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This epochal explosion in cannabis diversity only promises to accelerate, said Rosen. “It’s the most exciting time to be in cannabis. Even more so a day from now, and a week from now—it just gets more and more exciting,” he said.

If Autos and Fems are easy to grow, Tangie family strains are easy for beginners to smoke . They have bubbly, friendly effects that can go all day.

Make ’em jelly: Jelly Rancher fem seeds are sweet, berry, grape hybrid-sativa fun for ’21. (Courtesy Humboldt Seed Company)

We’re huge fans of Do-Si-Dos to Purple Punch, called Slurricane—so we’re growing In-House Genetics’ Slurricane ix (Slurricane #44 x Slurricane #7) in our garden.

The critics always tell me, ‘Play those old school jams, David. Where’s my landraces at? Those sativas? Where are my throwbacks?’

Landraces, sativas, and throwbacks.

Ethos Genetics’ MAC and Jack amps up the sweet sativa jack terps. (Courtesy Ethos Genetics)

Or even better—mix nuts and gas with PB Triangles from Equilibrium Genetics. That’s PB Breath to Triangle Kush.

One Leafly reviewer of Apples and Bananas said: “These guys who made this particular strain should be the gods of weed.”

It’s a Cookies and Cakes world. You just live in it.

“It’s crazy. Everyone wants that one. It’s such a wonderful strain to grow—very sativa with a sweet bit of cherry musk and funk, like a gassy funk,” he said.

See also: Ethos Genetics’ Lilac AutoDiesel; Barney’s Farm Runtz auto, and Do-Si-Dos auto; and I Love Growing Marijuana’s Auto 2.0 mixpack.

“People love the gas profile and the supreme relaxation that OGs bring,” said Grace.

Exotic breeders Compound Genetics offer feminized seeds as well. Snap up Gummiez, Blueberry Octane, and Pink Certz fems from Compound at stores like Buds and Roses in the San Fernando Valley.

Also in the exotic Cookies world, don’t miss Archive Seeds of Portland’s:

Mission accomplished: Knight’s Templar OG from Dark Heart Nursery. (Courtesy Dark Heart Nursery)

Fems in season.

Americans smoke about 30 million pounds of cannabis each year, analysts estimate. All that dank ain’t gonna grow itself.

Old school indica fans, we got you. Hash Plant lovers want to be sedated with Bodhi Seeds’:

See also: Savage Genetics’ Cheetoz (Cheetah Piss x Runtz); I Love Growing Marijuana’s Purple mixpack ; Wave Rider’s cross of Wedding Cake Zkittlez x Modified Grapes.

That means scooping up leading California nursery Dark Heart’s fast-selling clones of Gelato (Ice Cream) Cake, Sweeties, or White Runtz.

Six types of Gush Mints crosses are coming in seed form in ‘21.

Caution, though. “This is heavy, dude. Not for the unsuspecting smoker,” he said.

“If you want to have a good time, smoke Blueberry Muffin, and smoke Squirt.” Nat Pennington, Humboldt Seed Company founder.

Autoflowering seeds.

“Anyone who remembers the old school, deep, and musky taste of purples should try this strain,” said Grace.

Demand for Peanut Butter Breath has gone crazy, according to major clone and seed provider Wave Rider Nursery in Salinas, CA.

“We’re getting slammed,” said Nathaniel Pennington, founder of seed leader Humboldt Seed Company in California. They offer 57 strains in their 2021 catalog, available in California, Oregon, Oklahoma, and Maine. “We’ve never had this level of demand.”

Pineapple Sonja will reset the bar for thick pineapple flavor in California. It’s Pineapple Thai to another pineapple-smelling sativa from Maine, called Red Sonja.

Sour Apple in the fields. (Courtesy Humboldt Seed Company)

And for a spotless mind, this year Bodhi Seeds has:

Keep your gas station topped up this year by growing some Knight’s Templar OG from Dark Heart Nursery. Dark Heart calls their newest OG their heaviest yet.

Need more altitude? Wave Rider Nursery offers a unique Swazi Red Burmese that’ll get the heart racing.

The answer is tricky here since the United States of America is a federal republic. As a result, something that is unlawful on the federal level may be legal on the state level, as is the case with marijuana.

• Look Out for the Legalities.

• Shipping is not available for Canada and the United Kingdom • Attempts to spam you with incentives if you give your email address • Track delivery cost is expensive at $25.

Payments made in bitcoin money will save you 15 percent on the total order. Additionally, defective orders can be replaced by sending a clear image as proof. Without further expenses, the company will replace the order. Payment options include credit cards and online bank transfers.


FAQs Regarding Marijuana Seed Banks.

According to, the company’s mission is to give outstanding service to all of its clients. Seedsman demonstrates a commitment to this purpose by frequently reacting to customer complaints in public places and proposing alternatives to put things right.

• Excellent Customer Service.



This review aims to straighten out the intricacies around the most significant seed banks available online. The more information you have before making a payment, the more likely you are to receive what you desire. So, let us begin.

