growing cannabis outdoors in australia

The low stress training method (LST) is very common in horticulture and widely used in the cannabis cultivation and growing industry.

In this article, we will walk through a few steps on how to grow legal cannabis in Canberra, Australia.

Famous books like The Big Book of Buds, by Rosenthal, promotes the Screen of Green (SCROG) growing method as the best way to bring out the cannabis plant’s full potential of THC and CBD.

As you know, the terpene profile determines the taste, aroma, and some of the effects of the bud.

The ScrOG method has been scientifically studied and proven to improve the yield of cannabis crops.

4. Germinating the Seeds.

How do you top cannabis plants?

Another option is to use containers.

First, you should be comfortable with the area.

This is increasingly true if the strain tends to grow tall, top-heavy, or is busy. There are various techniques you can use to get the best results.

Super cropping is easily down with these few steps:

Deciding when to harvest your cannabis plant is trickier than you may think.

Since you can grow two plants per person and up to four per household now in Canberra, consider trying an auto-flowering and regular plant.

Although the genetics of cannabis is much more complicated than Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid, it’s still the easiest way for growers, distributors, and dispensaries to label the effects of different variances in the plant.

There are a few factors for finding the right area for your cannabis garden.

1. Choosing Indoor or Outdoor Cultivation.

This article is intended for educating on how professionals would grow in regions where they have the legal ability to do so.

New growers may prefer these to start because they allow them to be successful the first time out.

There’s learning for nearly endless cannabis cultivation.

You can do the same thing again with the double tops to create four new tops, and so forth.

There are different reasons for wanting to grow outside, and inside, especially if you are living in a suburban area.

When you get your package of seeds, carefully scrutinize all 10 or 20, under a light.

5. Stages of Growth.

Indoor and outdoor growing methods vary, and there are various techniques available to tweak your yield.

You can put them in the refrigerator or freezers.

Distributors that ship to Australia include,

As the name suggests, these are a cross between both Sativas and Indicas and contain characteristics of both in varying degrees.

To Super Crop your cannabis plant, you will need:

Unless you plan on setting up video surveillance, installing fences, and even perimeter alarms, a good option is one close to your house with good outdoor lighting to deter thieves.

If that’s not an option, seal them in something airtight, such as plastic storage bags that zip.

A proven outdoor variety needs to combine high THC, heavy yields, fast growth as well as pest and mold resistance. Frisian Dew does that under a wide range of outdoor conditions, and because she is so tough and robust she is a very easy cannabis variety to grow.

This weeks grow from Aussie Alex shows how productive, tough and versatile Frisian Dew is. The Frisian Dew marijuana seeds are germinated indoors and grown for 9 weeks under 24 hours of daily LED light. This gives the seedlings the best possible start and will allow them to be well established before they are placed outside under the white mesh netting.

Under the powerful Australian sun the Frisian Dew plants raced through bloom in a couple of months with heavy yields. Many Frisian Dew growers also use the THC rich harvest to produce hash, cannabis oil or other types of cannabis concentrates which are becoming more and more popular.

“With my style of growing I can put them out in October and finish In December that’s getting to the longest days of the year and they still keep flowering and finishing with rock hard buds. No other strain I’ve used can do this. They are almost like an auto, keep in mind I live in Australia, our days are not as long as Europe. But other strains revert back to vegetive growth outdoors, so Frisian Dew is the best strain I have ever grown.”

Frisian Dew is a heavy yielding outdoor cannabis variety, Aussie Alex got around 18Kg from 25 plants using his system. Aussie Alex finds that growing in coco fibre allows rapid growth and heavy blooms. Using the white mesh screening also helped the plants by giving them just enough shade to protect them from the extreme heat that can be experienced in Australia.

Coco fibre for growing cannabis outdoors.

“I grew 25 plants and made 40 pounds (18 Kg) of dry product – beautiful nugs. I veg them for 9 weeks indoors then finish them in my green house right on 7weeks nice and fast. I grow only in coco its the only way for me. I used Dutch Fest coco nutrients and cal-mag (Calcium & Magnesium supplement) and a PK booster.”

