don t let weeds grow around your dreams

Maybe that sounds brutal. But most weeds are aggressive and invasive, and left unchecked, they’ll crowd out desirable plants. Even after you pull them, you can’t toss them in a compost pile, because any seeds that have already formed can sprout. It’s not a good idea to leave them on top of the soil, either, thinking they’ll wither. An unexpected rain or some runoff from your hose can wash dirt over them, and they’ll stage a comeback.

Make this garden chore fly by with these simple tricks.

Be sure you pull up weeds by their roots, and don’t just yank out the leaves. They can re-grow if even small pieces of their roots remain.

Photo by Lynn Coulter.

Photo by: Photo by Lynn Coulter.

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You’ve probably heard the saying that weeds are simply plants that grow where they’re not wanted. Maybe somebody—somewhere—tolerates weeds, but most of us want to rip them out of our lawns and gardens and toss them in the sun to die.

Remember: Weeds are survivors by nature, so don’t be afraid to fight dirty. Try our tips to make the chore of weeding fly by.

Weed Control.

To dream of walking over weeds Walking over weeds in a dream means that you are not afraid of changes. You are someone who likes challenges and always chooses the more difficult path to success. Your friends are often telling you that you are making a mistake by taking a detour when you can take a shortcut. However, they don’t understand how much you enjoy discovering new things and dealing with challenges or situations that you have never had the chance to face before. You might achieve your goal slower than other people, but that doesn’t mean that you will not be successful at what you do.

To dream about eating weeds Eating weeds in a dream means that you will experience an adventure. You will probably decide to do something that you have been fantasizing about for a long time, but you are afraid of getting out of your comfort zone. That can be an interesting trip on which you will find out the meaning of the word adrenaline. If you love extreme sports, there is a chance that you will try jumping out of a plane with a parachute, climbing a mountain, or swimming with sharks. Anyhow, that will be a great experience that you will remember for the rest of your life.

To dream of cutting weeds If you are dreaming of cutting weeds, that is a sign that you will cut some people out of your life. You will realize that they have a negative effect on your mental health and that you feel bad and exhausted after hanging out with them. Since you need positive energy in your life to have enough strength to overcome some obstacles now, you will distance yourself from those who can’t transfer it to you. That will be one of the best decisions you have made in life.

Definition of weeds.

To dream of cooking weeds A dream in which you are cooking weeds symbolizes fear of poverty. You are someone who doesn’t let themselves be without money. You would rather do any kind of a job and have enough for yourself than be poor. Because of it, you don’t understand people who are perfectly capable of working but don’t want to because it is easier for them to live at someone else’s expense. You always try to have something aside for emergencies, which is why friends often ask you to lend them money.

To dream about other people getting entangled in weeds If you see someone else getting stuck in weeds, it means that you will end up in trouble because of other people. Other people’s recklessness, irresponsibility, or laziness will put you in a situation where you will have to get yourself out of trouble. There is a chance that a colleague from work will blame you for the mistake they have made, and you will not be able to cope with that situation the best way. Instead of refusing to snitch on them, it would be best that you tell the truth to your superiors. There is no reason to be a scapegoat because of someone’s stupidity and neglect.

To dream of a field covered in weeds A field covered in weeds means that you should go back to a project you have recently given up on. You have had an idea and a plan on how to put it into action. However, something has made you neglect that and turn to something else. Now might be the right time to dedicate your attention to it again because your chances of success are higher this time.

To dream of cultivating weeds When you are dreaming of cultivating weeds, it means that you will make your life complicated. There is a chance that you will be forced to choose between two evils, and you will decide to take the lesser one. However, such an attitude will come across judgment and malicious comments from people who believe that your bad intentions stand behind all of that.

To dream of other people eating weeds If you are dreaming of someone else eating weeds, it means that you have let prejudices affect your life. There is a chance that you have perceived some people as bad even before you have met them, or you have said that you don’t like something although you have never tried it. You are too young to miss opportunities to meet new and interesting people or experience beautiful moments because of prejudices.

To dream of a family property covered in weeds If you see your family property covered in weeds, that is a sign that you worry about your descendants. There is a chance that your kids or grandkids have some problems that you can’t help them with. For younger people, this dream symbolizes the need to settle down next to their loved ones and start a family that will be their oasis of peace.

To dream of other people cultivating weeds If you see someone else cultivating weeds in a dream, it means that you should find balance in your life. You have started exaggerating in everything, and you are not sure anymore if you are doing it because you want to or because that is the way you should do things. You are making some people angry with your behavior, which will make you realize who are your true friends and who is with you just because they have some benefits from it. Finding balance is a long process that can even last for the rest of your life, and if you don’t start working on it now, you will never know where you have been making mistakes until now.

To dream of other people cooking weeds When you see someone else cooking weeds in a dream, there is a chance that you want to hide a past sin or keep the secret that a loved one confided in you. Your consciousness is probably restless because of it sometimes, but then you realize that people do far worse things and try to get that out of your mind. You will probably take that secret to the grave with you, but deep down you will still know that what you are doing is wrong.

To dream of a house covered in weeds A house covered in weeds is a symbol of nostalgia, sorrow, and depression in dreams. There is a chance that you are miserable because you don’t live in your hometown or because you are not with the people you love. People who had to leave their homeland because of college, work, or a better life often have these dreams. Even though you have everything now that you could have only dreamt about in the past, you can’t say that you are truly happy.

