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We are a Dutch seed company specialized in the USA genetics of the world’s most known best quality exotic cannabis strains like Gelato#33 (Larry Bird cut), Zkittlez, Wedding Crasher, Gorilla Glue aka GG#4, Bruce Banner or Duct Tape just to name a few !

What is an Indica cannabis plant? Read our blog to get more info about indica cannabis plants. Indica cannabis strains have originated on the Asian subcontinent and Afghanistan. In 1785 French naturalist Jean-Baptiste Lamarck classified this type after receiving samples from India. He called the plant indica in dedication of the heritage the samples came from.

Why could it be that the US cannabis genetics are superior to the European? At this very moment the hottest spot for the crossbreeding , in-breeding and pheno-hunting for the most special weed is taking place in California (as well as Colorado, Oregon or other legal states). With its long history of it being the “grow-shed of the USA” Californians since decades had access to the most amazing strains of cannabis.

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U.S.A. cannabis genetics.

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1 teaspoon of vanilla bean caviar =1 tablespoon vanilla extract = 1 whole vanilla bean = 1 tablespoon vanilla bean paste = 1 tablespoon vanilla powder, it is just that simple.

The rich, buttery, creamy and pungent flavor notes of Madagascar vanilla is the staple in many kitchens worldwide and this vanilla bean caviar is no exception. Packed full of bourbon vanilla flavor, these caviar like vanilla seeds are an absolute turn key solution to scraping vanilla bean pods that are bursting with flavor. Try vanilla caviar from Madagascar today and stop wasting time scraping vanilla pods by hand.

Rich, sweet, buttery, Bourbon vanilla from Madagascar, known as the worlds favorite vanilla bean. Proudly offered for sale in easy to use and store vanilla bean seeds also known as vanilla caviar. Madagascar vanilla bean seeds are a great addition to any kitchen or pantry. Vanilla bean seeds from Madagascar can be used in direct unison with vanilla extract or as a complete replacement in any recipe that calls for vanilla, Madagascar vanilla beans, vanilla paste or other vanilla products.

Setting the benchmark standard when Buying Vanilla Beans, Madagascar Vanilla Bean Caviar.

If you prefer scarping vanilla beans yourself, head on over to our vanilla bean collection page where you will find a vast assortment of the worlds finest vanilla products that are hand picked by our teams of trained professionals.

How to use Vanilla Bean Caviar, an easy to follow guide:

If you have been cooking or baking for any amount of time, most chefs, professional cooks, and home bakers know Vanilla from Madagascar has long set the bar for other vanilla growing regions worldwide.