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Big Buds : What else are you trying to learn or figure out with growing? Oaks : I love learning different plant training techniques — they’re so useful in their own setting. Training is a great way to maximize your yield, depending on your grow space or environment. I’m also trying to figure out how I can legally grow on a larger scale.

I met a hydroponics industry inventor who got arrested, put in shackles, and deported from his home country and family because jealous rivals in the hydroponics industry snitched him out…

Big Buds : What was the learning curve like when you started growing? Oaks : I’ll admit that I’ve spent a lot of time staring at my plants, scratching my head. I mean, there are a lot of facts, fiction and old wives’ tales out there — some good, some bad. Sometimes it gets hard to tell them apart. But once I realized that I really needed to start learning from the basics, everything became easier and plant growth accelerated.

Growing is a journey that can take us anywhere. It can test our patience, and it can provide a series of small victories along the way to the ultimate goal…

Big Buds : What compelled you to start growing? Oaks : I am a passionate medicinal and recreational user. The thought of being able to consume my own homegrown product and know that I am completely responsible for the outcome — and know exactly what went into it — was very exciting to me. That and the challenges that I have had to outsmart to overcome, and that have been time-consuming, enjoyable and rewarding — three things I needed in my life that have made growing that much more worth it along the way.

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Big Buds : What do you do when you’re faced with a growing challenge or problem? Oaks : I reach out to people in the community, read or watch videos. I completely obsess over it until I have a solution. But I have come out on top every time so far, so I’ll call that a win.

Big Buds : Where did you learn the foundations of growing? What were your resources or go-to materials? Oaks : Fortunately for me, I started growing when there were plenty of YouTube growers online, so I learned a lot there. I swear, you can learn anything on there. Other than that, I have read good chunks of The Cannabis Encyclopedia by Jorge Cervantes. That is one of the best things I could advise buying for research. It covers so many aspects of growing and the plant itself.

Big Buds : What’s the most valuable thing you’ve learned? Oaks : Definitely to invest time in learning how the plants grow, and what encourages them to grow through each stage of life. Also, learning why it needs varying amounts of different nutrients, light, humidity, etc., takes away a lot of the guessing game. I feel more in control as a grower, and that makes my experience much more fun and therapeutic.

Big Buds : How do Advanced Nutrients products differ from other products? Oaks: They are user-friendly and provide results. They’re simple to measure and mix, and the pH Perfect technology works well and ensures constant nutrient uptake, which means constant growth. That’s something to celebrate right there.

Big Buds : How did you start using Advanced Nutrients products? Oaks: I came across them when I was looking for a good nutrient line to use in my Deep Water Culture systems. I was really attracted to the pH Perfect technology in the Grow Micro Bloom series, so I gave them a try and am happy to report good findings. Not having to worry about pH is a huge relief.

Big Buds : What’s the most important thing to consider when growing? Oaks : Hands down, what your desired outcome is. If you want to grow a pound or more versus an ounce of weed per plant, that is going to dictate cost, the time commitment and growing space needed.

Growing is a journey that can take us anywhere. It can test our patience, and it can provide a series of small victories along the way to the ultimate goal of a healthy, bountiful harvest. We spoke to three different growers who use Advanced Nutrients products about the ins and outs of their process and what they’ve learned in their growing journeys. We will publish a new interview each day through Saturday. We first spoke with Dane Oaks from Halifax, Nova Scotia, who is relatively new to growing. This is what he told us.

Growing is a journey that can take us anywhere. It can test our patience, and it can provide a series of small victories along the way to the ultimate goal…

Big Buds : Can you share some pointers or tips you’ve learned over the years? Oaks : The first thing is to be patient. Most of the time you can’t fix issues overnight, and being impatient may lead to overdoing something. Second: Take everything you hear with a grain of salt. Do a lot of your own research. Finally, the answers you find to the previous tip is key. Learn how and why the plant grows.

Purple kush (photo courtesy of @cannabianhg)

Bubblegum (photo courtesy of @cannabianhg)

I started growing weed two years ago but I’m not an expert marijuana grower yet. I still encounter grow room problems I can’t figure out. I used General Hydroponics 3-part…

These three base nutrients are used together, changing the amount used of each depending on the stage your plants are in. The manufacturers ensure growers that Jungle Juice is capable of giving your plants everything they need to grow and flower successfully.

When working with any type of grow schedule, you need to keep in mind that they are a simple guide that you shouldn’t follow blindly. You should generally use the minimum doses while also keeping a close eye on EC levels and take notes for the best possible results. Make sure to keep an eye on your plants and how they react after every feeding in order to get a better feel for how they’re doing with their current dose.

This Advanced Nutrients feeding chart is one of the most complete feeding charts you can use for growing your own cannabis. Their experts know exactly what cannabis growers need, which is why their products contain quality minerals for growing hydroponically as well as in organic substrates. As well as their incredibly large range of mineral products, they also stock organically certified products for those that prefer to grow natural cannabis. This particular version of their chart chart comes straight from Advanced Nutrients and is known as the Advanced Nutrients’ Bigger Yields Flowering system.

