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Cannabis sativa plants will grow tall and thin. They take longer to mature than indica plants. Sativa plants tend to have bigger yields than indica plants. Indica plants are shorter and more bush-shaped and tend to produce fewer buds than sativa plants.

Another thing to consider, especially if you are a novice grower, is that indicas take less time to mature than sativas. Indicas are considered a hardier plant that can withstand more stress so they are more forgiving to novice growers who tend to make a few mistakes on their trial run.

Think about the effects that you would like your cannabis to have when consumed. There are two main categories of cannabis – indica and sativa. Sativas produce an energetic, creative feeling in users. Indicas reduce anxiety and inflammation but often leaves users feeling tired.

Choose Your Benefits.

So you’ve decided you want to grow cannabis. One of the most important and earliest decisions you’ll make is which seeds to use. A good seed contains the essential ingredients for a healthy, potent plant. Learning how to choose cannabis seeds doesn’t have to be complicated – learn the basic facts here.

Healthy marijuana seeds are dark brown, black, or some combination of both. We’d recommend you don’t use green seeds. Green seeds usually aren’t yet mature enough to sprout. Both bigger and smaller seeds will work. Indica seeds tend to be bigger-sized than sativa seeds. Another way indica and sativa seeds differ is in their patterns. Seeds that are brown and black are most likely indica, while the seeds that are a single color are generally sativa.

For many years, people had to choose between the benefits of indica or sativa. But you can also grow hybrid plants, which blend the qualities of sativa and indica into one plant. Hybrids usually are dominant one way or the other – indica or sativa – but also produce the effects of the other kind of plant.

Don’t get overwhelmed. There are a lot of options when it comes how to choose cannabis seeds! The best way to learn is just to get started.

If you choose to purchase seeds, start with a cheaper strain. Expensive doesn’t always mean better. Some of the old faithful strains are very potent. More complicated, newer, expensive hybrid strains can flop more easily. You don’t want to have spent too much money on seeds for your first plants. Choose a strain that people have been growing abundantly for many years so your first grow cycle is as problem-free as possible.

Seeds should be kept in a cool, dark, dry place. Do not expose seeds to sunlight or they may sprout. Do not expose seeds to moisture or they may sprout as well. Seeds should be stored at room temperature. Exposing the seeds to extreme cold or heat could damage the seed so that it can never be used.

Seeds are only produced by female cannabis plants after a male plant pollinates them. To grow your own seeds you will need the female plants that produce the seeds, as well as a male plant to fertilize the female plants. It’s as simple as placing the male plant near the female plant you want to fertilize. Seeds will appear in about 4-6 weeks. This can be a complicated process, with a lot of uncertainty, so many people choose to purchase feminized seeds instead.

How to Spot a Healthy Seed.

Whether you grow your seeds or purchase them, you should take a few precautions to keep them safe until you are ready to grow them. If done correctly, you can store marijuana seeds for several years and still use them to grow healthy cannabis plants.

Seeds can be male or female, but most people only want to grow female seeds. Why? Because female plants are the plants that produce buds. Most seed companies sell “regulars,” which contain male and female seeds. However, they also offer only female seeds, referred to as feminized seeds. There is a big price difference between the two, but its worth it to spend the extra money to make sure that you are working with feminized seeds so that you do not waste your resources growing male plants that don’t produce the results you want.

Want more information on how to choose cannabis seeds and more business tips? Check out the resources provided on our blog or podcast!

Male vs. Female: Does it Matter?

Find a cannabis seed company that you have confidence in. These days it’s easy to google a seed variety to find grow reviews. Many of the larger seed companies will be present on the grow forums and should have plenty of strain reviews on the internet. Dutch Passion have hundreds of grow reviews in the blog section of the website, it’s searchable and you can see the results that can be achieved with the best genetics.

