frozen inferno crumble seeds

AUGUST 2021 I TINY SPARK Mango Coconut Slushie Cider The ape-like creatures are surprised and Nomad sighs with relief as the translator begins working. The different parties communicate, even with dog pitching in, until they come to a mutual understanding and trust. The aliens release Nomad and Dog and allow them to scour the ruins for any tech that might be helpful. To Nomad’s displeasure though, they turn up with nothing useful. After explaining her frustration to the aliens, they discuss briefly and mention that the grubs of the very same insects are literally shocking to the touch. They bring her to find one of the insect nests, and Nomad traps a grub in a capsule. Together, they return to the ship and wearing rubber gloves, Nomad squeezes the grub over the dead battery, which jump-starts the ship as everyone jumps for joy. Greeting the aliens goodbye, Nomad and Dog are able to depart and continue their wayfaring.

Our Summer series was inspired by childhood memories mixing and matching flavors at the slushie machines. The process began by selecting colors and flavors that would pop when consumed as a cider or frozen as a cocktail slushie. We stepped into new territory for this cider using a double layering process of both fermenting the slushie fruits and then lightly sweetening the cider post-fermentation with the same fruits again. This blending of fermented and unfermented fruit flavor is a truly unique and refreshing experience that you can enjoy all summer long!

OCTOBER 2020 I BEASTLY HOLLOWS Blueberry Plum Mead When asked why the Nixie could be tormenting them, the woodland creatures admit they have no idea why. Nomad and Dog agree to seek out the Nixie’s hideaway, rumored to be in a lake cave behind the waterfall upstream. Their first visit is fruitless, although they find plenty of evidence of the water spirit. They work up the courage to return after dark, rowing slowly and seeing only as far as their torch will illuminate. Once all the way in, they see it: a dark, glistening creature part horse, part human, part snake, and part fish, although which parts were which they could not say.

APRIL 2021 I CRAZED GRAZERS Apricot Passion Fruit Sake Cider The Empress asks Nomad to travel to the neighboring lab complex to see where the scientists are with any potential solutions to the hallucinogenic pollen in the air, and Nomad agrees. Riding in an air-scooter with Dog in the sidecar, Nomad flies through the countryside where the air is thick with pollen until she is stopped by a roaming herd of buffalo-like alien creatures. Trying to slowly meander through the masses, the scooter’s exhaust backfires and the noise sends the creatures into a drug-induced panic. Struggling in the chaos, Nomad takes a hard kick to the face, which cracks her ventilation mask and the floral fumes immediately take hold of her.

Our Summer series was inspired by childhood memories mixing and matching flavors at the slushie machines. The process began by selecting colors and flavors that would pop when consumed as a cider or frozen as a cocktail slushie. We stepped into new territory for this cider using a double layering process of both fermenting the slushie fruits and then lightly sweetening the cider post-fermentation with the same fruits again. This blending of fermented and unfermented fruit flavor is a truly unique and refreshing experience that you can enjoy all summer long!

SEPTEMBER 2021 I RED, ROE, RUIN Nordic Cranberry Mead Nomad and Dog pay a visit to a cold arctic land as the days begin to grow shorter. Seeing smoke in the distance, they rush towards a village of red deer and roe deer to see the larder building set ablaze. Nomad and Dog quickly assist the villagers in putting out the flames, but by the time they succeed the building is badly damaged and the food stores are wasted. In a community meeting, the deer conclude that their larder was intentionally burned by the new coalition of wolves and foxes, who have conspired to assault and capture the village to feast upon.

MAY 2021 I SYNTHETIC SALVATION Prickly Pear Plum Sake Cider Running ahead to the lab complex, Dog gets the attention of some scientists who follow him back to find Nomad laying in the field. Once Nomad wakes up, she asks the scientists about their progress on possible solutions to the pollen situation. The lead scientist unveils that they’re putting the finishing touches on their designs for a robotic pollinator bug that can target hallucinogenic pollen. The bugs can even be reprogrammed later to help with other environmental needs. Nomad and Dog help deploy the first test batch and look on optimistically as the robots begin the task at hand.

NOVEMBER 2020 I RIVER’S BARGAIN Raspberry Blackberry Mead To Nomad’s surprise, the Nixie speaks with a plain human voice. The Nixie reveals that he has swam these rivers for a thousand years and the numbers of fish have been decimated over the years as the woodland creatures have gotten more and more ingenious with their fishing equipment. Their drownings were the Nixie’s attempt at bringing balance to the streams. Nomad points out that the animals must gorge themselves now to prepare for the lean months, but wonders aloud if a more elegant solution can be found. After a long discussion, Nomad and Dog are able to return to the grove with an arrangement: the Nixie will help round up the fish once they have successfully spawned, and Nomad will help teach them to dry out the haul to last them through the winter.

