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Hippie Grow Shop is your Canadian one-stop-shop for grow equipment, extraction and processing equipment, and smoking as well as vaping supplies. It offers free shipping on orders over $100, and it offers free installation with orders over $2,500 in Canada.

Indoor Growing Canada is a Canadian online-only grow shop that offers free shipping on orders above $99 in Canada. It offers everything a grower heart desires, from nutrients and lights over grow tents, grow kits, and hydroponics to climate control and other things.

GROW SHOP aims to provide Canadians with the best indoor growing equipment and hydroponic supplies at the best prices. In fact, it offers its customers a price-match or price-beat if they find a better price somewhere else.


Further, if it does not have something you are looking for, T & T Hydroponic offers to source any item you are looking for.

The Grow Depot was founded by Len Wong, who has a passion for organic gardening and cannabis genetics and more than 16 years of experience. The Grow Depot seeks to provide Canadian cannabis growers with the products that are best fit to grow good weed.

You can order everything you need to grow cannabis in Grow It All’s online grow store. Grow tents, grow lights, nutrients, you name it, Grow It All got it.

Growing cannabis is very easy and convenient, especially with so many online grow stores being available in Canada in 2020. If you grow your own indoor weed you won’t even have to leave your house to get your marijuana, and you also know exactly how it was grown. There are a plethora of online grow shops in Canda, but which are the best online grow stores for Canadian cannabis growers in 2020? Find the right online grow shop in Canada for your needs.

Striving to be Canada’s number one internet supplier of quality hydroponic equipment, Wholesale Hydroponics offers everything growing-related, from propagating, processing, and lighting to ventilation, it has everything in stock and ready to ship. Wholesale Hydroponics also has competitive shipping policies and product pricing.

What’s more, Growbuds offers free shipping on orders over $149 in Canada as well as a price-beat guarantee.

The best online grow stores in Canada in 2020.

Growbuds is a Canadian online grow shop that carries over 200 different brands. It has everything from complete grow setups, cannabis grow tents, and grow lights to nutrients, soil, and pots.

Grow Lights Canada offers free shipping on all orders over $99 in Canada. It has grow lights, grow tents, ventilation and filters, nutrients, and much more in its online grow shop. Further, Grow Lights Canada carries a selection of vaporizers.

Indoor Farmer offers a selection of brands and products, including grow tents, nutrients, fans, filters, irrigation, lighting, and more. It also offers free shipping for orders over $89 in Canada.

Bustan’s online grow store offers everything you need to grow cannabis in Canada. It has grow tents, grow lights, nutrients, and many other products.

Grow Lights Canada.

HappyGrowSupplies is a Canadian 100 percent family-owned and -operated online grow store. It will match Canadian retailer pricing on virtually any product listed on its website, although there are some restrictions and exceptions that apply.

Founded in 2016, GrowDaddy is a top Canadian online supplier of indoor LED grow lights, grow tents, grow kits, nutrients, and much more. It also offers discreet packaging, a price-match guarantee on all products, as well as free shipping on all orders above $99 in Canada.

It is Central Alberta’s largest indoor grow shop, and it offers all the indoor growing equipment, nutrients, and accessories you could need.

Grow It All is Toronto’s premier hydroponic and organic growing supplies shop and offers thousands of products in its retail store, but it also has an online grow shop for Canadians who want to get into growing.

All of the grow tents, greenhouses, hydroponic systems, and grow equipment that GROW SHOP offers have gone through years of testing, research, and development. GROW SHOP also offers free shipping on all orders over $100 in Canada.

The Grow Kit helps Canadians grow their own cannabis indoors at home, all year.

We offer warranty on all of our products, we have a warranty center in Toronto, Canada.

We wanted to give every Canadian the option to grow their own cannabis, indoors at home.


The Grow Kit allows you to control the lights, the temperature & the air flow in the Grow Kit.

Grow Kit was created in August 2016.

All items are Shipped with Tracking Number.

We are currently expanding our company internationally into USA.

The Grow Kit is designed to create the perfect environment to grow cannabis indoors.

Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority.

We have customer support service Monday – Sunday.

We are a Canadian Company located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

On October 18, 2018, the Grow Kit company was featured on the TV Show called “Dragons Den”.

2000 watt LED grow lights aren’t for everyone since not every grower needs such a high wattage. But if you’re looking for professional LED grow lights for hundreds of plants, the Spider Farmer SF-2000 is a great choice.

When growing cannabis indoors, you’ve got to choose the right type of lightbulb for your grow space. While there are many options available, the many benefits of LED lights make them an excellent choice for growing cannabis. LEDs are known to minimize power usage and maximize yields. They also produce little heat, which means you can hang the lights closer to your plants.

Would you like an ACMPR medical license to grow up to 500 plants at home?

Speaking of growing on a budget, investing in an LED grow light system doesn’t need to break the bank. In the past, buying LEDs meant spending a big chunk of change, but the average price has been driven down by the high demand for energy efficiency.

The first step in choosing LED grow lights is to understand the different types – there are 3 of them. The first is spread style, which basically just means that lots of small LEDs are spread over a large area.

Spider Farmer SF-2000 LED Grow Light.

So why have they become so popular? First off, LEDs are a lot more affordable than they were in the past. But more importantly, these are the most energy-efficient bulbs on the market. And on top of that, LEDs give off the full-color spectrum of light, which your plants will thank you for.

