best commercial soil for growing weed

Bad Cannabis Soil Although this seedling is over a month old, it has stayed tiny. Its growth is stunted by the thick heavy soil that holds way too much water and not enough air. Note how some of the soil looks like one solid object.

This is what kind of soil to get if you don’t have any “good” soil available, but want something that is known to work for growing cannabis.

When cannabis growers talk about “super” soil, they’re usually referring to soil that has been amended with slow-releasing organic nutrient sources, and then composted for several months (learn more about super soil).

Example of happy marijuana plants in good soil!

What gets the best results for growing cannabis is a soil with a light texture that is good at retaining water…but not too much!

More About Common Amendments to Alter Texture, Drainage & Water Retention of Soil.

However, when growing with Super Soil, it’s a good idea to avoid watering too much at a time, as extra runoff waterwill drain away some of the nutrinets. Try to give just enough water to saturate the soil with very little extra coming out the bottom. Since you won’t be adding more nutrients through the grow, you want to conserve what’s in the soil!

If you are willing to keep transplanting to bigger pots as your plant uses up the nutrients in the soil, you don’t need to supplement with extra nutrients. However, even if you grow in the same pot from seed to harvest, Fox Farm offers a complete nutrient system that is also formulated for plants like cannabis and goes perfectly with their soil to make sure your plant is getting the right levels of nutrients throughout its life.

When it comes to growing cannabis in soil, unless you’re using a brand that is known for making soil that is specifically cannabis-friendly, there are a few things that you need to consider before starting a grow.

If you get the soil part right, you have almost everything you need to get to harvest! With the correct texture, drainage and water retention, you’ve got a perfect base. Add good soil cannabis nutrients, especially in the budding phase, and you should get to harvest with great results!

Bad Cannabis Soil Don’t use dirt from outside! It almost never works, especially if it looks like this!


Good Cannabis Soil This soil has quite a bit of perlite, which is a good choice if you plan to feed heavily with nutrients and supplements since the extra perlite prevents nutrient buildup in the soil.

Worm Castings.

What should you look for in good cannabis soil?

Organic Potting Mix.

It’s easy to get caught up thinking about what nutrients and amendments are in the soil, and those are important, but perhaps the most important aspect of any soil is actually its texture, ability to drain, and overall water “holding” ability.

Now here are a few examples of good and bad cannabis soil so you can see the texture you’re looking for!

Bad Cannabis Soil Cannabis soil should not have a whole lot of big visible wood chips in it. That means the soil hasn’t been fully composted, and all the nutrients and goodness in that wood is mostly unavailable to your plants.

Their Ocean Forest soil mix is “hotter” soil (higher levels of nutrients) that contains ingredients that cannabis plants love, including earthworm castings, bat guano, fish meal and crab meal. The nutrients contained in the soil will provide everything your plant needs for several weeks. Although it might give young seedlings just a touch of nutrient burn at first, they can be started in Ocean Forest soil and will soon be able to use the nutrients and start growing quickly. Some growers might put a little big of Happy Frog on top of a container of Ocean Forest, just to make it a little more gentle for seedlings the first week or two.

Coco Coir.

Nugbuckets is a famous organic soil grower! Check out his plants!

Fox Farm Ocean Forest Soil.

Good Cannabis Soil Rich and light composted soil. Since this soil doesn’t have a lot of perlite, it’s a good choice for a grower who doesn’t want to add a lot of extra nutrients or supplements in the water.

Generally, anything labeled as an “organic potting mix” will work. This type of mix hasn’t been amended with chemical slow-release nutrients, which is one of the main things you want to avoid with soil for cannabis. I know it sounds like heresy, but even the Miracle-Gro version of “organic potting mix” will work okay, because unlike their original potting mix it doesn’t contain chemical nutrients (though it still has poor drainage and moisture retention – almost any other type of organic potting mix is better!).

The composting process creates a “living” soil that is full of microorganisms in the rhizosphere (area around the roots). Properly composted soil has nutrient sources that slowly break down over the course of your plant’s lifecycle. It very closely mimics what happens in nature.

This plant is growing in Fox Farm Ocean Forest Soil.


Some growers choose an amended and composted “hot” soil that slowly releases nutrients over time. With this type of soil, you typically just add water or natural supplements like worm tea from seed to harvest. Other growers prefer a lighter potting mix so they have more control, and give nutrients in the water once the plant roots have used up the nutrients in the soil. But which brands can you trust?

Bad Cannabis Soil This soil is muddy, clumpy and waterlogged. It retains too much moisture, which makes it really easy to overwater your plants.

Another coarse soil mix is sandy soil, not the best kind of soil for many cannabis growers as water retention is poor-fair but sandy soil does have the benefit of good drainage! Although a common downfall to sandy soils is the washing away of vital nutrients. Again, just like silty soil, sandy soils are fairly easy to work with and amend.

