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22% THC and delicious flavors, we’re pretty sure you’ll like more than just growing it.

White Widow during flowering. Courtesy of i49 Genetics.

Find these steps and even more detail on nailing your first harvest in i49’s step-by-step growing technique included with the Marijuana Grow Kit.

From the right nutrients to a step-by-step growing technique to ready-to-plant seeds, the Marijuana Grow Kit contains everything you need to start your first homegrow.

Buy the kit and you get all the components for $99, including shipping ($138 value). Growing your own cannabis certainly costs less than buying it at the dispensary, and this kit unlocks even more of a discount. This is a fantastic option for people looking to save money by growing their own.

Don’t grow in the dark.

We have some pretty great news if you’ve always wanted to grow cannabis at home but have been intimidated by the process or generally overwhelmed at the thought of getting started. Fear not—the new Marijuana Grow Kit from i49 Genetics makes it as simple as pie to grow your own.

Once you’re hooked, you’ll want to check out other beginner strains that might suit your tastes and be a cinch to grow. i49 offers several starter strains, including the ever-popular White Widow Fem seeds, one of the most famous strains in the world and one of the most highly rated strains in i49’s huge library.

The kit gets you started with four Auto GSC seeds. One of the easiest strains to grow and content in nearly any environment, Auto GSC is a fantastic starter strain to include. Packed with.

Want to get an idea of how simple your first grow will be with some help from i49? Check out these 12 easy steps for a successful harvest:

You’ve got the tools, but now what? i49 doesn’t leave you hanging to figure things out on your own. i49 offers a step-by-step growing technique for cultivating at home, using the nutrients provided in the kit along with a few simple items found around the house. For example, two plates, some paper towels, filtered water, and tweezers—plus Germ Genie—are all you need to nudge your seeds into producing a strong taproot in just two to five days.

From there, you can plant seedlings in repurposed containers—like yogurt jugs—and use the Seedling Booster to strengthen your young plants. Growtime Fertilizer strengthens roots and increases nutrient uptake during the vegetative stage. And finally, applications of Flowertime Fertilizer and Plant Booster help fatten up buds and keep plants healthy right up until harvest. The guide walks you through every step of the process, straight through harvest, trimming, drying, and curing. It couldn’t be simpler.

You’ll also get nutrients with four stage-specific products to keep your garden well-fed at every stage, from germination to seedling, vegetative, and flowering. And to set you up for success right out of the box, the kit comes with a packet of four Auto GSC seeds, one of the easiest and most rewarding strains to grow as a newbie.

The kit comes with four ready-to-plant Auto GSC seeds, one of the easiest strains for beginners to grow.

With over 20 years of experience in cultivation, these are the homegrow experts you want in your corner. The kit comes with everything you need to pull off your first successful grow from nutrients to a step-by-step growing technique to ready-to-plant seeds of beginner-friendly strains.

If you’ve never even considered growing your own weed, this kit might be just the thing to pique your interest: It demystifies the process and sets you up for a fail-proof garden, so you can be smoking your own stuff in no time.

Easy does it.

Courtesy of i49 Genetics.

Forget any over-the-top homegrow setups—The Marijuana Grow Kit from i49 Genetics keeps things super simple. Included in the kit, you’ll receive one bottle of Germ Genie, which acts as a superfood, speeding up germination, boosting plant resilience, and ensuring rapid root growth.

So if you’re remotely curious to try your hand at cultivation, i49 makes it easy to try the kit, dive in, and join the growing community.

It all starts with a seed.

If you are aiming for the perfect harvest, you need to get the perfect marijuana seeds first. We offer a selection of premium weed seeds of regular, feminized, and autoflowering strains. For the complete marijuana grow kits we have selected our very best marijuana strains. All of the selected strains have proven to excel in quality, taste, effect, potency, and yield.

To maintain strong and healthy plants that are capable to fight off diseases and pests, Grow is a valuable component. Grow is added during the vegetative phase where it increases microbial activity, which will help your plants thrive, ultimately resulting in bigger and superior quality buds.

For usage instructions , check out the complete grow kit user guide.

13% Off EUR 140,00.

For all the 4 different stages of the plant’s development, these 100% water-soluble NPK fertilizers offer a corresponding, carefully composed fertilizer that meets the correct nutritional requirements for perfect growth.

Whether it’s your first growth or your hundredth, every breeder knows that it takes some preparation before you can finally smoke that perfect harvest. To save you the time and effort of browsing the web for days in search of the ideal nutrients, we now present: the complete grow kit.

The complete grow kit contains everything you need to achieve the harvest of your dreams.

Thanks to our Spongepot germinating medium, your marijuana seeds will germinate faster. The roots grow much better and you can easily re-pot the seedlings without damaging the roots.

No matter which variety you choose, we sustainably cultivate, handpick, and care for our cannabis seeds with the utmost love and attention to make sure you get nothing but the very best!

The complete marijuana grow kit contains enough nutrition for a complete grow cycle of 10 plants. Suitable for outdoor and indoor grow.

Complete Marijuana Grow Kits Contents:

PK Boost improves the quantity and quality of the harvest and can make a huge difference in the bud formation of your plants. Simply add the mixture to the nutrient solution for one week, if you do this at the right time you will get amazing results.

Bloom should be provided at the first sign of flowering. It features a very high potassium concentration. It’s high levels of nitrogen encourage foliage growth. But, it’s the abundance of phosphorus that stimulates the production of lots of strong, potent flower buds.

The Rhyzobacteria live mainly in the top layer of the soil, where they ensure that digestible organic materials (leaves, dead roots, etc.) are broken down. During this process, nitrogen is bound, phosphates are released, and minerals are recovered, which are important nutrients for your plants.

We know that there is a fast variety of marijuana grow kits available on the market today. But aside from the easy to use marijuana growing kit, that provides you with everything you need from germination to harvest, we also provide you with the very best customer support. When you start growing your own weed, we can imagine you have all kinds of questions. Do these seeds have to grow in a sunny spot? What type of soil do you recommend? And how soon will I get my seeds if I order today at

Growing marijuana has never been this simple.

NPK stands for, nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, 3 essential macronutrients all plants need.

A small amount of Seedling near the young roots will provide the necessary nutrients for healthy root system development. This formula strengthens the roots, helping them to improve nutrient uptake and enabling them to transform from frangible cannabis seedlings to sturdy, thriving marijuana plants.

Whether you are indoor growing in a grow tent, outdoor growing in a greenhouse, there is no need to get countless of expensive supplies. Our complete kit contains everything you need in the form of an easy to use, all in one solution for your perfect growth with unparalleled yield!

Mycorrhiza fungi are highly propitious soil fungi and have played a very important role in the nutrient supply of trees and plants for over 400 million years. For decades we’ve used these fungi for stimulating the growth and flowering of the marijuana plant.

In case you have any question, please send us an email, we are looking forward to helping you out with any questions you may have so you too can start growing today!

Every order comes shipped in discreet, privacy wrapped packaging.

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Growing cannabis at home should be fun, cheap, and rewarding. We designed our growing system to be used by beginners or seasoned green thumbs who want to try growing naturally in our super soil.

Grow your own Marijuana naturally this winter with one of our Complete Pot Grow Kits!

Our grow kits are legal in all 50 states and across the globe.

Our kits are ideal for growing indoors or out, just add water, seed, and sun. Collectively we have taught thousands of people how to successfully harvest their own medical cannabis at home.

legal worldwide.

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