growing weed in 4×4 tent

For bigger growers, a 4’x4′ grow tent is great because it can be used with the next class of grow lights up to some of the biggest grow lights. It can support a 600-1000W HPS or LED grow light as long as it’s 6-7′ tall.

Extra height lets you use more powerful lights and grow taller plants (with bigger, longer buds!)

When it comes to grow tents two of the most common sizes (in the US) for hobbyist growers are the 2’x4′ and 4’x4′ tents. These are also made to fit the most common grow lights.

How to Set Up a Grow Tent for Stealth.

Some grow tents don’t look particularly suspicious. On the left is a homemade stealth grow cabinet and on the right is a 2’x4’x5′ grow tent that looks vaguely like a clothes wardrobe. They’re just about equally nondescript!

Safety Check.

If you want to double your yield from a 2’x4′ but don’t want to have to set up a whole grow room, a 4’x4′ is the way to go! It’s big enough for monster yields (a pound or more!) but still small enough to be manageable by just one person.

If you have a smell emergency, you can use an exhaust fan directly attached to a carbon filter sitting on the floor. This isn’t as effective as a “real” exhaust system, but it will clear an entire room of smells in just minutes. Some growers who can’t fit a carbon filter in their grow space have even used this technique to control smells for a whole grow!

Light & Smell Check.

If possible, I recommend getting a tent that’s 6 or 7 feet tall so you never have to worry about running out of height. This easily supports up to a 400W grow light. However, very tall tents in this size are relatively rare and it’s much more common to see grow tents that are 2’x4’x5′. The shorter versions will also do the trick (and can support up to a 400W light if you have a great exhaust system and use careful plant training). Another advantage is that smaller tents are a little less conspicuous looking and people sometimes mistake them for a cheap Ikea-style clothing wardrobe. Just remember with a short tent to keep a close eye on plant height to make sure you don’t run out of head room as plants get taller.

Quickly Create the Perfect Environment.

A good rule of thumb is to keep all electronics above the waist, while anything to do with water is kept below the waist. Don’t leave cords hanging around in the tent. It’s not only safer, but it looks a lot nicer when you wrap cords up neatly and secure them in place 🙂

You can dramatically reduce the sound of fans by hanging them as opposed to letting them sit on something. Keeping fans clean will also make them as efficient as possible while preventing sounds from developing.

Although some grower don’t use a carbon filter, they can unintentionally be making a trail that leads straight to their grow. Carbon filters ensure there are no smells whatsoever getting where they aren’t supposed to be in addition to providing peace of mind!

Use strong nylon rope or rope ratchets to hang your exhaust fan inside the grow tent (from the top bars) to dramatically reduce sound and vibration. Your fan will sound a lot louder if you just set it on top or on the outside of your tent!

2.) Hang Grow Light.

At its simplest, a grow tent just needs an exhaust fan and a grow light. At this point you’ve already created a great cannabis growing environment! See a grow journal in this setup!

I think the best way to make an efficient exhaust system is to hang your exhaust fan inside the tent. This significantly muffles the sound of the fan running, and lets you create a relatively straight path from your light to the fan for maximum circulation and airflow.

First, you are likely to increase your yields and experience better quality results when it comes time to use your cannabis. On top of that, you’ll save money throughout the growing process and allow your plants to grow naturally as they were intended to.

Instead, a more expensive light or fan is likely to be more reliable and provide you with exactly what you need to grow healthy plants and maximize your yield time and time again. In this case, the additional cost of the item would be well worth it in the end.

Fans are also an essential part of a grow tent. They help maintain the proper levels of fresh oxygenated air and humidity. Just like light, ventilation must be adjusted depending on the life cycle of the plant if you want to maximize your yield. Here is an easy set of guidelines to follow:

Not all strains of cannabis are created equally. Some are known for growing quickly and producing highly dense yields. That is, they produce a lot of cannabis in a small space. Others, however, are not as effective. The best way to find out which strains have the highest yields may be trial and error. Once you find a strain that works well in your space, stick with it!

Lights need to be placed a certain distance away from the plant, depending on their wattage. For example, a 600-watt lamp should be placed about 50-60cm away. As the plant grows, you’ll need to change the height of the lamp to maintain this distance.

Keep Pests Away From Your Plants.

As the old saying goes, you get what you pay for.

However, once your plant reaches the flowering stage, its cycle of light and darkness needs to be altered. It is best to split the day and night evenly, providing exactly 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness. Again, a timer is helpful here in case the switch occurs when you are not available to change the light.

Keep in mind though, that vertical growing can be more expensive than traditional horizontal growing. It requires additional equipment, lighting, and ventilation. Pre-made vertical grow tents can also be quite costly. If cost is an issue, consider building a vertical grow tent using a DIY method.

If money is not too much of a factor in your growing operation, consider purchasing some high-end versions of the equipment listed above, such as:

Growing cannabis may seem simple enough, but if you want to maximize your yields, there are some tips and techniques you’ll want to put to use. After all that hard work, you’ll be able to rest easy knowing you got the most out of your time and effort. Remember to be patient, as maximizing the yield of a given space takes practice!

In other words, vertically growing essentially stacks plants on top of each other in addition to spreading them across a flat surface. This could potentially double or triple your yield in the same space!