“I grow under the netting to give some protection from the insects it works really well. Also the sun in the summer is so strong, the mesh gives 30% shade this helps to keep them happy.”

“Another reason I grow Frisian Dew is the resistance to extreme weather. These plants were put out in the last month of winter and had frost in the night, whilst day time temps reached an unusually hot 30ºC – this happened for 2 weeks. Before I finished them we had 40 degrees Celsius heat for a whole week which did not affect them at all.”

“Last year in spring we also had 40 degrees heat for 1 month and the Frisian Dew’s finished with rock hard buds. Another reason for loving the strain the seeds are great value for money. I always get 100% germination rate.”

“And the last reason for the white mesh is security, you can’t see any thing inside from 50 meters away. If other growers try this strain they won’t regret it, it’s easy to grow and has heavy harvests. These plant gets so heavy it needs support, its essential.”

“That’s it for the good results. I use the insulation around the pots to protect them from the frosty mornings in the winter and to protect the black plant containers from getting too hot in the sun.”

“This strain is by far the best for my style of growing. I veg indoors under led lights finishing them outdoors in my green house. Frisian Dew grows fast and finishes fast. It has good mold resistance and great bag appeal most of the bud are quite dense. And half the plants will turn purple without a cold snap.”

This weeks blog is about a Frisian Dew Australian outdoor grow by a grower who is specialized in growing Frisian Dew outdoors. He used mesh netting to provide some shade from the intense Australian sun.

Coco fibre is already a versatile, popular and effective medium for growing cannabis seeds indoors. But plenty of outdoor and greenhouse growers are also starting to use coco fibre for their cannabis plants. This will require daily feeding/watering, but the extra effort is usually worth it at harvest time.

Frisian Dew is one of Dutch Passions all time best selling feminized outdoors cannabis seeds, she is easy to grow in all conditions. Frisian Dew grows well everywhere from Northern Europe to tropical Australia, this is a robust variety with great pest and mold resistance.

Aussie Alex explains more about his greenhouse grow.

If you are looking for a proven, high quality outdoor cannabis variety then give Frisian Dew a try, you can buy your Frisian Dew feminized cannabis seeds online. After 30+ years of breeding, Frisian Dew is one of the best outdoor cannabis varieties ever released by Dutch Passion.

Easy Frisian Dew Australian outdoor grow.

Watch the daylight hours closely since your young cannabis plants require a minimum of 12 hours every day to obtain enough energy for growth. If the month has just begun, the daylight hours remain under 12. You can use a grow lamp for supplementing the natural light. This is extremely important because your plants will be prevented from flowering early which is a tremendous waste.

This means your cannabis plants will grow substantially this month while in a vegetative phase. Expect the growth to continue accelerating. If your marijuana plants are autoflowering, this is when you will start to see flowers.

Your plants will be ready for reaping after approximately four months. During this time, your produce can be cut down and spaced in a shaded plot for drying. Direct sunlight is not necessary to preserve your plants. Cut the heads off of your plants, then put them on a canvas to dry for a few days. During the night, your plants should be placed in a woodshed and covered.

High Quality Marijuana Seeds.

The lower temperatures provide encouragement for trichome-rich, potent buds you can enjoy and smell before burning. Do not go over a maximum temperature of 28 degrees Celsius because your bud growth will slow and the terpenes will evaporate. If your buds are especially hot at this time, the good stuff might be burning away as your plants grow. By the time you harvest, very little smell or taste will remain.

The grow season in Australia begins in August and runs through April. Keep in mind this depends on your specific situation and location. The best time to grow cannabis outdoors is during the spring. Growing weed outdoors is not expensive or difficult. You will need some basic information such as when to plant, the best fertilizers and soil, the cannabis strains and seeds to grow and how often to feed and water your plants. Once you have learned the basics, your cannabis plants will grow big and strong.

