marijuana grow tent package

The best grow tent kits today are built with the best light balance in mind. This means that the manufacturer thoroughly considers the size of the tent to match the internal reflectivity. They also judge the light’s performance in the light of the tent size and materials used in the design.

Deciding on the size of the grow tent you want to get is important. You need to consider factors such as the space you will use to setup the grow tent, in addition to the quantity of plants you want to grow. These factors can help you determine a particular tent size.

The kit comes with all the necessary fans and outlets to create the ideal growing environment for plants. Hygrometers and thermometers are also included to enable complete control of circumstances.

For newbie growers, getting started with a complete indoor growing kit is a smart choice. A grow tent enables you to grow your cannabis throughout the year, no matter the external conditions and nevermind the weather. Grow tents are highly recommended in order to easily create an ideal growing space.

Investing in a grow Kits are economical.

The Best Weed Grow Boxes.

Where hydroponics systems require you to manually mix nutrients into the water supply, traditional soil mediums are very beginner-friendly in containing all the nutrients your cannabis seeds will need to grow and thrive and bloom.

Vivosun is an experienced brand that sells some of the best indoor grow kits on the market. For marijuana enthusiasts with green fingers wanting to start an indoor growing operation, the Vivosun indoor grow tent is the perfect choice.

Custom built for use during all stages of a marijuana plant’s life cycle, the Topogrow’s full spectrum design makes it easy for you to grow marijuana plants that are healthy and strong. Equipment.

Another important factor to keep in mind is that the material used to make the tent must be thick and strong enough to keep inside conditions optimum and also control the odor level. Furthermore, a good growing tent will always be heat-resistant in order to maximize the effects of the grow lights.

Lastly, but certainly not least, is the fact that this grow tent kit features all essentials for growing fine weed. If you’re looking for a spacious tent with a strong framework, then the Mars Hydro is your go-to product. Below is a summary of the Mars Hydro Complete Grow Kit’s best features:

The Mars Hydro Tent is generously sized at 4×4, allowing for bigger amounts of plants to be grown. The hydroponic grow tent is super thick, made with powerful reflective Mylar canvas that help to ensure the light is optimum at all stages. The metal frame of the tent which is covered in canvas gives extra strength to the framework.

With a looks that mimics those of an industrial refrigerator, this unit is run on elements build by the same company- LEAF.

Video and written instructions to help with the setup process Effective odor absorbing carbon fans A good draining system Bag of hydroponic soil to get you ready to grow in no time.

For enthusiastic growers, the Mars Hydro kit includes instructions to help you build the tent, however, you don’t need any tools or special skills to do this without a hassle. What’s more is, the strong zippers on this tent prevent any light from escaping and also keeps the dusty stuff outside where it should remain.

What Is a Marijuana Growing Kit?

As a leading brand in the space of growing marijuana, Mars Hydro is focused on making user-friendly cannabis-related products. The Mars Hydro indoor grow tent kits encompass one excellent grow tent and a powerful set of LED grow lights. Since this sturdy grow tent comes with a light that’s perfectly suited to the size of the tent itself, you don’t have to waste any more time looking for the appropriate fittings.

The zippers on this tent easily pull up to provide your plants with an optimum growing environment. And you better be content in the knowing that the 98% reflective mylar sheet keeps most of the light from escaping the tent.

With that said, it’s time to consider the best grow tent complete setups and grow boxes on the market. This guide will help you decide on which kit best suits your growing goals.

This package truly enables full and complete control of one’s indoor environment. By opting for this kit, you will also get a hygro-thermometer (2-in-one) that allows you to adjust the growing environment as needed.

Rated as a highly recommended complete package, BloomGrow’s Marijuana Grow Kit is one of the best in the business for a few good reasons. Especially for newbie growers, this kit includes everything you need, from a durable, sturdy tent to every other essential for growing weed from the top shelves. Design & Built.

Versatility is the name of the game at LEAF – and it’s all upto you in terms of how you want to handle the watering responsibilities. Either way, you are bound to grow quality cannabis with this grow box.

The Armoire.

As a general fact, no tent is made exactly the same. Beyond deciding on your budget, these are certain essential things to determine in order to find the best indoor grow tent kit. With the plethora of choices on the market today, it’s important to find the right kit for your particular growing needs.