A massive benefit for FoxFarm Ocean Forest is the fact that it’s already set to the ideal pH range. 6.3 to 6.8 pH is the ideal range for plants growing in soil for nutrient uptake. This makes Fox Farm Ocean Forest soil incredibly efficient, and your cannabis plants will likely show it with vigorous growth.

Cannabis, like all other plants, thrives from an ample supply of water, oxygen, and nutrients. These three base components are responsible for your crops’ overall health, growth rate, and final yield.

Although Organic Super Soil Concentrated Strength is one of the best organic soils for cannabis, it’s still relatively expensive compared to other products with similar ingredients.

The vast majority of cannabis soil brands offer “plug-and-play” soil for indoor marijuana. This means that you don’t need to do anything – except water them.

Living Soil Or Not?

Loamy soil is a mix of organic compounds and various ratios of clay, silt, and sand. Loam soil mixes are a popular choice among cannabis growers and should be near the top of your list when searching for the best soil for cannabis as they offer excellent drainage alongside ideal water retention. A quality organic loam soil will be rich in nutrients and provide plenty of oxygen.

Although Coast of Maine’s Platinum Grower’s Mix is expensive, it performs exceptionally well. This is one of the best soil mixes for cannabis we’ve seen, and it’s highly suitable for both beginners and professionals alike.

Lastly, the price is double (or triple in some instances) that of competing products. Considering a bulk of the ingredients are technically inert, you’re paying for only a fraction of actual plant food.

Although you’ll spend a substantial amount of money for FoxFarm Ocean Forest, it will pay for itself, considering you won’t need a pH pen. If you’re looking for an easy-to-use potting soil mix – this is it.

Next, you’ll need to understand if you’re looking for the best soil for growing marijuana that contains beneficial microbes or not.

This potting soil from BuildASoil is one of their heaviest amended soil recipes to date and a firm favorite in the growing community and is available in sizes of half a cubic foot, one cubic foot, one cubic yard tote, pallet size, and truckload!

Furthermore, the Organic Super Soil Concentrated Strength has a strong odor, which is a significant downside if you must be discreet.

Some growers find more freedom in purchasing marijuana soil mixes that contain fewer nutrients so they can fine-tune their overall nutrient content.

Coast of Maine is a boutique soil mix brand. Their Platinum Grower’s Mix is intended for growers that don’t want to spend additional money on pH monitors and associated products.

Sohum Living Soil Mix comes with a specially blended mix of ingredients that includes kelp, meal, crab meal, bone meal, and alfalfa. The soil also contains perlite which helps with water retention and peat moss. Lastly, worm castings are added as they contain beneficial microbes for healthy plant growth making this mixture perfect for indoor or outdoor cultivation.

Coast of Maine – Platinum Grower’s Mix, Super Soil.

This is the next important factor that you must consider. Do you want the best soil for growing weed that’s filled with all the necessary nutrition for your plants, or are you seeking a mild soil for marijuana that can be amended with additional supplements?

Although you’ll likely see an increased price tag on the best soil for weed that contains beneficial microbes, it’s well worth it when you consider the effort it takes to grow high-quality cannabis flowers.

KIS Organics uses 8% Black Owl’s biochar and inoculates this soil mix with additional microorganisms to further increase microbial life and nutrient cycling, KIS soil is 100% natural without any synthetic chemicals and can be used indoors or outdoors to achieve a healthy cannabis crop.

Fox Farm Original Soil Mix is made up of aged forest products, sphagnum peat moss, and earthworm castings. All these ingredients are used to make the soil more effective at holding moisture around plant roots which in turn makes for glorious cannabis buds!

If you’re after a premium all-purpose soil packed full of nutrients and beneficial microbial life then this super soil by Brut may be the one for you.

Just like animals, your cannabis plants rely on oxygen to thrive. Alongside water and nutrients, air is a necessity when growing cannabis plants in soil.

Purple Cow IndiCanja is the new kid on block in terms of cannabis soil. Purple Cow Organics produce a whole host of different organic products, including seed starter mix, BIOActive vegetable Supercharger, right up to their Purple Cow IndiCanja Organic Soil.

FoxFarm Ocean Forest Potting Soil.

FoxFarm went above and beyond by offering a two-pack, which enables cultivators with additional potting soil. However, the price comes to around $30 per bag, which is still on the high-end for an organic potting soil.

Yes, the Super Soil Autoflower Concentrate is expensive, and the quantities may not be the best, but when you’re after a premium autoflower soil and can stomach paying that little bit extra, then Natures Living Soil is always a safe bet.

