green haze seeds

Green Haze is a sativa variety from ACE Seeds and can be cultivated indoors (where the plants will need a flowering time of ±126 days ) and outdoors . ACE Seeds’ Green Haze is a THC dominant variety and is/was never available as feminized seeds.

For outdoor growing, it requires a tropical or subtropical climate in order to reach its full potential. However, it can be easily bred within latitudes of 20º-35º, where we recommend a warm and coastal climate. The use of a greenhouse is very helpful for the ripening in non-tropical latitudes.

With this version of the Oldtimers Haze, we are offering you a selection of green phenotypes. Their influence is mainly from Thai and southern Indian sativas original genotype of Haze population. Green Haze is different from Purple Haze because it is completely green when ripe (even though the flowering takes place also with low temperatures) and it has delicate aromas of mature tropical fruits.

Basic / Breeders Info.

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GROWING TIPS: For indoor growing, we mostly recommend her for extreme sativa lovers or for breeding projects or seed production.

GENETICS: 100 % sativa. Hybrid of tropical sativa from the 70’s, mainly Mexican, Indian from Kerala and Thai. FLOWERING: 16-20 weeks. December / January. STRUCTURE: Extreme tropical sativa with a very thin pale green leaf. Very thin and flexible stems that withstand the worst downpours and blizzards. YIELD / M2: Medium-Low BOUQUET: Woody, incense and mature mango. Old school sativa aroma. HIGH: Psychedelic sweeping and stimulating high without tolerance limits.

Resistance against SPIDER MITES: medium-low Resistance against MILDEW: medium-low Resistance against BOTRYTIS: very high Resistance against COLD: medium.

It requires medium-low levels of nutrients, especially of Nitrogen. For outdoor growing, it’s best to mix a good base of organic soil rich in guano and humus, and then plant the seeds in a sunny place and leave them to grow at their own rhythm almost without using fertilizers or stimulators.

ACE Seeds’ Green Haze Description.

The sativa cannabis strain Green Haze is one used by cultivators to create a plethora of potent hybrids. Its scent and taste are reminiscent of wood and fruit, with undertones of diesel and flowers. When ready for harvest, the plants grow quite tall and its buds are an array of dark and light greens.

THC levels average between 24-28%, making this quite a potent strain. Its effects will immediately uplift the spirits, allowing the consumer to shed themselves of negative thoughts as focus increases. A talkative nature may arise, making this strain a good choice for social events. Because of its uplifting nature, Green Haze can be consumed throughout the day once tolerance levels are known to avoid ill side-effects.

Ill side-effects beyond typical try mouth/eyes include headache, paranoia, or anxiety when consuming in higher doses.

Green Haze by Ace Seeds, sativa hybrid combining Indian, Thai and green Colombian genetics.

These buds are completely covered with small and shiny resin trichomes , like pinheads, which have a very euphoric, energetic and psychedelic effect , perfect for creative people as well as for party animals.

This means that to create these seeds, only the Oldtimer’s Haze phenotypes that show exclusively green colours have been selected, in order to breed towards the most euphoric and stimulating high possible, since the purple plants are usually somewhat heavier and more relaxing in effect.

Green Haze by ACE Seeds, extremely euphoric and psychedelic.

Now available online in the Alchimia Grow Shop catalogue, regular seeds of Green Haze from ACE Seeds , a 100% Sativa heirloom variety , with an extremely energetic, euphoric and psychedelic effect.

To be expected for a pure tropical Sativa, the flowering period is on the long side, around 14-20 weeks indoors, and reaching to December outdoors, offering a medium yield of bulky, fluffy and hairy buds , typical of old school Haze.

In addition, it is very simple to grow , withstanding hot conditions and showing good resistance to botrytis and to cannabis pests, growing rapidly and with little effort or nutrient requirements.

Its main tip is very thick and heavy when filled with buds, making it ideal to grow it in SOG with a short veg time, although if we apply pruning and training techniques , it also adapts superbly to the SCROG system, filling out the trellis in a very short time.

Thus, we get a plant that develops with a pure tropical sativa character, growing tall and very vigorous and taking on a conical and branched structure with flexible stems.

This is a version of ACE’s mythical Oldtimer’s Haze strain, selected to offer only green phenotypes , without the purple examples, thanks to the greater genetic dominance of green Colombian, Thai and Indian Sativas .

Its aroma is markedly Haze, fruity, metallic, incense and very penetrating, with touches of citrus and noble woods, and is greatly enhanced if we consume it in a cannabis vaporiser.