These days the market for cannabis seeds is dominated by two main categories. Photoperiod feminized seeds and autoflower seeds . Autoflower seeds grow from seed to harvest in around 10-11 weeks indoors using a 20/4 light schedule. That means 20 hours of light followed by 4 hours of darkness. Some seeds, including the Dutch Passion autoflower varieties, can also be grown under 24 hour light from seed to harvest. Photoperiod feminized seeds have to be forced into bloom by reducing light to 12/12. This means they need 12 hours of light followed by 12 hours of darkness in order to bloom, and the bloom process usually takes around 8-10 weeks. You can expect great potency levels from good quality seeds whether they are autoflowering seeds or traditional photoperiod feminized. These days most of the autoflower seeds are feminized rather than regular.

Typically around 97% of seeds are feminized seeds , that means that they will grow into mature female cannabis plants. Regular seeds will give rise to male and female plants in roughly equal numbers. Feminized seeds were first created in the 1990’s by Dutch Passion and have become the most popular way to grow cannabis. Regular seeds are still used by breeders and some old-school growers, but most growers don’t want to use their space, nutrients and electricity to grow unwanted male plants. For that reason regular cannabis seeds have become less popular over the years. However, Dutch Passion still maintain one of the largest collections of regular seeds with around 15 varieties available as regular seeds. Many seed companies don’t offer any regular seeds, and only sell feminized seeds. There are no differences in quality or potency between feminized and photoperiod seeds.

In many countries, especially those with cool climates, people prefer to grow cannabis indoors. This is a cheap and easy way to grow cannabis, you can buy the grow tent, extraction fan, carbon filter and lights easily from your local grow shop or online. A budget grow room can be set up for a couple of hundred euros, and you can save even more money by buying some of your equipment second hand. Growers in warm countries often prefer to grow their cannabis outdoors, on their terrace, their garden or in the local countryside. The following blog gives useful information about growing cannabis easily outdoors . This blog explains how to grow weed easily indoors . The Dutch Passion outdoor seed collection features some varieties that have been selectively bred for growth outdoors in Dutch-style climates.

Most varieties of cannabis are rich in THC, THC gives the psychoactive high that is so popular with recreational and medical cannabis users. THC ensures a pleasurable cerebral experience, but it also delivers valuable medical benefits for medical cannabis growers. In recent years new varieties have been created are are also rich in CBD. CBD is especially valued by medical growers who find it can be helpful with symptoms of some illnesses, such as MS, Crohns disease and some chronic pain issues. CBD rich varieties can offer a smoother, more enjoyable high, sometimes with a less intense psycho active effect and an improved body stone. But many recreational cannabis growers are also starting to notice that CBD rich varieties give them a superior, more rounded smoking experience. CBD rich varieties also tend to have higher levels of some of the other minor cannabinoids such as THCV, CBG etc. For many home growers, the wider the cannabinoid spectrum, the better the final smoke/vape.

Choosing the best cannabis seed company.

Choosing the best cannabis seeds can be confusing because there are so many to choose from. As well as the established seed companies there are lots of small, new seed banks. The choice can be overwhelming and it can be difficult to know where to start. Before you can decide on the best cannabis seeds, you first need to ask yourself a few questions about your own growing and smoking/vaping preferences.

The most expensive cannabis seeds are not necessarily the best. Focus your research on the seed variety that you think will suit you best. Don’t worry too much about the price, your time is better spent looking for grow reviews on the best performing genetics. At the same time, don’t try to cut corners on seed pricing, the cost of your seeds is one of the less expensive parts of your grow but the genetics have the greatest influence on the final harvest quality.

Feminized photoperiod seeds or autoflower seeds.

Indoor cannabis seeds or outdoor cannabis seeds.

Whether you choose to grow indoor or outdoor pretty much comes down to where you live, and whether you’re prepared to put in a little extra effort. In terms of making it easier for yourself, indoor is definitely the way to go. It allows you much greater control over the environment in which your plants are growing, but it does have drawbacks. Namely the initial cost of setting up, and the future costs of electricity and what your increased energy usage might be doing to the planet.

So keep it cheap, for now. Get a few practice runs under your belt and you’ll be moving on to the high grade in no time.

