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Upon encountering the raucous North wind with joy we raise our voices and sing, blowing the white wisp weeds-to-be we spread them into the shimmering Milky Way sea. Now done with the deed in a whirling dervish flurry my dragonfly steed flies me home to my bed in a hurry.

I’m riding a lime green dragonfly to the silvery moon to pick a snow white wishing dandelion waiting there for me Here in this vastness in the indigo night watch sky It’s only the dragonfly, the dandelion, the moon, and I.

And as I shudder awake from this fantastical dream, I find myself delighted and amazed to see clutched within my soft hands are cottony seeds So now I ponder, is this magical life all an elusive dream?

This has allowed him to find hidden pockets of lava multiple times, as a simple message of ‘lava pops’ appears on his screen, whether he personally heard them or not.

Dream is best known for his vibrant green smiley face skin, as shown above.

The series contains multiple wars and warring factions. With so many familiar faces taking part in this YouTube series, it’s something that every viewer of Dream, TommyInnit, Georgenotfound, Sapnap, WilburSoot, and more should watch and stay up to date with.

image via Youtube.

Dream currently does not have a server available for the public to play on, and it is unknown if he has one in the works.

The seed used for the DreamSMP server is: 5826025064014972987.

He maintained a spot on the Minecraft speedrunning leaderboards for quite a while until the recent scandal. The leaderboard moderators decided that his run was too lucky and suspected he was cheating.

Dream does still maintain a leaderboard position for his speedrun of 1.14, however, with a score of 32 minutes.

image via Wifies, youtube.

This smiley face has become a major marketing tool and the staple icon of his brand. The faceless YouTuber always appears with a smiley face mask on if he appears in any videos in real life.

In the year 2020 alone, Minecraft YouTuber DreamWasTaken could skyrocket in the media from only a couple hundred thousand subscribers to approximately 14 million.

Before 2020, typing ‘dream’ into google would bring up different articles about what dreams mean, categorize dreams, etc. Now, however, the top-most searched link for ‘dream’ is the fastest growing Minecraft Youtuber.

As of now, Dream has over 1.3 billion views. His top Minecraft video has over 60 million views.

Dream, also known as Dreamwastaken or Clay, is one of the fastest-growing YouTubers.

His top-most viewed video is currently the finale video of his ‘Speedrunner vs 3 Hunters’ grand finale video, totaling over 60 million views in only five months.

What settings does Dream use?

So far, he has climbed to a total of four hunters following him, and he has still been able to complete the game without dying. The series is expected to continue with more hunters until it becomes impossible for him to complete the game.

Dream’s main Minecraft channel was officially opened in 2014, but he only began gaining subscribers in late 2019.

Dream is known specifically for two seeds on Minecraft, his 1.14 speedrun seed and the DreamSMP seed.

As one of the fastest-growing YouTubers ever known in the history of Youtube, it makes sense why there’s a massive influx of people wanting to know more about him, how he plays, and more.

There is an entire scripted series containing the world’s players that can be found over multiple YouTuber’s accounts, including TommyInnit, WilburSoot, and many more.

Players can download the skin here using NameMC.com.

The seed for his 1.14.4 leaderboard run is: 3120588097038515178.

Dream also frequently streams his speedrunning attempts but has stated that he will no longer be submitting any speedrunning attempts to the leaderboards since the speedrunning cheating scandal.

The other seed that Dream is known for is his 1.14 speedrun leaderboard seed. With this seed, he scored a 32-minute long run, making him an official speedrunner.

The most notable and important settings that Dream uses while speedrunning are using ‘r’ for sprint, ‘f’ for F5, and ‘c’ for swapping his items to his offhand.

Dream also frequently has his captions on, which can be turned on using the accessibility settings menu. This is done so that he can figure out which audio comes from which direction.

He is best known for his ‘Speedrunner vs Hunter’ videos, which showcase his skills in the game as he tries to defeat the Ender Dragon while several other skilled players hunt him down, intending to kill him.

