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The first wave of Power Kush Autoflowering marijuana seeds feels energetic and motivating. But once that rush is gone, you’ll easily settle into a state of stillness and laziness. This indica hybrid can be used to combat pain, nausea, and inflammation.

Looking to buy marijuana seeds in Oregon? Pacific Seed Bank has got you covered! We are the premier online retailer to buy marijuana seeds in Oregon. We offer a large variety of high-quality, fully feminized cannabis seeds at a great price. And the best part? We ship right to your door! Since Oregon has legal marijuana, we should have no trouble at all sending high-quality marijuana seeds to your door. Oregon was actually one of the first states to legalize marijuana, following Washington and Colorado. Oregon locals and residents are allowed to grow up to six marijuana plants per household — and now’s your chance to get your hands on some of the best seeds in the business.

Buying marijuana seeds has never been easier. We offer over 100 strains of pot seeds , from Sativas, Indicas, Hybrids, and CBD strains. Whatever your needs, you can find it at Pacific Seed Bank. Browse our extensive inventory of seeds online at Pacific Seed Bank , check out the descriptions, and choose the strains that best fit your needs. Check out is fast and secure , and we deliver the seeds right to your door! Chat with one of our friendly customer service agents for assistance selecting or buying your seeds.

Star Killer Feminized Marijuana Seeds.

As of October 2015, recreational marijuana use is legal throughout the state of Oregon. Residents are allowed to grow up to 4 plants at a time on their property for private use. And with the marijuana industry growing exponentially every year, opportunity abounds for distribution-scale growers. Whether you’re a gardener looking to add an extra crop to your fall harvest, or a professional supplier growing for distribution, Pacific Seed Bank has what you need.

It tastes just like the real thing! Well, maybe not quite, but Cherry Pie might have you dreaming of grandma’s house while you sink into the body stone effects that relieve anxiety and tension like no family gathering ever could. Ease PMS symptoms, headaches, and more with this powerful strain.

Trust when we say there’s a marijuana strain for everybody. Every background, every medical history, every desired experience. Think about the marijuana journey you’d like to have and buy accordingly. For example…

Pot Of Gold marijuana seeds are the way to go when you want to completely relax and let go of your day. This 90% indica comes with sedating effects, a boosted appetite, and stress-relieving qualities. No wonder it’s a Cannabis Cup winner!

Do you have back pain or suffer from anxiety? Maybe your job is stressful, and you need to unwind after a long day? At Pacific Seed Bank, we can help you make the right choice in selecting the perfect strain for you . Some of our most popular strains include:

Star Killer marijuana is a force to be reckoned with – the indica-dominant strain packs a potent THC punch that will take you to next levels of relaxation.

For more information about our strains, check out all our feminized seeds, You’ll find detailed descriptions of our strains, including medical benefits, THC and CBD charts, and reviews from other growers. Please keep in mind that the THC/CBD profile may vary ever so slightly. It’s not an exact science. In most cases, the THC percentage comes in a range of —17-20%, for example. A marijuana strain may have 17% THC some days, 20% THC other days.

Athabasca Feminized Marijuana Seeds.

Experience the fairy-tale high of Cinderella’s Dream marijuana seeds. This strain will leave you feeling blissful and talkative, and the tall plants — which deliver spicy, citrus-flavored buds — require a bit of TLC and are ready for harvest in a moderate time.

Glass Slipper combines the best of both worlds. You’ll start your journey with a happy and giggly cerebral buzz that eventudally fades into head-to-toe relaxation. This is combined with pain and nausea relief.

Named after a stunning Canadian lake, Athabasca is a soothing and happiness stimulating high CBD cannabis strain.

Order your high-quality weed seeds one from Pacific Seed Bank today for fast and discreet delivery right to your door. As the number one place to buy Oregon cannabis seeds online, we’ve got all of your favorite strains in stock. Check out our inventory today to view our selection of fully feminized and ungerminated cannabis seeds .

Get ready to harness endless energy, limitless creativity, and boundless inspiration with Red Congolese Autoflowering marijuana seeds by your side. This pure sativa is a classic “wake and bake” strain.

Popular Marijuana Seed Strains.

Marijuana can help with practically everything as long as you pick the right strain for your wants and needs.

OGS makes seed naturally and organically in very small quantities — cannabis seeds are created for the needs of ongoing and planned R&D breeding projects. At Oregon Green Seed, you have the opportunity to acquire some very old, hard to come by, and elite cannabis varieties in seed form directly from the breeder.

