactic appeal.

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Efects Of The Strain.

The high experienced is typical of many heavy indica strains. Producing pronounced relaxation and pain relief. With sleep often following close behind. Skywalker OG, sometimes called Skywalker OG Kush is a hybrid of OG Kush and Skywalker. It is strongly Indica dominant and known as one of the most powerful and favored OG strains to-date. This dank flower is the ultimate sleepy bud, causing couchlock, and eventual sleep.

The signature aroma of the Skywalker series is very evident in this unique offspring. One whiff and you will get the sweet blueberry scent from the get go. Mixed together with a mild hint of dough. The pungent scent is a mixture of fruity, diesel, and spice that gives just the right buzz to wake up your senses. This strain is one of those whose scent is almost identical to its flavor, so you don’t need to worry about having your expectations met with disappointment.

At the height of the experience, Skywalker OG can taper off into a deep sense of sleepiness, enveloping your body in a cradle of comfort that can ebb you off into dreamland. As your heart rate slows down and your breathing reaches a deep and rhythmic cadence, the strain gently moves you into a calm collectedness that can get you sleeping in less than a minute.

On the other hand. Its Kush origin gives this strain its laid back buzz. But more than that. OG Kush also lends its complex flavor profile that adds a touch of dynamism and distinction to the Skywalker OG’s overall genetics. All together. These qualities birth the unique herb that blends together interesting effects with a prominent flavor and aroma you’re not likely to forget.

Buy Skywalker OG Online. The Skywalker OG strain is a hybrid of the Skywalker and OG Kush strain. The Skywalker strain is known for its mixture of blueberry. And Masar that originated from the Dutch Passion Seed Company from Amsterdam. The hard-hitting indica is mainly where its offspring gets most of its effects. Passing down its calming impact to the eager Skywalker OG.

If you are ready to travel through hyperspace to make your interstellar dreams come true, the Skywalker OG might just be your best partner. It’s potent effects are quick to manifest and long to stick around, letting you enjoy the benefits of the heavy indica impact for extended periods of time. It’s also worth mentioning that as a classic strain with OG Kush genetics, this herb is likely to inspire that strong feeling of hunger from deep within. Be ready with your snack army.

From personal experience, Skywalker OG is excellent at reducing chronic pain from inflammation, surgery, or just plain overworked muscles and joints. The strain’s indica-properties also make it an excellent stress reliever, and I often find myself craving it after a hard day at work.

Aroma and Appearance.

Reference: 1. Baron, EP. Medicinal Properties of Cannabinoids, Terpenes, and Flavonoids in Cannabis, and Benefits in Migraine, Headache, and Pain: An Update on Current Evidence and Cannabis Science. Headache Curr. 2018;58:1139-86.

Uses of Skywalker OG Kush.

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Great White Shark, also known as "Peacemaker" "White Shark,"vis a sativa marijuana strain made by crossing Super Skunk #1 with South American and South Indian Sativa. This strain produces a strong, body buzz effect that is euphoric and comes on quickly. Great White Shark has a bold, fruity aroma with undertones of skunk. This strain is commonly used for treating symptoms of chronic pain and should be reserved for consumers with a high THC tolerance. Growers say this strain grows best indoors and has a flowering time of 8-10 weeks. Great White Shark buds are white with a blanket of crystals outlined with orange and brown hairs. This strain won the 1997 Cannabis Cup.

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Great White Shark effects.

About this brand.

Caryophyllene Caryophyllene is a balancing terpene common in basil, oregano, hops, and rosemary, and in spices such as cloves, caraway, black pepper, and cinnamon. It commonly presents notes of spice and pepper and has been associated with anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects. The terpene beta-caryophyllene (BCP) shows promise for potentially helping treat anxiety and depression.

The mystery of the unknown – origins are kept a secret (in house blend). We are committed to delivering the ultimate experience, from seed to sale. Straight from our farm to your door. We are the original growers—farming is in our DNA. We’ve married our years of agriculture experience and our state-of-the-art greenhouse facility to create a cannabis family that’s in a league of its own.

Dominant Terpenes:

Limonene Limonene is an uplifting terpene found in citrus rinds, juniper, peppermint, cannabis and rosemary, and its aroma boasts notes of lemon and orange. Limonene is the second-most common terpene in nature. Studies have concluded limonene has potent anti-inflammatory properties, making this terpene a promising option in the treatment of certain forms of cancer. Limonene may prevent tumours from invading surrounding healthy tissue by decreasing their ability to create new blood vessels. Finally, this terpene was also found to play a role in healing damaged skin and regenerating cellular tissues.

Linalool Linalool is a calming terpene present in lavender, laurel, mint, birch trees, and rosewood. It is often present in high concentrations in sativa plants. Contemporary studies have shown that linalool is a powerful anti-inflammatory and analgesic. Inflammation is a major component in the pain profile of cancers, multiple sclerosis, chronic pain, and arthritis.

Myrcene Myrcene is a mellowing terpene found in high quantities in mangoes, eating it before consuming cannabis may strengthen the effects of THC and increase its absorption rate. With an earthy and musky scent, myrcene is also the most common terpene in cannabis, and is often found in larger quantities in indica-dominant strains. Strains that contain 0.5% of this terpene are usually indicas with sedative effects. It has also been reported that myrcene is useful in reducing inflammation and chronic pain and is known for being recommended as a supplement during cancer treatments.