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We know that hemp flowers may not be as exciting as free cannabis samples. Still, they’re of equal quality as cannabis (minus the THC).

If you live in Canada, MJNExpress will give you 3.5 grams of weed for free on your first purchase. The offer never expires, there are no codes you need to enter, and you can claim your freebie at checkout.

Winning CBD products is definitely much easier than getting free sample weed , and right now you can win CBD oil from different sponsors.

Helping Hands patients can get 7 grams of cannabis flowers every week. They can choose between sativa, indica, or high‐CBD flowers. To apply you need to submit:

So now that you know how to get free weed samples , make sure not to miss this one-day giveaway!

Free Hemp Flower Samples.

Become a part of the initiative “ Joints for Jabs LBC .” The Healthy Long Beach and the Long Beach Collective Association created a giveaway campaign where they plan to give vaccinated people over 21 a token for a free, pre-rolled cannabis cigarette.

Flowerzy brings another limited-time offer — free ⅛ oz. T1 CBD flower for new customers. You can get it if you spend $25 on a purchase or if you enter the code EYETOKE at checkout.

You could get your free legal weed even if you received only the 1st dose of the vaccine. But better hurry, given that the dispensary already extended its initiative once.

You can also get free hemp CBD flower samples, which will provide you with the same flavor as marijuana without getting you high.

Plus there’s also a bonus. You will get 4 more seeds if you pay with Bitcoin.

The retailer has an enormous selection of cannabis seeds divided into varieties, flowering type, strain type, or medical conditions. You will get up to 6 free seeds with every purchase, and you can choose between a regular, a feminized, or an autofem set of cannabis seeds.

Sunnyside will also reward your loyalty with a point for every pre-tax dollar you spend on their website. Collect the points and redeem them for some fantastic free products.

MSNL, a retailer from the Netherlands, also offers free seeds with every purchase . In addition to this, they often have giveaways.

There are other cannabis products that you could try out for free, and many companies would gladly send you samples. Here is a glimpse of some of the fun stoner stuff you could get without paying.


Seed City is another online cannabis seed bank that offers a great variety of seeds. They, too, offer free weed seeds samples with every purchase on their website.

Wonder how to get more free medical marijuana samples ? Join some of the numerous scientific studies all over the world!

At the moment, they are having great offers to celebrate 4/20 too!

How to get free weed during the pandemic? Well, it seems you only ought to get vaccinated.

To summarise, how to get free weed in 2021 may become fairly easy in states where recreational weed is legal. Just keep up to date with the latest news and dispensary promo tions .

There are some pretty impressive cannabis apps that can help you find info about cannabis, strains, laws, the dispensaries near you, and so on.

Get Free CBD.

Jardin Premium Cannabis is a dispensary from Las Vegas that plans to host a one-day vaccine pop-up site on Friday, July 16, from 2 to 6 p.m. You can get your Covid-19 vaccine and a pre-roll for a penny (or a $5 gift card).

This Chicago-based dispensary has created the Cannabis Compassion Program to help financially distressed patients.

However, there are a few exceptions to this law.

Walled Lake marijuana dispensary was offering one free pre-roll for every customer that received a COVID-19 vaccine. The program is called “Pot for Shots,“ which was intended to raise awareness in the fight against coronavirus .

Alternatively, you can make an account on GrowDiaries for a chance to get some very nice rewards and free cannabis samples .

Seedsman has several amazing free marijuana seeds promotions at the moment.

You can only get one special offer per order, and the strain you get is a surprise. You can’t choose it.

I will trade seeds for content, if you are interested follow this link…Completely Free Cannabis Seeds….

Lots of folks think this must be some sort of scam, but it’s not, simply my way of giving back to the cannabis community a bit.

These seeds are overruns, cross-pollination’s, and/or seeds that have been mismarked.

2/25/2020….Just added several hundred fresh Sour 60 Autos, and Sour Lowryder 2 Auto seeds to the free seed jar. These were again mismarked from the seed bank I got them from.

6/17/20….I grew out several strains of autos….specifically, Cream Carmel Autos, Amnesia Autos, Gorilla Glue Autos, and Mawba Negru Autos. I did not get a single male! I think some seed banks are simply selling Feminized seed as regular seed. Lacking a male I decided to cross all these auto-flowering cannabis plants with some pollen I had saved. The pollen came from two strains I sell….The Force, and Sour 60 Auto Flower. So these seeds will be in the mix. You can find some images of these autos in the gallery. I have written a post about the free seed grow with videos, and images of the plants these seeds will come from….you can find it here…Growing More Cannabis Seeds to Add to the Free Cannabis Seed Offer.

Here is a link to see some customer-generated images of some of the plants grown from a free weed seed order…..Cannabis Plants Grown From The Free Seed Offer.

The Big Sativa for Free Cannabis Seed Orders.

I have sent out hundreds of these free cannabis seed orders….and not one complaint yet!

There will be about 20 seeds (depends on the size of the seed) in each of these orders.

Free Auto Flower Seeds?….yes you will find some free autoflowering seeds in the mix as well.

These are not bag seed, hemp seed, nor trash seeds. There is some great genetics in this mix. All the seeds that were grown out for these free cannabis seed orders were purchased from popular seed banks like ILM, Seedsman, Attitude, and other seed banks. I generally buy top shelf cannabis seeds to grow out and offer for sale. But, mismarked seeds are fairly common, and my loss is your gain.

There are a few ways you could get me to send you a free cannabis seed order with no money out of pocket whatsoever…

You will find a huge Sativa (think of a huge Strawberry Cough, there she is to the right), a couple of autos flowers (they reminded me of Blue Haze), and one hybrid mixed in these seeds. I grew them, they were simply not the strains they were supposed to be, so in the free weed seed jar they went.

Sorry, those seeds did not last long! I am again out of seeds for the free seed orders. I am again growing more as we speak, and will have them available soon….I promise! If you would like to keep an eye on their progress follow this link…New Free Cannabis Seed Grow. To know when they are again in stock, just sign up for my email list.

FREE CANNABIS SEEDS….. Yes, these cannabis seeds are free….but, you will be charged a nominal fee for shipping and handling.

Or want to take a look at the other top shelf cannabis seeds I offer click this link….WeedSeedShop.

A limit of 400 packets of seeds were handed out in less than six hours.

ROANOKE, Va. – Looping around a wellness center in downtown Roanoke, hundreds of people were ready to get their hands on free cannabis seeds.

Virginia Seeds representatives helped educate and explain to people how to grow the seeds and what they can be used for.

Across the Commonwealth, seeds are being handed out for free since there is no legal way to buy them in the state just yet.

“It’s just important for us to be able to meet people where they are because the public has all kinds of different needs,” WellNest Roanoke Owner Valarie Angle said. Whether that’s emotional, medical, spiritual. We want to be there for them. So, this is a great opportunity to do that.”

A limit of 400 packets of seeds were handed out in less than six hours.

16 West Marketplace was packed with people waiting to select a packet of seeds at WellNest Roanoke.

Angle said as cannabis becomes more of a tool in holistic healings she encourages the use of products and welcomes them in her store.