And now with the addition of genetics from other US breeders here in the Pacific Northwest, Oregon Green Seed has even more selections to choose from to satisfy the needs and special conditions growers encounter.

In addition, OGS represents a few quality, hand-picked US seed companies, which makes Oregon Green Seed a small seed bank.

Cannabis seed organically bred and grown in Oregon, USA.

You are invited to browse a few of Oregon Green Seed’s flagship cannabis varieties currently listed in the seed shop .

There’s plenty here for both outdoor and indoor cannabis growers. In fact, indoor growers will find that most of OGS varieties perform super indoors, with better resistance to molds and improved potency despite their faster finish times.

Oregon Green Seed is a breeder-direct cannabis seed company, owned and operated by the breeder. OGS specializes in producing seeds of medical-grade cannabis varieties and cultivars that are resistant and fast-finishing for the Pacific Northwest outdoor grower.

Many of OGS varieties contain genetics that have been grown outdoors in far northern climates for decades and longer. OGS has worked for many years to establish a variety of cultivars that won’t fail to produce a bumper crop of quality bud outdoors in northern Oregon – outdoor cannabis harvests of such quality that people swear they rival even the best indoor bud they’ve seen or grown.

Being a small breeder-direct seed company, its necessary to put the research and development work with the plant first and foremost. But as breeding projects continue to progress, and time allows, you will see additional cannabis varieties from the established OGS lines slowly, gradually being added to the shop.

One thing for sure — there are always several marijuana breeding and development projects underway at Oregon Green Seed.

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If you have any questions about Oregon Green Seed cannabis seed varieties or the seed shop in general, please feel free to shoot the breeder a support request from the contact us page.

Welcome to Oregon Green Seed —

Not only is cannabis recreationally and medically legal — most Oregonians won’t bat an eye at the smell of marijuana. In other words, the cannabis culture in Oregon is strong.

Next, in 1986, Oregon lawmakers tried to legalize pot.

Furthermore, the Auto AK-47 seed strain produces top-shelf buds that are loaded with trichomes. Additionally, you’ll find enough THC to knock you out for hours on end.

In a Nutshell — The Legality of Marijuana Seeds in Oregon.

Decades later, Oregon became the first state to decriminalize cannabis.

Oregon finally saw the light of medical marijuana in 1998 with the passage of the Oregon Medical Marijuana Act (Ballot Measure 67).

Although it’s clear that you can grow your own cannabis in Oregon — you must understand the legality of marijuana in the Beaver State before you set up your upcoming garden.

If you’re a home cultivator that needs multiple harvests in a single season or you need to yield a lot of buds fast — the Auto AK-47 Feminized seed strain is right for you.

As we mentioned above — nothing beats convenience.

Oregon is home to some of the best cannabis breeders in the world. If you’re looking to buy exclusive cannabis seeds from local seed banks, here are a few solid options:

Oregon Decriminalizes Marijuana.

As we mentioned above — Oregon has a multitude of climates that make for an interesting growing experience.

If you’re ready to experience some of the strongest weed on the planet while avoiding mold outbreaks — grab a pack of Bruce Banner seeds from a seed bank for this year’s growing season!

Oregon is filled with natural beauty that urges Oregonians to hit the trails whenever they can.

Therefore, Ballot Measure 67 paved the way for the cultivation, possession, and personal use of cannabis in Oregon.

Auto AK-47 Feminized Seed Strain.

However, the history of cannabis in Oregon revolves around the legality of marijuana. Continue reading below to discover the history of cannabis in Oregon — from prohibition to modern-day recreational and medical marijuana laws.

In other words, the Jack Herer seed strain was born and bred for sativa lovers. From top-shelf bud quality to mind-blowing potency, you’ll soon fall head over heels for the Jack Herer seed strain!

If you’re ready to buy cannabis seeds in Oregon — this guide was made for you! You’ll soon discover the best seed banks, recommended seed strains, grow tips, legal regulations, and much more!

Cannabis seeds and seed banks in Oregon are legal and easy to find. From local dispensaries to online seed banks that ship to Oregon, you won’t have a hard time finding the best seed strains that the cannabis industry has to offer.

However, the Oregon Decriminalization Bill of 1973 didn’t extend to cannabis seed cultivation. Cannabis cultivators faced a felony for planting a single cannabis seed and met strict opposition.