Take a good look around the closest forest to find potential growing areas. The idea area has northern-facing slopes to provide your plants with sunlight during the day. To allow for green irrigation, there needs to be access to water. Since privacy is important, you should be able to easily move your plants from the grow area. Once you have located a site, you can increase your harvest by making certain you have everything necessary for your seedlings including:

Lay out your lemon and fertilizer, making certain the distribution is even. During the first month, helping your plants grow by providing steady flood irrigation is critical. Consider installing a pipe framework connected to a water source. A water pump is often essential as well. Your cannabis will not grow to optimal capacity without fostering.

The length of the average day is 14 hours with an average temperature between 15 and 27 degrees Celsius. In the desert, the length of the average day is also 14 hours with an average temperature between 20 and 36 degrees Celsius. December is the last month when there is an increase in daylight hours. Once January arrives, daylight hours start decreasing again.

You will see pre-flowers on your non-autoflowering cannabis plants. January is an incredibly important month if you are growing cannabis from regular or non-fertilized seeds. If you purchased feminized seeds, approximately fifty percent of your plants will be male. If you do not remove your male plants, the females will be pollinated and your harvest significantly reduced. The sex of your plants can be identified by examining the pre-flowers about two weeks before they can reproduce.

Consider the Climates in Australia per Region.

The length of the average day is 14 hours with an average temperature between 17 and 28 degrees Celsius. In the desert, the length of the average day is 13.5 hours with an average temperature between 23 and 39 degrees Celsius. The hottest months of the entire year are January and February, even though daylight has started to decrease. In January, autoflowering strains will really start to flower and produce large groupings of flowers.

The length of the average day is 11.5 to 12.5 hours with an average temperature of nine to 20 degrees Celsius. In the desert, the length of the average day is 11.5 to 12.5 hours with an average temperature between 11 and 27 degrees Celsius. The frost risk has decreased even further, especially in the warmer areas of Australia. If you have not already purchased your seeds, you need to do so now. If you have your seeds and the other necessities and soil are prepared, your young plants can be safely placed on your windowsill to start sprouting.

The chance of any frost is unlikely, so you can almost start to grow marijuana in August. This is the reason your seeds should be ordered now so the germination process can begin as soon as possible. In most areas of the country, the growing season will last for some time. Plants with Sativa dominant genes will be fine in an outdoor setting. Indicas will not do as well because of the upcoming heat. Make certain you know what you are purchasing and do some research before ordering your seeds.

Your seedling’s ideal temperature is 20 to 25 degrees Celsius. Unless the weather turns unseasonably warm, starting your seedlings indoors is a good idea. You can bring them outside once the temperature consistently rises. If you intend to grow cannabis exclusively outdoors, the best option is to wait a while. You can prep your soil with worms and compost while you are waiting.

Germinating Seeds.

You can also grow in a colder temperature as opposed to warmer weather. You can grow plants at -4 C. A lot of growers have seen great results in these conditions so do not become discouraged when the weather turns cold. If you want your plants to thrive, you must give marijuana what it requires. Warm or sunny areas are better than cold areas with less sun. You should consider all of this if you want to grow marijuana correctly in outdoor Australia.

If you are unable to identify the sex, wait to see if white wispy hair appears. If it does, the plant is female. Keep a close watch over your plants so the males can be removed upon identification.

If you intend to clone your plants, this is a good month to start growing your mother plant. This should be done indoors. This ensures your cuttings can be taken earlier in the grow season.

The length of the average day is 13 hours with an average temperature between 17 and 28 degrees Celsius. In the desert, the length of the average day is also 13 hours with an average temperature between 22 and 37 degrees Celsius. Once your marijuana is in the flowering stage, your plants will thrive with low humidity and a comfortable room temperature. If you plan on adding more CO2 to the grow room, the ideal temperature is below 28 degrees Celsius.

This requires enormous amounts of daylight and water for the vital development tiers. This is a good way to increase your harvest. If you want to see massive, green heads, this step is critical.