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A statewide Craft Cannabis Cup for small-scale indoor growers comes in January 2021.

The brand Indico dominated flower with Sour Strawberry and Mandarin Sunset alongside Pagosa Therapeutics’ Jabberwocky.

While we wait in California until 2021 for a postponed Emerald Cup, here’s where to shop 2020’s most lauded cultivars, extracts, brands, and much more.

Oklahoma led the way in 2020 with the first High Times People’s Choice Cup in June, paving the way for a new slew of cannabis competitions across the country.

This year, High Times’ Events Director Mark Kazinec helped organize the first national Hemp Cup and three “People’s Choice” Cannabis Cups in Oklahoma, Illinois, and Colorado, with three in the works for Oregon, Arizona, and Southern California early next year.

New England/ East Coast represent.

“We wanted to make this competition and the chances to be a judge more accessible, and bring some fun to a dark world this year,” says Kazinec. “Why not allow people to buy amazing products we curate? The people’s choice is all to the people; it’s not just for the OGs. We also want the soccer moms who want topicals, the people who are going to dispensaries.”

Despite the constraints that made traditional gatherings impossible—the circus-like tents, and fairgrounds to smoke, dab, vape, or eat cannabis with thousands of other fans—cannasseurs around the nation and the world remained committed to judging and crowning the best buds in the business.

In Illinois’ first Cannabis Cup, one brand proved themselves a cut above the rest. Revolution Global won gold in every category except edibles, where they took third place. Their best buds of the year? Turbo Lemon Cake, Gorilla’d Cheese, and Florida Orange, the latter of which also won the vape category for the company’s Terp Tanks. You can find these winners at The Herbal Care Center in Chicago and New Age Care in Mount Prospect.

The brand Top Shelf Cultivation’s Whoa-Si-Whoa won for Indicas, while Honeydew Farms’ sungrown Gelonade won the Sativa category. Zkittlez Mints from Mohave Reserve won Best Hybrid.

The Garden State is looking a lot greener going into 2021. As New Jersey prepares for the recreational market, the New England Harvest Cup held their fourth competition remotely with a streamed awards ceremony. Joe Merkt and Shamanic Roots won the Sativa and Indica categories for creamy lemon Bonkers and Rasta Pie, respectively.

Major grower CannaSol Farms’ indica-dominant Blackwater won for Best Sungrown THC Flower, and their Lemon Meringue, a sativa, won for Best Light Deprivation THC Flower.


Instead of curating a select group of celebrity judges, Cup kits shipped to dispensaries across each state, allowing for thousands of regular degular people to share their opinions on the best their state had to offer.

High Country Cones won Best Pre-Roll for one colorfully dubbed, ahem, French Wh*re.

Washington winners.



Standout extracts came in the form of:

Collaboration proved key this year, as the combined force of Red River Pharms and Exotic Genetix took first place in the indica and hybrid flower categories for strains Tina and Tropic Truffle.

The only brands to break Revolution’s winning streak? Bhang’s Toffee chocolate bar and Incredibles’ CBN-infused Snoozzzeberry Gummies.

ALTVM’s Lilac Diesel won for Sativa flower. ALTVM also partnered with Leaf Logic to win gold for dabbables with a solventless Garlic Breath (GMO X Mendo Breath).

Colorado keepers.

Look out for Colorado growers Hummingbird Cannabis, who nabbed Best Overall Quality (and third for Potency).

Grow-Off trophies also went to the same categories for non-commercial home growers; although to sample those you may need to know a guy.

Melonade by Cascadia Cartel won best Solventless Concentrate.

Competition remains stiff in California, and it shows the diversity of winners for this year’s WEEDCon.

The year 2020 might have been an epic fail, but at least some fire cannabis still shined.

Also, don’t sleep on any of The Oregon Grower’s Cup 2020 winners, including: Fenario Farms; Alter Farms; Luvli; plus, the Decibel Banana Punch and GMO rosins; and Blueberry Muffin greenhouse flower by Grateful Greenery.

Originating from Colorado, The Grow-Off competition uses one cultivar to determine who can cultivate the dankest of the dank. This year, they partnered with leading breeders Cannarado to see who could grow the terpiest, stoniest, most high-quality nugs of Spritzer, a new cross between a Runtz mom and a Grape Pie x Capulator MAC dad.

The High 95 Cup is an East Coast Cannabis Competition held in Maine (Massachussetts).

Hazy Hillfarm – Strawberries & Cream.

Goldstein – Stardawg x Sour Tangie.


The High 95 Cup is an East Coast Cannabis Competition held in Maine (Massachussetts).

Crystal Rose Seed Co. – Dubble Mint Cookies.

Children of the Soil – Captains Wedding.

Hazy Hillfarm – Motorbreath #15.

LoveGrown – Purple Heart Hemp.

Hazy Hillfarm – GMO Garlic Cookies.

1st Prize.

The Medicine Farm – Golden Dragon.

North Star Farm – Granddaddy Pearl.

II Edtion of the High 95 Cup – 2018.

The Lone Tree – Motorbreath #15.


The Medicine Farm – Purple Otto.

The Cannabis Culture Awards , previously known as the ‘Cannabis Cultuur Prijs’, were initiated in 2004 by philanthropist Ben Dronkers in order to honor and reward people who have made outstanding contributions to the world of hemp and cannabis. Read More.

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