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The LED lamp is also very energy efficient, it uses around 3.8kWh per month which is almost less than 1% of most users monthly energy consumption.

Accelerating the plant growth can interrupt the plants natural process to flower and produce more, so this should be done with care.

LED lights are also a lot cooler than various other bulbs, meaning that your plats are less likely to burn if the light is not moved in time. However, you will need to make sure the plants don’t make direct contact with the bulbs.

Whilst you can technically grow as many plants as you want, Click & Grow as of writing this, boast an impressive 63 different seeds. From Yellow Sweet Peppers to Dwarf Pea Pods and even French Marigolds.

This also means you can keep it on over night and have your plants grow by natural sun light during the day to accelerate to growth speed.

How long do the Click and Grow lights last?

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As the Click and Grow lights are LEDs, these will last on average around 7 years, this is due to the reptitive and consistant use.

Whilst you are restricted for the most part to the Plant Pods that Click & Grow offers, they do offer quite a large range of plants. The Experimental Plant Pods are a great way of growing any left over seeds you have from your local gardening store purchase, but they may not hold up to the same standard!

This list of seeds is constantly growing, in 2019 they had just over 40 seeds. To make things even better, you’re not restricted to their ecosystem if you don’t wish to be, you can infact make your own soil pods to add your own seeds!

This depends on the setup you have, the Click and Grow lights your plants for approximately 16 hours a day, which means most plants take 3 weeks to fully grow produce.

Whilst this isn’t something I’ve done due to the law in my country, I can confirm this is possible. This thread shows various users of the Click and Grow community growing weed with great success.

There is one downfall, but this is the same as any of the Click and Grow products, you will need to repot the plantonce it’s grown. Unfortunately, the Click and Grow is short term equaling around 6 months for most plants before they need replanting.

How many plants can you grow with Click & Grow?

How long does a Click and Grow take?

I have been thinking of getting a smart grow box but the ones available for Cannabis all seem quite expensive. I was looking at the Click and Grow but I can't seem to be able to find any stories of people that done it in the past with this machine. That leaves me wondering, is it possible to grow Cannabis in the click and grow?

Hi everyone, as you may know, Canada has recently legalized the recreational use of Cannabis. That means that Canadian such as myself are now allowed to have and grow their own weed.

I think it's pretty good for starting at least, the lamp is decent and the experimental pods they have are a nice medium for the seeds. Later on the height might start posing a problem but I think they have the option to get extra extensions.

AeroGarden Farm.

Leaf looks something like a mini-fridge, with sufficient space inside to grow plenty of pot. The device is decked out with an air control system, water sensing system, humidity sensor, oxygen enrichment system, and more. Control Leaf from your smartphone via its app, and follow instructions for precise planting and marijuana management. Peek in on your plants via the HD camera built-in, watching them grow under LED bulbs — all the light they need to grow. Leaf is currently in pre-order, with a $300 deposit, and $2,690 then due at shipping.

If you're looking to expand the kind of herbs you grow, and add some marijuana to your home grown farm, smart planters are worth considering. Great for helping flowers, lettuce and thyme bloom, these containers are also particularly good for helping your pot plants take root just as well. Once you're sure your state is down with some cannabis cultivation, these 6 planters can give you a head start on having a little — or big — crop of your own.


Seedo is set to ship this September, but you can pre-order and get your seeds ready in time for shipping. Another mini-fridge-style device, this one comes with a starter kit including an air filter, carbon dioxide bottles, liquid nutrition, and a tray that holds up to five plants. Pair your Seedo with the smartphone app for a fully automatic pot-growing gadget that is easy to use, even for beginners. The app gives details as to how your plants are progressing, and more importantly, when they're ready for harvesting. Seedo, priced at $2,400, can be pre-ordered with a $499 deposit.

With an HG camera inside, you can watch your pot plants as they grow in the Leaf planter Leaf.

You can use an app to lock and open the Cloudponics grower GearBrain.

Run the AeroGarden through its app, or through Amazon's voice assistant Alexa AeroGarden.



Niwa wants to help you take the guess work out of germinating, and is one of the most affordable options on our list. With a Wi-Fi connection and the paired app, this internet-connected garden can control its own climate, light and watering, using hydroponics to efficiently grow your marijuana. You can even watch your plants grow through the clear class exterior. The Niwa One Standard costs $379, while the Niwa One Premium with an aluminum finish is $429.


Bring the farm indoors with AeroGarden Farm. With this modern machine, AeroGarden promises your plants will grow five times faster than when planted outdoors in soil. The sleek design, touch screen panel, and Wi-Fi connectivity make this indoor grower smart and sophisticated. Control it by app or through Amazon Echo, and grow your pot up to 24" high. The timed LED lights mean that no sunlight is required, and handy reminders via app alert you as to when to add water or provide plant food. AeroGarden offers a variety of growers at an array of price points, with some at $600, so check out their website for other options.

In pre-orders, Seedo ships with liquid nutrition, an air filter and carbon dioxide bottles Seedo.

Long and sleek, Grobo won't compromise your living space. The design is meant to be energy efficient, and you can follow your pot's progress via the app or on your desktop computer. Grobo's sensors send data by app, so you know how your plants are holding up as they're hidden away. From pH levels to temperature, Grobo manages to keep your plants at their peak — all you need is a Wi-Fi connection and some starter seeds. The planter starts at $1,799 for the Grobo Solid and $1,999 for Grobo Premium which has a see-through door.

Sensors inside Grobo, deliver data via a Wi-Fi connection to its app Grobo.


Cloudponics is designed like a cabinet, but what's happening inside is not what you'd normally find behind typical cabinet doors. This app-enabled pot-growing device works with coco, soil, or hydroponics, allowing for trial and error or just a variety of options. Get hands-on app data on nutrient dosing, pH balance, climate, and more, even lock and open your device from the app, ensuring no one else gets inside. GearBrain wrote about Cloudponics last year, including some additional gear you'll need for a complete set-up, so read up before buying. While Cloudponics is currently sold out, you can enter your email in the shopping section of the Cloudponics site to be notified when the $2,690 grower is available again.