This light panel has improved full spectrum with the perfect balance of warm white, red, and infrared. You can use this light for cultivating in a grow tent, grow room, grow chamber, greenhouse, or hydroponics setting, and the best part is that it fits the bill for budget growers.

More importantly, LED grow lights can help you get better yields and produce a higher quality crop (with the right spectrum and intensity) than traditional lighting.

This specific model comes in several sizes, so no worries if 1000W doesn’t work for you. You can also buy the 600W, 1500W, and 2000W HIGROW systems, and each one of these will help you to stay within your grow room budget.

The indoor cannabis grower has many decisions to make regarding the type of lights they will use. HPS, MH, and LED lights are all popular choices for growing cannabis indoors. However, if you want the best quality weed without breaking the bank, then an LED light is your safest choice. We will cover the benefits of using LED Grow Lights to grow cannabis indoors.

LED grow lights have many benefits over traditional HPS or MH grow light systems, and use less energy, produce lower heat, and last much longer than other technology. LEDs can also be programmed, meaning they can grow plants at different stages of their growth cycle. LED lights are also much more efficient than HPS or MH grow lights. Therefore, LEDs can use less energy and produce lower heat, which means they can be placed closer to the plants without causing damage. LED grow lights also create a much more natural light, which means they don’t have to be put as far away from the plant. This also means LEDs can usually cover larger areas with fewer LEDs, which saves money on installation and heat removal costs. LED grow lights are also much more durable than traditional HPS or MH systems, and they last up to 50 times longer.

1200 watt LED grow lights, like the ONEO full-spectrum light, can handle a 4×4 tent flawlessly. Unlike many other sunlight LED grow lights that claim to offer the full spectrum of light, this one actually does. The ONEO mimics sunlight and offers the real full spectrum that plants crave.

A LED is a semiconductor light source. LED lights are now being used in indoor grow spaces to help with plant growth and size and increase the harvest. LED lights are more energy-efficient and emit less heat than traditional light sources such as T12, T-22, or HID lights. LEDs are available with many different color spectrums, so you can choose the range that best suits your growing needs.

There are different types of LED grow light bulbs. LED bulbs can be found in many different styles, including the standard T-shape and linear strips.

LED grow lights have many benefits over traditional HPS or MH grow light systems.

Light control is a major aspect of your grow op, which is why you should try to find LEDs that are easy to install, use, and adjust. You’ll want to have complete control over the grow room light cycle, down to the last minute, and some lights make this easier than others.

These benefits allow individuals to save money on their electricity bills while still seeing inside different settings.

The thing we love most about the HIGROW is that it offers better heat dissipation than other budget-friendly LEDs. This is thanks to the upgraded aluminum cooling heat sink that comes with built-in high-speed quiet fans. Even after 24 hours of continuous use, the temperature is well-maintained.

LEDs are also found in many different light bulbs and make it possible for homeowners and businesses alike to change out their old incandescent lighting with LED versions that last much longer while saving on the overall amount of electricity used.

There are a few LED grow lights that you can buy, and they all have their strengths and weaknesses. When it comes to LED grow lights, you want to know that the LED lights are high quality, so they don’t break down too quickly. It would help if you also looked at how long it takes for the LED lights to grow your plants.

In conclusion, LED lights are an excellent choice for growing cannabis. They produce little heat and minimize power usage while maximizing yields.

What are the benefits of LED lights for cannabis?

Nowadays, light-emitting diode lights are used in a variety of different settings. Their use is prevalent for decorative lighting and light shows due to LEDs’ low energy requirements while producing substantial light. Many people think that turning on an LED will burn it out quickly, but this isn’t true at all. LEDs can last for more than ten years if they are correctly used. Light-emitting diodes have also become popular due to the overall energy saved when using them instead of standard light bulbs or incandescent lighting. This makes it possible for businesses and homeowners alike to save on their electricity bills while still seeing in different settings.

Deciding on the ideal wattage for your grow room doesn’t have to feel like rocket science. Most LED manufacturers will market the coverage area along with the wattage. Here are three of the most common LED wattage values for ACMPR growers in Canada.

The second type is the traditional LED panel, which is the most common for growers in Canada. These have small to medium wattage diodes and compact lamps. The third style is the chip-on-board, or COB LED grow lights, which isn’t as common for grow room environments.

Full-spectrum light helps plants to meet their full potential – it’s very similar to the natural light that is given off by the sun’s rays. But try to mainly focus on red and blue led grow lights that emit the UV through infrared spectrums, which are essential for plant growth.

LED light systems are available in single LEDs for small growing spaces, LED strips to cover a larger area, and LED panels that can illuminate areas of over 100 square feet. LED lights are also available in different watt equivalents, so you can easily swap out an old lighting system with LEDs to make it easier on yourself and get into the future for indoor growing.

The SF-4000 red-blue LED grow lights are loads cheaper to run than other 4000W grow room bulbs. It features a simple plug-and-play design that requires no assembly whatsoever.

Choosing the type of grow lights you use for your ACMPR grow op is a major decision. We can’t tell you which one to use, but we can tell you that LEDs have been steadily gaining popularity over the past decade or so (even though they’ve been around since the 60s).