Nobody wants to have all their hard growing work ruined by a pest that kills or ruins your plant. Use a light hydrogen peroxide solution to keep your plants clear of algae and bacteria that could ruin your growth. Recommendations call for 15ml per gallon of a 3% hydrogen peroxide solution as a preventative measure.

This gives you more yield than traditional two-dimensional growing patterns.

Cannabis is one of the fastest-growing industries in North America due to its increased legalization for recreational use in Canada and at the state level in the US. You might be considering growing cannabis or wondering how much cannabis you can grow in a confined space.

Some Strains Grow Better Than Others.

Another growing method you may want to consider to maximize the yield from your cannabis growth is growing vertically. This allows you to take advantage of all three dimensions of your space. This includes:

While your plant is still growing, or at least about the first two weeks, your plant will need to be on a continuous cycle of 18 hours of light and 6 hours of darkness. Consider purchasing a timer for your lights, so you do not have to switch them on and off manually each time.

If you opt for cheap equipment, you may end up with lower yields. Consider what would happen if that cheap fan shorted out or your lights burned out and ruined your plant. Not only would you have to replace the item, but you’d be back at square one with your plant.

The first step you’ll need to consider with a grow tent is how to maintain the correct levels of lighting. A good rule of thumb for lighting is to use at least 33 watts per square foot. So, for a 16 square foot grow tent, aim for about 600 watts. If you stick to these guidelines, your plants will grow nice and healthy.

Grow tents are a great way to grow plants indoors regardless of where you live and the type of climate. It is important to remember that the yield of your tent will depend on the type of cannabis you want to grow and the growing technique you want to use. Read on to find out how to maximize the yield of your grow tent.

There is no substitute for being diligent and maintaining a neat and tidy grow operation. With all of the moving parts and pieces involved with growing cannabis, it is crucial to stay on top of each of the plant’s needs and to not procrastinate when new issues arise. Neglect and lack of care are two of the most common reasons why grow tents fail to produce maximum yields.

Keep Your Plants on a Cycle of Light and Darkness.

There are numerous benefits.

The max yield of a 4X4 grow tent is about 6 medium-large cannabis plants every three months. The answer is based on your growing technique and the different types and quality of the equipment that you use.

When it comes to food, organic is not only better for you and the environment; it usually tastes better too. The same is true of cannabis. Grow your plant organically without the use of:

In the end, the max yield of a 4×4 grow tent depends on several factors, including lighting, ventilation, cleanliness, and attention to detail on the part of the grower. If you practice and follow these tips, you may yield as 6 medium-large plants every few months. However, this level of growth takes lots of patience and determination. Keep working to maximize your yields!

Assembly is fast, easy and tool-free and the metal poles can be easily connected without tools.

We’ve already discussed the importance of an inline fan to ventilate your Grow Tent. But how do you set it up to get the results you need?

Gorilla grow tents feature 1680D fabric (the D standing for density). The denser your tent’s fabric is, the more durable it will be. And there will be less light penetration, and reduced noise.

Gorilla Grow Tent 4×4 Complete Heavy-Duty 1680D Reflective Hydroponic Grow Tent.

However, if you’re using a fan for blowing air in and out of the tent (active intake), it doesn’t matter what size the intake hole is.

Moreover, it has an adjustable speed output which can vary from 0%-100%.

Growing your own marijuana is an enjoyable and rewarding pursuit. But when you’re growing indoors, it can be very difficult to know where to begin.

Comes with 1050+ IAV Australian RC412 Activated Carbon, which is one of the most absorbent carbon available and does a great job at eliminating the odors of growing marijuana. Capable of producing an airflow that is 100% filtered.

When positioned at a height of 22”, this light offers great PAR value and more than enough coverage for a 4×4 Grow Tent.

There are a number of hydroponics solutions which are popular among growers. These include;

How Many Plants Can I Grow In A 4Ă—4 Tent?

If you expect consistently healthy yields for your plants, it’s essential to invest in the right kit. Cutting corners will only result in frustration and meagre harvests. In this section we’ll look at everything you need to need to create your own grow tent setup.

If you want to see other options check our grow tent fan reviews or our list of the best 6″ duct fans of 2020.

Offering high-spec at an affordable price, this entry from VIPARSPECTRA comes with everything you could want in a Grow Tent. Especially if you’re starting out.

Multiple round vent socks allow for use with all kinds of inline fans, and the removable waterproof floor tray is attached with velcro for extra stability and ease of removal.


The unit can be used as either an intake or exhaust. It even comes with two sturdy belts for easy application.

If you are growing close to your living area a carbon filter is definitely worth considering. Not only will it stop your home from smelling… cannabis-y, it’ll mask the smell of fertilizers, and other strong-smelling items.

This is to control the humidity, regulate the temperature, ensure that there is enough carbon dioxide in the tent for the plants to grow, and to keep pests and diseases away from your crops. Creating a breeze inside your tent will also help the plants to grow strong stems.

The good news is that there are all kinds of lights which will help you to grow cannabis successfully. So many, in fact, that it may be difficult to know which to choose. Any of these lights will be suitable for use in a Grow Tent;

A viewing window is also essential for your tent. You don’t want to have to open the door every time you want to check on your crops.