If you’ve taken on board what I said in point number 1, and are now scouring the web for the cheapest strains available, you’re going to need to slow down. It’s not quite as simple as that.

But if you’re not specifically in need of a sativa, your best bet is to play it safe with an indica. You can always mix things up a little in future grows.

One of the first things you’ll notice is that some strains are labelled ‘feminised,’ whilst others are called ‘ regulars.’ Regardless of how tempted you are by the often low prices of regular seeds, I wouldn’t recommend going for them for your first grow. You want to keep potential problems to a minimum, and one of the easiest ways of doing that is by paying a little extra for the piece of mind of knowing that your plants are all going to be females.


This one is a little trickier, and depends on your circumstances to some extent. The accepted wisdom is that indicas are a safer bet for novice growers, due in large part to their shorter flowering time. When you’re new to the game, it can already seem like it takes forever to grow, harvest, dry, and cure your buds to a point where they’re ready to be consumed, so adding on the extra time needed for a sativa to flower is not generally considered a good idea. If nothing else, more time spent growing means more time for things to go wrong.

Armed with this information, you should now be able to make an informed decision about which seeds are right for you. But remember, this is just a guide, and will by no means guarantee success. You might also choose to ignore me, which is entirely up to you, especially if you have money to burn and a soft spot for American hybrids that cost a fortune and are only available as regulars.

Once you’ve made a decision on where you want to grow, you will have narrowed down your choice of seeds somewhat. Certain strains are better suited to outdoor growing – these are usually the more traditional, landrace varieties from the Middle East, Africa, and the Himalayas – whilst more modern hybrids have usually been developed for indoor growing. That’s not to say you can’t switch them around, but it’s a good rule of thumb, which you need when you’re just starting out. Once again, you can always experiment later.

A third option is to go for autoflowering seeds. These are a relatively new phenomenon, and can be a great option for a novice grower as they combine pretty much everything you’re looking for in a plant – they’re usually fairly cheap, feminised, and indica dominant, and are extremely forgiving. They’ll grow pretty much anywhere, and quickly.

This is important. It can be sorely tempting (especially if you have money in your pocket) to buy the most expensive seeds on the market. After all, if they’re more expensive they’re bound to be better, right? Well, not necessarily, especially if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Indicas are also generally more forgiving of mistakes than sativas, and as I keep mentioning, you are likely to make a few. But having said that, it may well be that your choice depends on your needs. Not everyone likes the couch lock effect that is associated with indica dominant strains, and some need sativas for medical reasons, so to some extent this is down to you.

When you’re starting out, it’s best to leave the top shelf strains to the experts, at least for your first crop. You need to remember that, no matter how much research and reading you’ve done, you are not an expert, not when you haven’t even got one crop under your belt. There are many things that can go wrong, and even the best growers still experience problems like pests, or mould. It’s going to be a lot more painful to lose a crop you paid £12 per seed for than one that cost you £20 for 5 or 10 seeds.

The last thing you want is to not notice a male plant in your grow, and to find after weeks (if not months) of hard work, that he has ruined everything for you.

The downside is that the plants they produce will be smaller, and will therefore yield far less bud. Again, this does come down to personal preference. My advice would be that if you’re a recreational user experimenting with growing your own supply, autoflowers are a great place to start. But if you’re a medical user, or just need a large yield, they’re probably not for you.

So you’re new to growing cannabis? If you’re looking for your first strain, the choice can be overwhelming. Back in the day (or so I’m told) you had essentially two options – Skunk, or Northern Lights – but these days, things have moved on somewhat. There are a mind-blowing number of strains available, and many potential pitfalls that you, as a novice, are likely to run into. But with the right advice you should be able to avoid most if not all of them. Just remember, your first attempt will not be perfect. So don’t panic if and when something goes wrong.

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At the end of the day, it’s your choice, but the important thing to remember is that even with all the planning in the world, things can – and probably will, at some point – go wrong. Don’t despair when they do, there’s always next time, and practice does indeed make perfect.

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