Featuring a kind LED 300 watts light in addition to dual activated carbon filter scrubbers, the SuperStar comes complete with a range of accessories. You won’t need to purchase a thermometer or hygrometer when you opt for this grow box. It also contains a very useful adjustable circulation fan. Need we say more?

Next, you want to ideally calculate the combined costs for equipment and accessories. (By using the guide above, you can just buy everything in one shot.)


The size of the BloomGrow Marijuana grow tent is 48 inches by 48 inches by 80 inches, providing adequate space for optimum growing. On the outside, this tent is enforced with a light-proof oxford cloth for extra and increased protection. On the outer side, you will find a highly reflective waterproof mylar layer that adds to the reflective properties of this excellent grow tent. Equipment.

By using an app that digitally controls and automates the growing process, the LEAF includes an activated carbon filter, toolbox, LED lighting, and a proper air control system to create the perfect growing space. Not to mention a nifty HD camera that you can use to show off your beauties.

What does do these ideal marijuana grow kits entail? The best weed growing kit typically includes all the equipment as listed below;

Growing cannabis on your own can be a pretty tedious task. Not only do you need to have the proper environment – including growing medium, moisture, humidity, and light – but it also requires a great deal of patience. With a grower’s kit, you can make sure that at least some of your bases are covered.

If you’re interested in using a grower’s kit to start your marijuana cultivation journey, you’re in luck, because there are so many options out there.

Whether you’re an avid recreational smoker who has years of experience or you are interested in using it for medicinal purposes, you might be thinking about growing it yourself.

While cultivating your own weed offers numerous benefits (you can choose what you grow, you have complete control, it may be less expensive than buying, and you get the satisfaction of enjoying the fruits of your labor, for example), if you’re entirely new to the process, it can be a bit overwhelming – especially if you don’t have a green thumb.

Seriously, do you really want to become and LED lighting expert or do you just want to grow some loud for personal use?

Thanks to the legalization in so many US states, so many people have taken an interest in growing their own weed, which has led to the development and production of so many different growers kits; however, while having a lot of options to choose from is always a good thing, sometimes, it can be a bit overwhelming.

If this describes your situation, then you’re in the right place! If you want to give marijuana cultivation a try, but you want to get your feet wet before you dive into the waters, then a marijuana grower’s kit may be the perfect solution for you! With one of these kits, you can start your own weed farm with minimal effort.

How do you figure out which weed grower’s kit will meet your needs, will yield the best results, and that you can really rely on? Below, we’ll explore these questions so that you can find the right cannabis grower’s kit for you.

AC Infinity’s CLOUD LAB 642. (Courtesy of AC Infinity)

CLOUDLAB 743D by AC Infinity. 48” x 36” x 72” ($169.99). Fabric: 2000D. Poles: 22mm steel. Weight Limit: 150lbs.

Lastly, if you’re looking for a short tent to host a dedicated veg space, you can go even shorter than the tents above to ensure plants don’t get too big during the flower phase.

The Bud Grower’s Dual Power Kit. (Courtesy of The Bud Grower)

Entry-level tents tend to have a fabric density—measured in D, or denier, units—around 200-600D, while top-line tent canvas maxes out between 1680-2000D. Denser fabric prevents light leaks that can trigger undesirable hormonal responses in plants. Reflective materials and additional thermal layers also contribute to a tent’s overall quality and usability.

Other great all-purpose tents.

It does have a hefty price tag, but it’s a great kit if you don’t want to think about all the pieces involved in setting up a grow.

Designed for flowering plants under LEDs, these efficiency-minded, five-foot-tall tents are all over Amazon and eBay—under names like Mars Hydro, MAXSISUN, VIVOSUN, Hydrobuilder, and Spider Farmer, which have largely supplanted the leaders of yore like Gorilla Grow Tent, Lighthouse Hydro, and Secret Jardin.

Before picking a tent, buyers should carefully consider where it will go and if that location is environmentally compatible and equipped with adequate utilities.

For most cultivation setups, a room where a human would be comfortable in a t-shirt is perfect.

Weed plants are happiest when they’re in a temperature range of 20°F variance throughout day and night. When lights are off, temps should be no lower than 64°F during veg and 54°F during flower. When they’re on, temps shouldn’t be much higher than 84°F during either phase.

