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Anderson’s other recommendations include Lime Sorbet, an “incredible” indica varietal that’s part of Cresco’s top shelf Reserve brand.

When sales of recreational marijuana kick off next year, many Illinoisans visiting pot shops for the first time will face the daunting task of choosing from shelves of products with cheeky names like Purple Urkle, Sour Diesel and Trainwreck.

“The intact buds were dank all by themselves, emitting lots of pungent-sweet fuel with citrus and earth notes,” Anderson wrote in his glowing review. “Once ground, the pungent fuel really takes front and center — very intense. When smoked, this bud tasted of sweet fuel with earth notes on the exhale. On my palate, there was also a hint of berry in there too.”

Anderson, who mostly uses medical cannabis to treat complex PTSD, said G6 is a reliable strain he has “leaned on a lot since the beginning of the program.”

The sativa-dominant hybrid, originally cultivated by the pioneering cannabis breeder DJ Short, serves as Trudeau’s “North Star” and “flavor calibration” when he’s reviewing other strains. In his review, Trudeau compared its taste to a purple Gatorade “in a very good way.”

DJ Short Flo.

Chris Trudeau, a Springfield brewery owner who has been posting pot reviews to his ILLBUDS website for about two years, singled out the DJ Short Flo varietal grown by River North-based Cresco Labs.

Lime Sorbet Dispensary 33.

Rated Leafly’s best strain of 2018, Gelato — which was first sold in San Francisco — is a hybrid of the two overarching types of cannabis, indica and sativa. While indica strains have relaxing and even sedative effects, sativa varietals offer a more energizing high. Hyde noted that Gold Leaf, a brand created by Illinois-based Ataraxia, currently grows and sells its own take on Gelato.

So how does a novice toker pick out the dopest dope to smoke?

Other expert picks:

File photo AP Photo/Carlos Osorio.

Yes, Gelato is on the list — but the state has many more to offer, experts say.

A patient care specialist works the register at Cresco’s FloraMedex medical marijuana dispensary in Elmwood Park on Thursday, June 20th, 2019. James Foster/For the Sun-Times.

G6 by Gold Leaf Leafly.

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Gelato by Gold Leaf Salveo Health and Wellness.

Cherry Hash Plant Revolution Enterprises.

Because Illinois is a little late to the legal weed game, it might not be surprising that many of the state’s best weed originates from elsewhere, particularly out west in places like California and Colorado.

Trudeau, who began using medical marijuana to manage a seizure disorder, compared the pot’s flavor to a mix of mothballs and tropical fruit.

“Wonderful cascades of steady euphoria with a moderately-intense body melt. For some, this set of effects will work as a daytime Indica, while for others it’s perfect for total chilling,” he wrote of the strain’s effects, noting that it also has “lots of wide-ranging, medicinal potential, too.”

Here are some top picks from some of the state’s most prolific cannabis connoisseurs:


“The deep funk rises to the surface,” he said in the review. “It’s a sharp sweet herb.”

Anderson also recommends Gold Leaf’s version of G6, a powerful sativa-dominant hybrid with effects that are “instantaneous and very cerebral.”

Anderson advised new dispensary patrons to check for manufacturing dates, recommending they avoid buying flower that’s older than four months, extracts that are more than six months old and edibles that were made more than nine months ago. He also urged Illinoisans to ask about the different ways of ingesting marijuana and what types of experiences they can expect.

Mark Anderson, a writer from Naperville who reviews medical cannabis, favors Ataraxia’s Gelato live resin, a high-powered cannabis extract made using ethanol. Anderson gave the resin the highest rating on his website, Officer Downey’s Pot Report, telling readers that it helped with stress and other issues.

Enter the reviewers. Medical marijuana has been legal in Illinois for several years, and in that time those reviewers have tried strains available at pretty much every pot dispensary in the state — and posted their thoughts. There are literally hundreds of reviews about nearly every strain offered for sale.

DJ Short Flo by Cresco The Herbal Center.

Trudeau also endorsed three strains grown by Elmhurst-based Revolution Enterprises, but the company’s take on Cherry Hashplant earned his strongest review. Despite lowering the strain’s rating due to its harshness, he said the indica-dominant hybrid had “wonderful effects” that put him into a “super-chiller mode.”

Pot Valley’s own King’s Fudge gets the Cake Crasher treatment.

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King Crasher is a hybrid marijuana strain from Rev Genetics made by crossing 4 Kings with Wedding Crasher #19. This strain has a flavor profile that is sweet and gassy with notes of lime. Smoking King Crasher provides a relaxing high that will elevate your mood.

King Crasher is a hybrid marijuana strain from Rev Genetics made by crossing 4 Kings with Wedding Crasher #19. This strain has a flavor profile that is sweet and gassy with notes of lime. Smoking King Crasher provides a relaxing high that will elevate your mood.