To dream about other people plucking weeds This dream means that someone is meddling in your life and in a relationship with a loved one. There is a chance that people close to your partner believe that you are not good enough for them, and they are trying to prove that. Instead of letting you live your life, they are constantly criticizing you and gossiping about you. All of that will certainly affect your relationship or marriage negatively, and you will have to be truly patient and ready to put in a lot of effort to save that relationship and deal with them.

To dream about a castle covered in weeds A castle covered in weeds in a dream is a warning to watch out for your behavior toward your loved ones. It seems that money, success, or fame have changed you so much that your true friends are running away from you. You don’t want to accept the fact that you have changed, which is why you are often arguing with the people who are warning you of that. Think well about everything, and you will realize that you can’t be satisfied if you achieve everything in life but have no one to share that with.

To dream of plucking weeds Dreaming of plucking weeds means that you will end your marriage or relationship. We are probably talking about a relationship that only brings you trouble, which is why you will make a decision that is best for you. It will not be easy to do that at any moment, and the thought that you will stay alone for the rest of your life will torment you, but you will realize that you would rather go through that than judge yourself for something that makes you feel bad.

To dream of weeds If you see weeds in a dream, that is a warning that you will argue with relatives. There is a chance that the cause of the argument will be the division of property because everyone will believe that they have the right to it. This situation will make you see each other as enemies and forget about the love and respect that you have felt before.

To dream of an animal eating weeds If you see a goat, for example, grazing weeds, that symbolizes good investments. You will probably spend the money you have at the moment the right way.

The meanings of dreams can be a lot more trivial. If you have recently seen or plucked weeds, that has made an impression on you.

To dream about other people cutting weeds A dream in which you see someone else cutting weeds means that you will listen to a piece of advice from a loved one and start changing yourself. You will start small to realize that your whole lifestyle has changed over time. You will worry less and deal with stressful situations more easily. You will perceive that as a part of the process of learning to enjoy the life that is too short for nervousness, fears, and worries.

To dream of getting entangled in weeds Getting entangled in weeds in a dream means that you are complicating your life. You simply can’t make some things or chores easier for yourself or look at problems from another, more positive perspective. You see problems and negativity in everything, which makes you miss your chances to be happy. If you changed your outlook on things in life, you would realize that you have many things to look forward to and a lot of reasons to think of yourself as a happy and successful person.

To dream of other people walking on weeds When you see someone else walking on weeds, it means that you will feel sorry for someone and their life story and decide to do everything you can to help them. You will probably start a charity or some other way of getting help, and after you see what you have managed to achieve, you will realize that doing things like that is actually your life mission. Such projects will become a part of your everyday life.

The most important piece of advice we can give you when it comes to weed control…

Make no mistake, weeds are stealthy. To the unfamiliar eye, they often look similar to the new growth of plants you actually want in your garden, growing and establishing their roots practically incognito.

Annual and biennial weeds are easier to remove. A good mulch layer will blot out annual weeds. Hand pulling annual weeds is quite easy, since destroying the root system near the soil’s surface will do the job in preventing regrowth.

Annual Weeds vs. Perennial Weeds vs. Biennial Weeds.

The weeds below will try to creep into your summer garden.

This means your garden WILL keep you busy! But enjoying the literal and metaphorical fruit of your work is well worth the weed-whacking and root digging.

Perennial weeds are more difficult. To remove perennial weeds, you can’t just pull the top of the plant up and call it a day. You’ll need to dig around the plant and remove the deep root systems in their entirety to prevent regrowth.

Below are the most common warm season and cool season weeds. These are weeds most common in the southeast, and the ones that we deal with the most often at Stoney Creek Farm.

In the cool season weeds and warm season weeds sections, I’ve included links to two guides from the Tennessee Ag Extension that include photos of each weed for easy identification.

Perennial weeds go dormant in the winter, like a dozing bear in hibernation, only to reemerge the next year, ready to cause mayhem in your garden.

Warm Season vs. Cool Season Weeds.

Not all weeds prosper year-round. Nope, you have to watch out for different types of weeds during different seasons.

Biennial weeds are a bit like annuals, only with a longer life cycle. They grow in the first year, then flower and drop seeds in the second year before dying. An example of a biennial weed is red clover or musk thistle.

Do NOT let the weed go to seed! Then you’ll have an out-of-control weedy mess on your hands. Avoid this by removing weeds the moment they come up.

Annual weeds grow from seeds that have germinated from the previous year. Annual weeds grow, flower, drop seeds, then die. Ah, the circle of life.

Identify these cool season weeds visually.

Whether you are a new or seasoned garden, understanding the differences between annual and perennial weeds, as well as learning to identify the common weeds in your area, will make your life as a gardener much easier.

There are two types of perennial weeds: simple perennials and spreading perennials. Simple perennials (like dandelions) grow singly, whereas spreading perennials (like yellow nutsedge) send out running roots under the soil. New plants are able to grow from these runners. Because of this, spreading perennials need to be nipped in the bud ASAP. Otherwise, you risk spreading perennials taking over your beloved garden.

At Stoney Creek Farm, weeds are always trying to stake their claim over our spring and summer gardens.

Watch out for these weeds in your spring gardens.

They ransack your food and flowers. They ruin a perfectly good landscape. They try to steal your gardening dreams. They appear to rise from the dead.