best strain of weed to grow for beginners

So here are five strains that are easy to grow for beginners: they grow strong, yield high, can grow in many different climates, and have a forgiving margin of error.

Its indica-dominant genetics means it usually grows short and stout, but it still gets solid yields and has dense buds. You’ll want to be sure to prune and top Wedding Cake to get rid of some of its foliage, for fear of it developing mold. This frosty strain is covered in trichomes and will be a sticky one in your garden, but its sweet citrusy smells with hints of vanilla make it a pleasure to grow.

This strain can handle many climates, both indoors and outdoors, but it can take a long time to flower—more like nine or ten weeks. Regardless, GMO Cookies is a new standard that packs a punch and brings some great savory scents to your garden.

Blue Dream.

Tried-and-true, Blue Dream is a classic and one of the most popular strains, for both consumers and growers. This cross of Blueberry and Haze originated in Northern California and is a dream to grow—it usually grows big and strong and has high yields of buds, likely a result of its sativa-dominant genetics. Be sure to scrog it to maximize yields.

A relative newcomer to the strain world, Wedding Cake is a Cookies cross that launched a whole new family of cake strains, such as Ice Cream Cake, LA Kush Cake, Cake Batter, and so much more.

This is a strong, sturdy plant that doesn’t need much attention, but be sure to give it plenty of space to stretch out—it grows tall, like parent Lemon Skunk. Scrogging always helps, but you’ll likely get solid yields even without it. SLH usually takes a little longer to flower, around nine weeks, another sign of its sativa roots, so you may need to be a little patient when waiting to harvest this one.

Growing weed is pretty easy, but some strains can be trickier to grow than others. Some are delicate and need a lot of attention or are prone to disease or mold, while others are sturdy and can handle missing a watering for a day or two. Also, certain strains have adapted to specific climates, so it might not make sense to grow one suited to warm weather if you live in a cold place.

Its sturdiness gives it a large margin of error when growing, in case you forget to water or give it nutrients, or give it too many nutrients for that matter. Blue Dream grows well in many different climates, both indoors and outdoors and can handle cold nights.

Sour OG is a great strain for beginners looking to grow something a little different. This OG Kush and Sour Diesel cross has a complex mix of scents—skunk, spice, and of course fuel, with some hints of pine and lemon.

Super Lemon Haze.

This cross of legendary Super Silver Haze and Lemon Skunk will definitely bring some lemon scents to your garden. Super Lemon Haze has some strong sativa in its genetics, so it likes slightly warmer climates with a little more humidity, but it is still versatile and can thrive in most places.

And to make things even easier, you may want to check out feminized or autoflower versions of them—feminized seeds don’t need to be sexed out to identify and get rid of pesky male plants; with autoflowers, you don’t have to worry about light changing, and you can harvest plants 2-3 months after seeds sprout.

Another relatively new strain, GMO Cookies will smell like nothing you’ve ever grown before—its nickname is “Garlic Cookies.” Crossing two classic strains, GSC and Chemdog, GMO has dense, sticky, light green buds with orange hairs and is a high yielder. Its trichome levels make it a good one for pressing your own hash.

The OG Kush genes come out in its dense buds, but it can take more humidity and does well when trellised or scrogged. Its got a moderate flowering time—about 8 weeks—yields well, and is a tough plant. If you’re looking for something a little more potent and with a unique flavor profile, Sour OG may be for you.

GMO Cookies.

The White Widow strain does best in sunny, warm weather. However, it adapts well to cooler climates. White Widow cannabis plants are generally ready for harvesting by the end of October. Successful outdoor crops result in high yields of 21 ounces or more per plant.

If you are looking specifically for a marijuana strain that thrives indoors or outdoors, then check out the ones we listed above. As an added bonus, we’ve included five more of our favorite top-shelf cannabis strains below that are great for starting points for novice growers. So, without further ado, here are, in our opinion, five of the easiest marijuana strains to cultivate.

Blackberry is a high potency (23% THC) marijuana strain that is neither indica-dominant nor sativa-dominant. Instead, it is a perfectly balanced hybrid that offers cannabis consumers the best of both worlds.