Our Fall series was inspired by Nordic meads. Meads have such a distinct history that we believe it deserves exploration. We opted for a traditional Nordic Kviek yeast and berries to kickstart the fermentation. Kviek yeast is known for its fruity and honey-like flavors, complementing the wildflower honey and berries later blended in. Nordic cuisine and beverages have a long history of using herbs, roots, and spices. Pulling inspiration from history, we used similar ingredients that were available in the old world and blended them into our new world cider.

NOVEMBER 2021 I JAWS OF DEFEAT Nordic Raspberry Mead Returning to the deer village, Nomad and the lynx warriors realize that the wolves and foxes have already begun their siege. Corpses have piled up on both sides, as the deer and their allies have fought valiantly against their fanged foes. Joining the battle, the reinforcements are able to overpower and defeat the canine army. In the aftermath of the clash, the lynx realize that they will have sufficient food for many months to come, and the herbivores will have to fear no harm of predation for the foreseeable future. An alliance of rodents agree to help the deer village restore their larder to make it through the winter, and through their new agreements, all the animals find new hope for their survival in the days to come.

SEPTEMBER 2021 I FREEZING WATERS Merlot Blueberry Cider After half a day of drilling, the team is finally able to break through the ice and Nomad volunteers to take her ship in submersible mode down to the marine capital. The ship shudders and struggles through the frosty, freezing waters, but Nomad and Dog eventually reach the squid-like alien inhabitants and give them the ominous news of the incoming freeze. The city board decides to immediately mobilize all escape shuttles and without any other options, the citizens scramble to migrate to newer, warmer waters.

JULY 2021 I CAPTIVE STRANGERS Pineapple Blueberry Slushie Cider As Nomad and Dog are nearing the ruins, they notice shadowy figures darting behind cover. Before they know it, they are surrounded by muscular, ape-like alien creatures that seem to have taken residence in the ruins. Nomad pleads with them, promising she is stranded and means them no harm, but the creatures swiftly snatch her and dog up, bind them, and imprison them. From her cage, Nomad watches as the creatures discuss with one another as they go through her pack examining all her gear. Once they pick up her translator tool, Nomad is able to coax and gesture them to turn it on.

JANUARY 2021 I DARK REVELATIONS Pinot Noir Raspberry Blackberry Cider The winged druid introduces himself as Ferus and talks of a poison madness running through Garden, corrupting the native animals he is ordained to protect. Nomad offers to help Ferus unravel the mystery and they set off to visit a hermit witch to find answers. Arriving the witch extracts the blood from the skewered boars head and discovers a venom with eldritch markers of the Serpent King.

AUGUST 2019 I LIQUID COURAGE Strawberry Kiwi Slushie Gose Cider Sneaking aboard Los Oso’s massive ship, Nomad finds the enemy’s leader, Calico (cat-like, tiger face), drinking smuggled rum on the stern. Intrigued by the offer of a relic from Blueblood’s chest, he swipes the vial from Nomad’s hand and takes it down, becoming dizzy and nearly falling off his ship. He leaps forward, pulling out his sword (handle shaped like an old pistol) to challegend Nomad to a duel. The vial slows Calico down, giving Nomad the upper hand in this battle as she kicks his legs out from under him, knocking him off his prized vessel. Calico’s crew accepts Nomad & Dog as their new leaders as they sail off for much needed leisure.

JUNE 2020 I TIDELANDS Blue Slushie Cider – Blueberry Pineapple JNomad and Dog decide to pay a visit to Duoluna, a watery planet with a pair of helixing moons. After docking at a summit-top landing pad, they stop in the fishing village and feast on fresh seafood. Chatting with their attendant, Marin, they learn that the planet is going through a phase of particularly strong tidal changes, with the water levels changing nearly a mile in a day’s time. As Nomad and Dog settle into their lodging for the evening, they witness the seas receding, revealing a glistening intertidal zone teaming with life.

It’s gonna be a wild wine kind of winter. This winters, Book of Nomad features grapes sourced from Brotherhood Winery, the oldest winery in the United States. This season we decided to explore how spent wine grape skins would co-ferment with our house cider and fruit. The interaction between these ingredients leads us to some pretty wild flavors that we cannot wait to share with you. Cheers to Winter!