The DreamSMP server, which is frequented by various Minecraft content creators, including Tommy, Tubbo, Wilbur, Technoblade, Schlatt, Karl, Quackity, and more, is not available for the public to access. If players outside of that inner circle were to find the server, there is still a whitelist feature to prevent players from joining without being invited.

This is an extensive guide for who Dream is, what he does, what skin and settings he uses, and more.

Corn – It’s difficult to grow corn when surrounded by hungry birds and beasts, but a good year will yield enough to enjoy fresh, roasted, steamed, ground, popped, decoratively, and more. For something a little different, look for Earth Tones (a beautiful dent corn), and Pennsylvania Dutch Butter Flavored Popcorn (the hands-down best popcorn in the universe).

Beans – Pole beans, bush beans, runner beans, shell beans, green beans, yellow beans, purple beans, soup beans, wax beans, haricots verts, oh my! I have definitely tried my share of bean varieties over the years, and I’ve learned that one could spend an entire lifetime trialing a new bean every year. So many colors and patterns to choose from, it’s easy to get boggled looking at beans in a catalog. But try the interesting ones anyways – like Red Noodle, Drabo, and Dragon’s Tongue – and have fun.

Dahlias – The tubers of this gorgeous flower are edible – so consider planting a cultivar selected for table qualities – and beautify your garden.

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Ashwagandha – This herb from the nightshade family grows a root that is used for its adaptogenic properties similar to ginseng.

Basil – Nowadays there are many cultivars with a dazzling array of many shapes, colors, and aromas. My favorite basil, Mrs. Burns’ Lemon, looks absolutely amazing interplanted with other basils such as Purple Ruffles, Spicy Bush, and lettuce leaf varieties. Don’t forget Genovese basil for the best pesto on the planet.

Asparagus – If you have a sunny, weed-free, fertile patch of soil, try planting Purple Passion asparagus.

Beets – If you can grow beets, the cultivar Chioggia is delicious and pretty with its bullseye pattern of pink and white when sliced.

As the wind whips through the drifting snow, I snuggle up by the wood stove with a warm cup of tea and a seed catalog. Each year there’s something new, along with seeds tried and true.

With imagination running wild, I run my highlighter through the pages, highlighting the objects of desire until the ink runs dry. Flipping through the pages with great enthusiasm and stars in my eyes, I pause to envision my garden brimming with the results of planting these seeds.

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Since this is a good time of year to plan a garden and order seeds, let’s look at some possibilities we’ll find in catalogs. In this series, we’ll examine an “A to Z of Possibilities” wish list ranging from easy-to-grow things I’d never go without, and a few more that leave me intrigued. If you have any suggestions or thoughts on what’s on your dream garden wish list, feel free to leave a comment on our website or Facebook page, or send me a message to my brand new email address: EmilyCates@townline.org.

Carrots – Carrots of today are available in a wide range of beautiful colors. Though they are sometimes a challenge to grow in my clay-based soil, the ones that do well are especially delicious after a frost. Try a seed packet of mixed colors and plant something exciting.

Cilantro – Either you love it or hate it. Whether or not it tastes like the essential ingredient of a superb salsa – or dish soap – will determine whether or not it will be planted in your garden plot.

Happy searching for dream seeds!

Cucumbers – I find the specialty cukes to be fabulous, especially Boothby’s Blonde, Poona Kheera, and the round Lemon cucumber. I’m also intrigued with Mexican Sour Gherkin, a cucumber-like plant that produces fruits that taste refreshingly like they were already pickled. (This I keep intending to try, hopefully I’ll get around to it this year.) Let me know your experience with it.

Arugula – Probably my favorite salad or braising green, its nutty, peppery crunch always makes me happy. Oftentimes it self-sows for an encore performance.

Eggplant – Even if you’re not a fan of eggplant, its fruit grows in so many eye-catching colors that it might deserve a spot to be admired.

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