4. White Widow.

You will find that Cinex regularly grows in the PNW region. This fact means it is weather resistant and capable of thriving in a cool climate. It is even easy to trim!

Here are five of the easiest marijuana strains to grow indoors.

If you grow it outdoors, the return is 20 ounces per plant. It has a harvest date of late September or early October. If you decide to grow Green Crack outdoors, be wary of its capacity to stretch.

Please note that when we say a strain is sativa or indica, it is still a ‘hybrid’ of sorts. As far as experts are aware, there are no marijuana plants that are 100% indica or sativa.

Also known as Gorilla Glue #4, this 50/50 hybrid has an extremely high THC content of at least 25%. It provides you with an exceedingly powerful and euphoric high along with a strong aroma.

Another essential factor to consider is whether you will be growing indoors or outdoors. Depending on the marijuana strain, indoor cultivation can limit the number of cannabis plants that you can grow in a single harvest. Therefore, if you consume a lot of cannabis, why not try cultivating one of the strains in this article that provides growers with high yields.

5. LSD.

One possible issue with Green Crack is availability. It is only available in clone form, which means growers on the West Coast may find it hard to track it down. Its THC content ranges from moderate at 13% to high at 21%. The euphoric head high you’ll feel after using Green Crack will make all your hard work worth it!

For indoor growers, GG4 will provide up to 18 ounces per square meter, and its flowering time is 8-9 weeks. If you grow outdoors, it produces up to 21 ounces per plant with a harvest date of mid-October. GG4 also offers high resin production, making it a clear favorite for users looking to investigate the effects of concentrate. When it’s time for harvest, bring an extra pair of scissors because wet trimming clogs up the blades quickly.

Green Crack maintains the upbeat effects associated with sativas. However, its indica genetics ensure it offers a high yield of 18 ounces per square meter indoors. It also has a rapid flowering time of 7-9 weeks.

You may have read a few guides that suggest Dutch Treat offers high yields, but the reality is different. If you grow indoors, it will take 8-9 weeks for the strain to flower. However, its average return of 12 ounces per square meter planted is well below the rest of this list. Should you decide to grow outdoors, the yield is just eight ounces per plant on average. Dutch Treat is usually ready for harvest in late September.

2. Quick One Auto.

For some helpful tips for growing Durban Poison, check out our grow guide: 8 Tips for Growing Durban Poison [Grower’s Guide]

Remember, marijuana strains vary regarding color, potency, and flavor. Even when you find the right strain, there are a host of external factors to consider. Examples include flowering time, and whether the plants grow best inside or outside. You must also consider the temperature of your grow room, the amount of nutrients you have to provide, and the humidity of the environment.

GG4 is a cross of Sour Dubb, Chem’s Sister, and Chocolate Diesel. The strain has won numerous Cannabis Cup awards. Now, it is possible to grow it at home in states where cultivation is legal.

Outdoor growers can expect a return of 16 ounces per plant and to harvest by mid to late October.

Durban Poison plants grow tall and can reach up to 90 inches in height when fully grown, so it is better suited to outdoor than indoor cultivation.

If you do plan on growing some indoors, the GG4 is a great plant to test out ScrOG since it’s a particularly tall plant. Scrogging will let you take advantage of its fast flowering period that it received from its Sour Dubb parent.

Grow with the Sun.

Speaking of inherited characteristics, the Sour Dubb and the Chocolate Diesel are the two strains responsible for much of the GG4’s flavor – which is an earthy, woody taste that has a hint of coffee and a chocolate aftertaste. These two strains are also responsible for the high THC content of GG4.

Grow Year Round.

Even now the GG4 is still regarded as one of the best og strains – and one of the best hybrid strains that growers would recommend to aspiring growers. This is because of how flexible it is since it can be raised both indoors and outdoor setups. It’s also fairly resilient as it can flourish even in sunny, warm climates.

Green Crack.

Growing Dutch Treats doesn’t require much effort, making it a staple choice among aspiring growers. Particularly its resilience towards climate conditions and high resistance to diseases make it one of the safest plants to start off with.