This plant-based, natural organic soil mix contains the necessary minerals and nutrients to start your seedlings on their journey. Having been scientifically formulated and tested Purple Cow IndiCanja is lauded by the people at IndiCanja as good for all stages of plant growth, from young seedlings all the way through to flowering.

Growing cannabis in the best cannabis soil is incredibly straightforward, especially when it’s already pH adjusted. Here are a few tips on getting your potting soil ready for your marijuana plants.

This formula has been the cannabis growers favorite because of the quality and testing that has gone into the making of it alongside being ready to go as soon as you open the bag.

Whether you’re growing a warehouse full of cannabis plants or a single plant in your closet, knowing how much cannabis soil you need is the very first step you must take.

Although the nutrients in cannabis soils themselves aren’t altered, they are added in specific amounts that promote healthy growth, and most importantly, healthy soil for growing marijuana. Without this pre-made soil for weed, cultivators would be left to compose their own soil for marijuana.

In other words, beneficial microbes facilitate enhanced nutrient absorption, promote root growth, and provides a protective barrier against harmful bacteria and fungi.

Aurora Innovations created this ready-to-use soil. It is potting soil from organic roots, and it is the environment-friendly soil to thrive your plants well. Undoubtedly, this organic soil is one of the best in the cannabis industry.

The coconut coir in this soil pack helps the dirt to avoid compaction. And, it is the most crucial quality of the best cannabis soil.

This soil provides the proper nutrition to the roots and a good amount of oxygen. The coir in this soil works very well as it forms a sponge-like structure to pass nutrients and water to weed plants. The addition of a happy frog potting soil worked like magic and produced excellent yield! Furthermore, this soil pack got 4.7 stars out of 5 on Amazon among 1200+ shoppers. Interestingly, the packing of this soil bag illustrates fantastic graphics on it!

#3 – Mother Earth Coco Plus Perlite 50L (1.8 Cubic Feet) – Best Coco Pelite Blend.

This soil will make a fantastic base for your plants. Black Gold receives much appreciation for its rich and advanced soil mix. Further, it is better than an average soil for those who need to include supplementary nutrition.

However, you should isolate the material first to provide the roots with good supplements.

This review is going to be very helpful for indoor cultivators. Growing cannabis indoor is such a thing that it requires perfect knowledge about every single thing. If seed quality, soil quality, and growing environment are not ideal, you cannot receive high yields!

pH value.

When procuring soil for weed, acquire the basics of good cannabis soil. If you expect your flowers to generate top-quality cannabinoids and trichomes, you must look for texture, soil biology, nutrition, pH level, tilth quality, water retention capacity, drainage, and airflow capacity.

You can visit your nearby local garden store to check the soil quality for yourself and make the perfect buying decision. On the other hand, it’s worth noting that buying it in large quantity could put you in pain if the soil doesn’t work well because many vendors don’t provide a guarantee on soil quality.

#2 – FoxFarm Ocean2 FX14000 (3 Cubic Feet) – Best Potting Soil Bags.

Now, loamy soil is further categorized into so many variations. Hence, you might get tangled to choose from it. So, it’s of paramount importance to ponder on different nutrients and microorganisms, along with the soil.

You get abundant fertilizers in this soil, and the pH level is also great. For getting the maximum benefits of fertilizer, the pH value in this soil is adjusted between 6.3 to 6.8. As a result, your plants will receive all the nutrients they need.

Silt Soils.

The chances of messing up your plants with this soil pack are very less as it is completely organic. Your plants can maximize the intake of water as the adjustment of the pH level is very suitable. The ingredients utilized in the production of Big Rootz soil work extremely well for your cannabis plants. This soil mix pack is composed of coir, worm casting, and peat.

#5 – FoxFarm FX14100 Coco Loco (2 Cubic Feet) – Best soil mix.

This soil pack is excellent for promoting the root growth of your marijuana plants. This soil holds a rich blend of ingredients to flourish your seedlings.

Your cannabis soil must have a considerable number of valuable elements that support nutrition support. Many cannabis cultivators look for animal waste and decaying vegetables as fertilizers.

Black Gold is an all-around organic potting soil for growing marijuana indoors. The ingredients in this soil are tested for quality and suitability. Moreover, this soil is well-known for quality bud production, making it a highly sought-after soil among weed connoisseurs.

It looks pretty like popcorn and uses soil waste to improve oxygen. You can use 10-20% of perlite with soil to improve water upkeep. However, you can use it in more concentration, but it will consume the supplements quickly. If you use Perlite and Vermiculite, do not exceed 50% concentration.

While choosing the right soil, it’s imperative to consider several factors: pH value, soil health, soil biology, exchange of soil gases, movement of water, tilth quality, and nutrient holding capacity.