SEPTEMBER 2021 I APEX PREDATOR Pinot Noir Blackberry Cider As Nomad and the squid-like aliens journey away from the doomed capital, their vehicles are slowly enveloped by huge, shadowy silhouettes. Mayhem breaks loose as giant predatory sea scorpions swarm the caravan and devour ships one by one. With the only ship armed with weaponry, Nomad and Dog peel back and fire at the sea scorpions with their nitrogen cannon, searing wounds that freeze the predators from the inside out. Though the marine aliens suffer losses in the hundreds, thousands more survive thanks to Nomad and finally reach their destination half a world away and begin rebuilding their civilization in a new location.

JUNE 2019 I BON VOYAGE Pineapple Raspberry Slushie Gose After weeks at sea, Nomad, Dog and their ragtag crew of pirates and misfits see what appears to be another sloop in the distance. As it approaches them a large, tattered flag is raised showing a bear’s face. The crew screams in terror as they realize they are about to face the treacherous Los Osos. Bracing herself, Nomad accepts her role as captain and orders the crew to go full sail and face the ship swiftly approaching them.

spiced pork + pineapple.

Al pastor, pineapple, salsa morita, black beans, crema, nacho cheese, pickled onion, sweet chile sauce, jalapenos, scallions.

black beans, ranchera salsa, crema, cotija, onion, cilantro, avocado, & two fried eggs.

all tradicional meats can also be served as.

crispy meat spring roll with carne asada, pork al pastor, chorizo, chihuahua cheese, peppers, onions, bit of this, bit of that, & serrano salsa verde.

Chipotle portobellos & grilled corn, chihuahua cheese, pickled red onion, salsa taquera, cotijacheese, crema, pepitas.

$ 9.

chocolate chip cookie with toasted cinnamon crumble.

$ 4.50.



Slow Roasted Goat Birria, Chihuahua Cheese, Birria Broth, Corn Tortillas, Onion, Cilantro.

$ 10.

huevo frito taco.

soft cheesy scrambled eggs, chips, crema, pico de gallo, bacon, (add any meat for $2)


Cabernet, Presidente Brandy, Ancho Reyes, seasonal fruit.

Crispy Meat Spring Roll, Carne Asada, Al Pastor, Chorizo, Chihuahua Cheese, Peppers, Onions, Seranno Salsa Verde.

Grilled avocado, jalapeno, onions.

thick masa flatbread, choice of traditional meat, pinto beans, salsa verde, slaw, crema, cotija cheese, pickled jalapeno, avocado.

Fresh seasonal frozen margarita.

As for putting this together, it couldn’t be easier. Trust me, there is nothing more fun than a crisp you have made with fruit you tore apart with your bare hands. Heck, you could even mix the topping with your fingers, if you’re feeling that rustic.

Crisp Topping 1/2 stick (4 tablespoons, 2 ounces) butter, melted 6 tablespoons turbinado or regular sugar (turbinado, also sold as Sugar in the Raw, gives an excellent crunch) 1/2 cup oats 1/2 cup all-purpose flour (or a mixture of whole wheat and all-purpose flour) Pinch of salt 2 tablespoons sliced almonds.

But then, like magic, I chilled it in the fridge where its acidity mellowed and it’s flavors came together and the next morning, with a scoop of plain yogurt, I was in breakfast nirvana.

Make topping: Melt butter and stir in sugar, then oats, then flour, salt and almonds until large clumps form. Sprinkle mixture over the fruit. Bake for about 30 to 40 minutes and serve warm.

Apricots, especially these early-season ones I picked up, are a bright and tiny bunch. The first time I made this it was so tart, I thought it was borderline caustic. The second time, I tripled the sugar in the fruit from one tablespoon to three and ended up with something that was… also crazy tart.

Fruit Base 1 pound apricots 3 tablespoons sugar 1 tablespoon flour Grated fresh nutmeg, a pinch.

Prepare fruit: Preheat oven to 400 degrees. Pull apart apricots at their seam, remove pits, and tear them one more time into quarters, placing them in a small baking dish (one that holds two to three cups is ideal). Stir in sugar, flour and pinch of nutmeg.

Although you could dust this with powdered sugar and serve it warm with vanilla ice cream for dessert, as I noted, it is on the tart side for an after-dinner treat. Truly, this excels cooled in the fridge overnight, and mixed with a scoop of plain yogurt for a weekday breakfast that will cure you of all weekday breakfast doldrums. It sure did for me.