devil’s lemons seeds

That's what makes liberty's reward program the best IMO. I've gotten 4 -dollar 1/8ths since I got my card. cheapest was $41 (total) for a qtr of sour papaya that was straight up 🔥.

Those hairs are as orange as the label on the container!

Looks like you got a nice eighth! 🙂

Looks way better than the one I got.

I tried this strain a couple months ago, had a quarter. I thought it was pretty good, but most of my buds were small pieces.

i smoke that strain to much. the place by my house has terrapin as there main supplier and its cheaper so I got a couple of 1/8s of that. I'm about to try this 31% African Thai.

The Yellow Devil’s Tongue pepper is the perfect pepper to round our collection of Super Hots. This hard to find variety has done well in our test gardens. The Devil’s tongue is a member of the Habanero family and looks identical to the Fatali. Their flavors and heat are amazing to use for relishes, salsas, sauces, and pepper powder as it has a similar heat to the Habanero but the Devil’s Tongue chili is sweeter and fruitier. Not only is this pepper HOT but it has a hint of lemon and citrus flavor as well. We made a killer pepper relish with it.

The Yellow Devil’s Tongue pepper plant will grow to around 4 feet tall and is very prolific. The plant will produce a ton of 3-4 inches peppers, and the wrinkly chilis will ripen from green to a bright yellow with curvy shapes and pointed ends.