The Vault provides over 2,000 distinct growers to strains searching for superior qualities and a vast array of varieties acquired from different breeders all over the world. On the website, they sell Cannabis Cup-winning goods. They have strains that are high in THC to provide you with the effects you need.

It is normal to consider the dangers associated with obtaining cannabis seeds online and having them delivered via mail. In the U.S. and throughout the world, laws vary by state. To be on the safer side, always confirm the state/country’s regulations regarding sensitive products before placing your deal.

While we admire Seedsman, we do not believe they’re currently one of the top seed banks. We advise you to choose I Love Growing Marijuana or Marijuana Seeds NL seeds instead.

The Observer has also highlighted ILGM as a favorite product, citing several evaluations of customer reviews indicating this company provides high-quality marijuana seeds, excellent planting advice, and quick shipment.


5. The Vault Cannabis Seeds Store – Quick & Discrete Delivery.

Furthermore, the company provides excellent value for your money, and they occasionally run promotions on purchases. You may take advantage of free shipping on orders over €75. Also, they offer discrete packaging so customers can maintain their privacy.

• Numerous payment options available • Hybrid strains created specifically for you • Germination is guaranteed • Team of highly skilled specialists • Exceptional customer assistance program includes a blog, forum, and article campaign • Undetectable packaging • Delivery is free on orders above €75 • Shipping internationally.

• Terms and Conditions of the Company.

4. Seedsman – Most Effective Cannabis Seeds.

• Covert Shipping.

This is a Netherlands-based cannabis seed bank that’s been operating since 1999. Over two decades of expertise in the field has enabled them to introduce innovative approaches to customers.

Confirm if the brand provides delivery assurances and compensates for lost or stolen packages during delivery. Select a seed bank that is trustworthy, dependable, and well-established in the sector to lessen your risk.

You Can Legally Smoke Marijuana at Campsites in Canada’s National Parks.

They have the finest product, hand-picked by specialists, delivered safely and confidently to your door. Additionally, ILGM provides free shipping inside the E.U. and U.S.


Brand Overview.

Moreover, the brand offers shipping worldwide. After reviewing the website’s brief e-manual, you can safely and reliably make a purchase online. Billing and delivery are completely secure, and the brand will not disclose or reveal any information about credit cards. The brand accepts multiple payment methods, including bitcoin, debit, and credit cards.

MoC, headquartered in Spain, offers a diverse selection of strains as well as its own hybridized variants. With over 15 years of know-how on the market, this brand of cannabis seeds will make you feel spectacularly at ease.

Q. Does Any Seed Bank Ship Seeds to the United States?

Q. Who Are the Authorized Seed Banks?

The is a well-known brand in the cannabis market offering high-quality seeds, stealth packaging, and exceptional customer service. Additionally, their items are quite affordable.

Stocks international strains.

What We Don’t Like 👎

If these don’t, simply claim a refund – the company’s customer desk is open 24/7.

7. True North – Best Marijuana Seed Company with a Flat Fee.

What We Like 👍

Limited info on payment options.

MSNL Seedbank offers different strains and types of seeds. Delivery to the US costs more, though. It might also take longer, typical of international deliveries at MSNL Seedbank. Also, unless you buy weed seeds in bulk, you might never benefit from free shipping.

Also, when ordering seeds in bulk, you might want to diversify your risk, just in case. It’s simple: make small orders from various cannabis seed banks. They say “do not put all of your eggs in one basket.” And they couldn’t be more right about it.

You can easily find the above seeds at I Love Growing Marijuana, Crop King USA, Seedsman, and even Quebec Seeds.

These generate dense buds, hence, solid yields. Some of them are mold-resistant. And some will grow well in many different climates – whether indoors and outdoors.

What We Don’t Like 👎

9. Gorilla Seeds – Best Cannabis Seed Company with Free Delivery.

What We Don’t Like 👎

However, because Seed City specializes in rare weed strains, they hardly stock the popular ones. You might want to look elsewhere for those if you need them.

Remember, however, the US federal law (still) criminalizes cannabis. And, often, seeds aren’t allowed to cross state lines.

Various payment methods.

No germination guarantee.

2. Crop King USA – Best Marijuana Seed Company for Beginners.

This relatively new kid on the block (been in business for just a few years) boasts a competitive customer desk. They offer a decent range of strains, including medicinal, autoflowering, CBD, and feminized seeds – for your pick.

This seed bank offers a whole load of resources – growing guidebook, helpful forum, informative blog, etc. – so you can do your thing worry-free. And their money-back guarantee spells six words: your marijuana seeds are going to germinate!

You’ve done your research on feminized, autoflowering, and regular seed options.

You get a whopping 20% off the buying price if you check out with bitcoin. And should you opt to pay with a credit/debit card, the charges will be under a non-obvious company name. Only you’ll incur an additional cost.

Which way do you turn, considering there are many cannabis seed banks in the market today, all of which are claiming to be the best of the best?

Like our previous entries, Quebec Seeds boasts a variety of seed types and strains. Whether you want feminized, mixed, CBD, or even auto flowering seeds, they’ve got you covered. Just make sure you’re placing $70+ orders. Orders below $70 aren’t accepted here.