Apart from readymade convenience, growers use tents to improve a garden’s efficiency, increase yields, and save money.

In addition to high-end 1680D canvas and diamond mylar reflective material, specs include 25mm steel poles and corner connectors reported to support up to 300 pounds of equipment, as well as a spill tray floor insert, dual mesh intake vents, hydro/irrigation port, electrical port, two duct ports, and three Velcro-affixed windows.

AC Infinity dominates our guide, closing with The CLOUDLAB 743D ($169.99), with a 4’ x 3’ x 6’ build, industry-leading 2000D canvas, an all-steel frame, and 150-pound weight capacity that I’ve grown to trust.

But benefits aren’t limited to yield. Grow tents are outfitted with fan ports to swap hot, CO2-depleted air for a neutral, fresh breeze, improving a grower’s chances of raising healthy plants. Additionally, by limiting the size of a grow space, filtered exhaust fans scrub the air using far less electricity than they would in an open room—thereby minimizing a garden’s overall power consumption.

These 6-8” ports are intended for intake and exhaust fans to keep a steady supply of fresh air moving in and out of a tent. Growers need at least two ports for an LED setup and up to four for HID lighting systems—the latter often needs two extra ports to manage the added heat from HPS or MH bulbs.

Other great veg tents.

With a perpetual harvest, you can grow seedlings/clones, vegetative, and flowering plants all at the same time in different chambers, so that when you harvest the flowering plants, the veg plants will be ready to move into flower, and the seedlings/clones into veg, immediately.

Tents come in sizes ranging just a few square feet all the way up to multi-room mini-mansions. Some are fairly basic and others are decked out in features that we’ll explore below.

Ideal for an LED light, this tent is nearly identical to the Mars Hydro, VIVOSUN, and other OEM versions—consumer-pleasing tents on a race to all-time low price tags.

Finishing touches may include:

In my book, AC Infinity’s CLOUDLAB tents win out over traditional industry leaders thanks to top-quality materials, heavy-duty construction, useful touches of innovation, and a very approachable price point.

Flowering tents are taller and wider than those intended solely for growing plants in the vegetative phase. During the first two weeks of the flowering cycle, plants will double or even triple in size depending on the cultivar and environmental conditions. Growers give themselves as much wiggle room as possible for this phase, known as “the stretch.”

A comparison of common reflective materials by grow-light manufacturer MIGRO observed up to a 33% increase in canopy illumination when using industry-standard diamond mylar—that means 33% more weight come harvest time, so three ounces would become four, and an $600 ROI becomes $800.

Our pick for best short tent.

While I would like to see zipper covers to protect against light leaks, the balance of high-end features and affordability makes for one of the best value buys on the market and one of the nicest tents I’ve used, period.

To figure out how a tent sits in a room, pick a potential location and make a tape outline of the tent’s dimensions on the floor. Can people still move around in the room? Will the tent block any doors, windows, vents, light switches, or electrical outlets? If a tent needs to exhaust into the outdoors to ameliorate aroma or temp buildups, are windows or ducts available? Can plants be accessed from all necessary angles?

For an à la carte short LED flowering tent, I’d go with the durable CLOUDLAB 642 by AC Infinity: 4’ x 2’ x 5’ ($109). Fabric: 2000D. Poles: 22mm steel. Weight Limit: 150lbs.

If using a hydroponic system, the reservoir will likely be outside the tent, in which case, dedicated 2” irrigation ports will be needed to bring in water. The same goes for Blumline or drip systems.

CLOUDLAB 743D. (Courtesy AC Infinity)’s Dual Power Grow Kit ($995.95) is another great short tent to buy and comes complete with LED lights, fans and filters, a living-soil kit, timers, sensors, and hardware, and a 1680D-canvas tent that measures 5’ in height with a 2’ x 4’ footprint.

In addition to standard duct ports for intake and exhaust, three air-exchange ports enable the use of a dedicated cooling system for HID light fixtures. Growers will also appreciate ample cord/irrigation ports near both the floor and ceiling, as well as on multiple walls.

A cultivation room must accommodate not only the storage of a tent, but its construction. A foot or so of over-tent clearance makes for a smooth assembly, ensuring ample space to wrestle the uncompromising canvas shell over and around the frame.