Besides giving you an easy experience in growing the Blue Dream’s yield also gives you an easy experience in the form of a full-body relaxation high with a calming stimulation that when paired together makes the it the best strain for pain relief.

Dutch Treats have this candy-like aroma to them which complements the effects they have on the consumer – giving them some relief from pain and helping them with depression, and stress joyful, by relaxing the body and making the smoker feel elated and euphoric.

In addition to all of that, the Green Cush has a complex flavor profile that many have taken a liking to. Its tangy and mango-like flavor is a hit even amongst experienced growers.

As its name, this strain is a treat to grow. Most growers enjoy how easy the Dutch Treat is to raise and love its dense and sticky buds that are like the GG4.

The GG4 is a unique hybrid strain being that instead of just having two parents; it has three: Chems Sister, Sour Dubble, and Chocolate Diesel. And by its traits alone, we can say that the GG4 has taken in all the best characteristics of its three parents without any of the badotherwise it wouldn’t have been able to win multiple Cannabis Cups in 2014 and 2015.

This is also why experienced growers also use a beginner strain like the Blue Dream and why they recommend it as one of the best strains for beginners.

Given the fact that the Dutch Treat is an Indica-dominant hybrid , it’s natural to prefer indoor hydroponics setups to increase their yield, but it should be noted that this sweet treat prefers a warm and dry climate to thrive.

Also more fondly known as Green Cush , this Sativa-dominant strain is a mix of Skunk #1 and an unknown sweet leaf Indica strain. This result resulted in a Sativa strain that can grow indoors and outdoors (like its Skunk #1 parent) with an improved yield and shorter flowering period.

What is the Best Strain of Weed for Beginners?

And we have compiled 5 of these best weed strains that are safe and easy to raise for aspiring growers , from the best Sativa strains to the best Indica strains that you can safely grow for recreational or medical purposes. Included in this article is a recommendation for a complete grow kit that contains all the essentials you need that will ensure you a healthy harvest.

A superstar Sativa strain born from the high-yielding and high THC Cinderella 99 with the intense euphoria giving and stress relieving Vortex. The Cinex is the perfect combination of the two parents, giving consumers the familiar feel-good qualities from the Cindy 99 and the medical benefits of the Vortex – making the Cinex the best strain for sleep. But for us, the most important factor is how easy it is to grow this strain.

But that’s not always ideal, especially for first-time growers. This is why breeders have created easy-to-grow strains that are perfect for beginners. These beginner strains are actually some of the best marijuana strains for growers of all experience levels.

The Blue Dream is a popular Sativa-dominant hybrid strain made by crossing the relaxation-inducing and high THC Blueberry with the high-energy providing and sweet citrusy flavored Haze. The resulting Sativa strain took on both of its parents’ best traits, becoming one of the best weed strains among first-timers and experienced growers.

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Good weed is just good weed!

GG4 Strain.

And its enticing berry flavor with the addition of its high THC (18%) puts the Blue Dream as one of the best Sativa strains simply from its taste alone. But, what really sets the Blue Dream apart from the other best marijuana strains is its high yield that requires little effort on the grower’s part.

Our complete grow kits include everything you need to go from seed to your very own supply of high grade medical cannabis.

It’s a classic strain with mysterious roots, but this hybrid strain has made a scene in both Amsterdam and the Pacific Northwest where it grew in popularity because of its fruity, sweet flavor that has a hint of pine and blueberry.

Harvest up to a pound.

And with such a short flowering period, it’s a great strain to raise if you want a quick harvest.

This is due in part because of the flexibility it has in its preferred climate, wherein it can comfortably grow in dry and warm climates while withstanding cooler climates. It also took on its parents’ high resistance to diseases, making this strain resilient to harmful microorganisms and disease-ridden pests.

This strain stimulates the consumer into feeling energetic, happy, and euphoric . Making it perfect for dealing with stress, depression, and fatigue. Green Cush is also one of the best strains for anxiety because of these uplifting effects.