how to grow weed in a pc box

I grew some euphoria weed last year with great success however i no longer have a good safe grow space availiable so i was considering using a computer box and growing some small plants in there. its quite an old box so bigger than normal; 20inch high, 15inch across and 6 inch deep. i was planning on bending a couple of plants around the interior as to make as much use of the space as possible, but i was wondering if that was enough space to veg and flower? what sort of lights hud i be using. and are autoflowering seeds a good plan as they grow small?

Grow boxes are ideal when it comes to indoor growth of marijuana. PC grow box is a type of box that majors in stealth growing of your marijuana plants. Sometimes, we may lack a secret room or place to grow our herbs. Your herbs will grow without raising any suspicion in the PC grow box. We will look at the features and the benefits of this growth tool.

One of the stealth methods for growing weed indoors is to grow inside the shell of an old PC case, also known as PC weed grow box. Now there isn’t much room and you need to use CFL florescent lights or LED grow lights . The PC box also needs good ventilation and grow heights are restricted so make sure you pick a suitable short seed strain . More information on PC grow boxes.

For small scale growers who want to conceal their plants, the PC grow box will come in handy. It suits your needs and makes sure that your plants grow up to fruition without anybody knowing.

PC Weed Grow Box Features.

Benefits of a PC grow box.

Normally, PC grow boxes are only suitable to cultivators who wants to plant only few cannabis plants. Nevertheless, you can’t contain and congest everything into a single computer case as needed. Thus, before deciding to plant on PC grow boxes, the space of cultivation should be considered.

The position and the distance of your lights to the cannabis plants will depend on the genetics and growing period of the plant. Thus, it is important to use a lux meter to estimate the probable location for which your lights will be most efficient. Also, make sure that put the lights in a position that lights will be evenly distributed to the plants.

Installing PC grow boxes into your spaces is quite difficult. Nevertheless, you really have to spend some time and effort into planning and assembling everything as needed. At this point of the article, let’s look on some of the basic things and necessary steps to consider when your building grow boxes. This includes the following;

Planting with Very Limited Spaces.

Make sure to put a heat sink or a cooler, voltage or current regulator and power supply into your PC grow case. Voltage or current regulator is necessary to prevent the buildup of heat into the device that could cause fire and damage to your plants. You could also install fans and carbon filters to make sure that there’s no odor escaping into the growing case. As for this, you could DIY it and research some methods on the internet to guide you through. For the power supply, most growers prefer on using 12 V power supply to be safe and secure.

In this article, we will take our study into PC Case Grow Rooms as an option for growing cannabis garden. Likewise, we will look at the process of building this type of grow rooms.

If you’re out of the budget, then considering this grow case would not be too costly. Consequently, you could recycle on your PC cases from your old PCs or buy into some junk shops near to your place to save money.

If you want to make sure that your cannabis plants will be hidden enough away from judgments from other people, then this type of grow case is an alternative. Aside from that its small, this type of grow case is not readily noticeable. It’s very well kept inside your house without anyone suspecting that its cannabis plants. Nevertheless, you could easily say that it’s part of the house’s decoration.

Figure out first what type of grow lights and its wattage that you’ll install into your PC case. The wattage will determine how much light and heat that will be exposed to the cannabis plants. Nonetheless, most growers consider on use LED grow lights at 10 watts or HPS to induce a variety of wavelength as needed by the plants on particular periods. As for the number of lights, most people recommended three to four depending on how many lights you have.

Aside from that, it is important to know the probable length of your cannabis plants from its vegetative to flowering stage. Most indoor growers use specific strains based on its genetics to predict the height of the plant. Nevertheless, it is recommended to plant indica and auto-flowering strains to ensure that they won’t be really tall. For starters, most growers choose auto-flowering strains since these plants do not need much light to grow and flowers readily.

Setup on Air Circulation.

Growing cannabis ain’t easy. You have to consider a lot of factors from the growing conditions to the safety of the plant against authorities. Nevertheless, it’s important to plan out everything before deciding on planting cannabis into your place or anywhere else. As much as possible, the cultivation area should not just be secure but also conducive for the plants to grow for how many months. Thus, placing your cannabis plants into a great area is a top priority that you should consider. Likewise, a lot of cultivators consider growing their cannabis plants into PC case grow rooms.

Coming from its name, PC grow boxes are basically growing containers fabricated from PC cases or units. Unlike to any computers, the interiors of the case doesn’t contain hard drives, wirings, and motherboards but instead, cannabis plants kept either in pots with a lighting system above of it.

This is one mistake that a lot of growers tend to forget. Consequently, it is essential to plan ahead of time all the necessary things need to know when cultivating cannabis plants especially that you are not just investing money but also time and effort into it. Factors related to location, security, financial capability, and the availability of finances. You have to prepare all the possible risks that could occur and address it as much as possible while it’s still early.

After planning, then start on procuring and collecting all the materials including equipment and seeds that should be utilized on cultivating in PC grow cases. Primarily, these are some of the basic materials and equipment that you should have. This includes;

Building PC Grow Boxes.

This part of the process is divided into multiple sections to consider some parameters as needed for growing cannabis plants.

This involves the wiring, exterior, and the complete setup based on the other equipment (lighting and air circulation). Nevertheless, there’s really no particular design or setup to be followed. It is essential to stay safe and wear protective gears and equipment when trying to deal with wirings and lightings.