Organic nutrients.

Hi I’m growing in Cocoa for the first time, and my first time using advanced nutrients as well. I’m using the Sensi grow / Bloom with a couple of supplements. My plants are watered once a day once a day. They get two and a half liters of water per day at 1.3 per liter of Part A and 1.3 per liter of part B. I was getting some burnt tips at a higher ratio so I dropped it down. The question is it still too much for daily feeding? Questions that is because now it looks like I’m getting some deficiencies after I dropped it down on one of the plants.

Piranha : Piranha is used to stimulate your plants’ roots, allowing them to absorb many more nutrients. It’s a combination of trichoderma and mycorrhizae that work symbiotically with your plants’ roots, increasing their size which thus increases general plant size.

Do let us know how you get on!

Hey Herz, As mentioned in the article, Advanced Nutrients are specifically designed for hydroponic growing, although may be used in soil and coco. First of all, when growing in coco you should really buffer your coco with CalMag before planting, as adding in more during the seedling stage can cause the EC to rise too much for your little plant to absorb. As you’ve already planted, you have two possible solutions. You can use a foliar CalMag spray so that it acts faster and doesn’t need to compete with the coco in order to be absorbed (calcium reacts differently in coco) up to twice a day, making sure the EC isn’t too high. Choice number two, is switch out one of your regular nute waterings with a full CalMag dose as high as the EC will allow. You can do this every second watering if needed, but it’s paramount that you make sure the EC is the same as it would have been using regular nutes. This kind of cheats your plants of the proper doses of their other nutes, but it’s a speedy way to fix calcium deficiencies.

We don’t mention EC levels, as it may be slightly counterproductive depending on the conditions in your grow room, the strain that you’re growing and especially the quality of the water you’re using – many different elements affect EC levels, so we recommend that you should check out the AN charts that come with the products themselves.

Also available in coco coir format.


Also available in coco coir format.

Nirvana : If you’re looking for an organic flowering stimulant, Nirvana is the additive you need. It essentially gives your plants an explosive flowering period. It contains bio-catalyzers that your plants’ roots absorb super-fast – it works amazingly with Iguana Grow and Bloom, Advanced Nutrients’ organic base.

As well as containing a large number of beneficial organic ingredients for your plants, these organic bases are designed for indoor growing. Advanced Nutrients has managed to get rid of many issues caused by using organic products indoors, increasing absorption rates and decreasing the nasty smell that they tend to emit.

Flawless Finish : You’ll need to use this product in order to wash out your plants roots, especially when using mineral products. This is done in order to remove any chemical residues or organic material from your plants roots, as it can alter the final flavor of your buds if not done properly.

Advanced Nutrients Feeding Chart.

Big Bud : This flowering stimulant is used to increase the quantity and quality of your buds. They’ll begin to produce a lot more pistils and, thanks to its smooth phosphorus and potassium content, your flowers will begin to grow quite a lot. You can then fatten them with the necessary nutrients.

It’s used to reinforce your plants’ cell walls, kind of like giving them armor. Their trunks, branches and leaves will grow much stronger than before, capable of dealing with more stress and heavier buds.

In this particular case we’ve left some of the coco safe products out of the chart so that it’s simpler to follow. If you want to add the rest of the products, simply add 2 ml of each additive to your nutrient solution. Some specific coco products may not be available for purchase in your country – find out at any of our retail stores.

When growing hydroponically, you’ll need to change the nutrient solution in your tanks at least once a week. After a week, the pH and amount of available nutrients in your plants’ substrate can begin to vary. For that first week however, thanks to their pH perfect technology, you shouldn’t need to touch the pH at all. make sure to keep a pH and EC meter handy just in case.

Hey i wrote you some time ago and i couldn’t fix the problem with the calmag. Maybe it was a toxicity of some nutrient that looked like a calmag deficiency. I tried another coco and the seeds also had a hard time to grow,that coco was buffered said the manufacturer. Also i could not find out what was wrong. Maybe the coco wasnt processed right because i read if the coco don’t composed over a period of time it can lead to toxicity symptoms because the coco realse/has alcoholic/phenols in it that will harm your plants. I don’t know if that was the problem and i used 20seeds and with every 5seeds i did different tests like different watering techniques/more often/less and used only half of the recommended dosages for some seeds, all plants had the same environment. Nothing worked and all seeds had the same issues with poor root growth, wavy/deformed leaves/yellowing at the top and nearly no growth. I used soil for years and never ever had that problems and always harvested nice smelling and tasty buds, white hairy thick roots in soil so i think i have some experience after all the soil grows i did. I tried more nutrients for the seedlings and they were growing a little more but not as fast as my soil plants i had at the same time to see if the soil seedlings doing better or if im doing something wrong and the seedlings were 3 times faster and bigger as the coco plants.