guerilla growing marijuana

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The author traveled throughout North America, Europe, Great Britain, and Australia to learn how growers harvest the best bud in the world. Instructions and examples from actual growers, combined with basic cultivation techniques, makes this a valuable grow guide.

Jorge Cervantes is the founder of Van Patten Publishing. Has also written two other "grow books", Indoor Marijuana Horticulture and Marijuana Indoors:Five Easy Gardens.

“The detail and complete step-by-step instructions and pictured examples were invaluable in getting me started.” — an anonymous Swiss grower.

This can make for a very entertaining story, but I’d prefer to entertain my friends with a well-packed bowl instead. And growing in trees is not the most direct path to this goal.

If your climate is dry and the plants have only you to rely on for their irrigation, it can be very uphill work. So guerilla farming is much more practical in an area with regular rains. However, even in this case, there may be dry spells when cannabis will be severely stunted or killed if you don’t help it with an emergency watering at least once or twice.

Let’s list all the requirements a good guerilla grow spot should meet:

Guerrilla Growing in Swamps.

So, if you are set on guerilla growing weed, at least don’t plan anything large-scale and don’t depend on the results financially , or else you may be severely disappointed.

In contrast, guerilla growing weed may seem like a smart business move (there’s even a book called ‘ Guerilla Growing Trade Secrets ’), but only because marijuana is illegal. In fact, a clandestine operation like this requires much work and involves even more risk — the risk of losing your crop in perhaps dozens of different scenarios.

A dead yellow leaf sticking out of a bud signals that there’s bud rot inside.

I personally know people living in a populated residential area of a major city who managed to find a vacant lot for a small hidden garden of a few plants. The drawback is that you’ll probably have to visit your plants only at night . In my first (and very successful) guerilla grow, I did all my work at night. It’s inconvenient and risky, but it can be done.

These two mole crickets pretend like they are not interested, but they can destroy a seedling in a matter of minutes.

UK outdoor growers know that you don’t chop your plants based solely on the calendar. Sometimes, you’ll have to harvest your buds before their peak maturity simply because there’s a cold spell coming, or a long period of rains with no chance of sunshine later. This is another thing that makes guerilla growing so unreliable. So watch forecasts closely and if you expect the cold and humid weather till the end of the growing season, harvest your buds before that and not during or after. Bud rot and mold are more than real and no fun at all.

Weeding Your Guerilla Growing Spot.

You can also scare away intruders by using predator urine or even feces (they are sometimes sold in garden centers).

As an amateur grower, I have three seasons worth of guerilla growing under my belt. The first one was meticulously planned and expertly executed. It was very uphill work, but the results were amazing. The second time around, I was sure to do even better, but with much less effort. It was a total disaster. The third time was a last minute decision—I had some extra seeds and a good spot to plant them—and the results were surprisingly good, mostly because of the favorable weather. It all comes down to luck really .

Okay, it was an unexpectedly long list of jobs. You may skip all of them except two: the planting and the harvesting, but then don’t be surprised by very mediocre or non-existing rewards. And if you decide to visit your plants frequently, take some precautions:

A much more serious disadvantage of growing weed in the city guerilla-style are street lights which will disrupt the flowering of any photoperiod variety. Of course, autoflowers don’t have this problem.

Guerilla Growing in the City.

Even larger autoflowers may need some kind of support to prevent their side branches from breaking under the weight of buds. And it’s an absolute must for photoperiod varieties, especially in case of an extended vegetative period. As a bare minimum, you’ll need to connect individual branches with pieces of string, so that they lend support to each other, or to tie up each of them to the main stalk. But it’s not really effective and wouldn’t prevent the whole plant from toppling over (for example, during a thunderstorm).

Rabbits . Can be dangerous for young weed plants. Build cages from chicken wire or some metal mesh and don’t forget that rabbits like to burrow.

Please remember that harvest time is probably the only moment when a guerilla grower can get in trouble with the law. The rest of the activities associated with tending your secret garden never lead to repercussions*. So be extra careful during the harvest.

In contrast, bugs are never such a big problem in guerilla gardens. They are dangerous in the earlier stages, but when the plants get big, no pest will do them any irreparable damage. So, if you’re not raising your plants for a beauty contest, just ignore an eaten leaf or two, or even a dozen.

Get right in the center of a thicket and start digging. Your goal is to remove all weeds along with their roots. Make the shape of the patch irregular. A square/circle/triangle etc. would be conspicuous from a helicopter. You’ll need at least a 3ft (1m) distance from plant to plant and to the edge of the scrub. You’ll probably want to top the closest surrounding bushes so that they don’t block sunlight. Don’t try to take all this plant material anywhere else. Leave it right there on the ground as mulch and a source of organics. You may manage to do the digging and the planting in one go. Or not. It all depends on the number of plants.


In a nutshell, Guerrilla growing means that you are growing Cannabis outside, but away from your property in a remote site of your possessions where folks rarely wonder about.

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