limon seeds

Looking for a pepper with great upfront heat and an extremely refreshing flavor? The Aji Gold not only brings these things to the table, but also yields a bountiful harvest! The Aji Gold produces (on average) 50-100 pods per plant and can grow up to 4 feet tall!

Most of the “Aji” varieties hail from Peru, some come from Ecuador and Chile. Luckily for us, they managed to make their way out of Central America and into our gardens around the world! Goes great with salads, soups, and with many Spanish dishes!

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Pods measure up to 3" (7.5 cm) long and ½" (1 cm) in diameter, and grow upright and outwards on the plant. Fruiting is prolific, making this a stunning ornamental variety. Plant is dense and bushy in habit growing to approximately 3-4 feet (90-120 cm) tall with a spread of up to 4 feet (120 cm).

This variety produces a lovely, spicy, hot fruit with a lemony zing. Starting off pale green, the fruits go to a purple black before maturing to a bright lemon yellow. Wonderful for using in stir fries, finely chopping and adding to tomato sauces (where the colour contrast looks amazing) or drying and grinding to make the brightest yellow chilli powder there is! We also love to use these for making Chilli Vodka, where that citrus heat really does come into its own.

To ensure good germination a constant compost temperature of 82° – 86° f (28° – 30° C) is recommended. Germination can be slow and take three weeks or more.