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More than 11,000 homes in British Columbia are without power and nearly all ferry services have been cancelled due to strong winds and heavy rain along the province’s South Coast, per CBC News. The storm, being referred to as a “bomb cyclone,” made landfall Sunday night, causing major power outages into Monday. Environment Canada has issued wind warnings for coastal Vancouver Island, Greater Victoria, the Sunshine Coast, the Gulf Islands and Metro Vancouver. Officials said there are unsure when they will be able to resume ferry services.

An intense winter storm with hurricane-force winds is expected to hit the Midwest on Wednesday. The bomb cyclone follows an active winter season where polar vortex winds created dangerous conditions throughout parts of the U.S.

This is thanks to winds escaping from the polar vortex.

Henson notes that these types of multi-latitude storms vary greatly year-to-year, saying, “There are some indications these storms have become stronger and more frequent across the Northern Hemisphere in the last 60 years, but there isn’t strong evidence of any major change in impacts along the U.S. East Coast.”

What is a bomb cyclone?

Are these atmospheric conditions as scary as their names make them sound? And are they normal?

It’s called a cyclone, a bomb cyclone, or a cyclone bomb. Or a weather bomb. Or bombogenesis.

It’s not the first time these conditions have hit the country.

Simply put: “It is winter. This happens.”

Why Niagara Falls Doesn't Freeze Solid.

After pressure plummets, air rushes in to fill the space between these two air masses, creating intense winds and strengthening the storm.

What is a polar vortex?

“The weather machine is going to respond to that,” he said in the video. “Just how, we don’t quite know yet.”

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s website, a bomb cyclone occurs when a “cold air mass collides with a warm air mass.” Cold arctic air colliding with warm ocean water is a common source of this collision.

What Is the Polar Vortex?

“Any areas that lose power due to heavy snow and strong winds will be vulnerable to intense cold,” says Henson, making conditions more dangerous for people at risk.

What about Nor’Easters?

When scientists talk about weather, they’re referring to day-to-day changes, and when they discuss changes to the Earth’s climate, they’re referring to changes over time.

It’s well known that climate change can influence weather. The effect is known to exacerbate natural disasters like hurricanes and wildfires, and warming Arctic regions may even be making U.S. winters colder.

The National Weather Service reported in 2018 that states in the path of this current bomb cyclone experienced hurricane-force winds, heavy snow, and flooding.

“What we simply have here is a strong trough in what we call the atmospheric longwave pattern, or, as some might say, there has been a strong southward excursion of the polar vortex,” said Serezze in a recent email to National Geographic.

Last year, it was so cold Niagara Falls partially froze. Bomb cyclones, polar vortexes, and arctic air masses blanketed the region. New England saw hurricane-force winds, Maine and Boston had blizzard warnings, and it snowed in Florida.

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