best carbon filter for growing weed

A carbon filter is usually shaped like an enormous tube, and they're usually pretty heavy. The way they work is they are filled with carbon inside. When air passes through the carbon it neutralizes any smells, and when the air is passed out the back it is completely odor-free. However, for a carbon scrubber to work the air needs to be pulled through the filter, which is usually done using a strong exhaust fan.

Carbon Filter > Grow Light > Exhaust Fan > Outside.

A carbon scrubber can completely hide the smell of growing cannabis plants, even really smelly ones!

When using a carbon filter, the way you set up your exhaust is important; if you don't set it up properly it won't work well, if at all!

The exhaust fan needs to be strong enough to create a vacuum in the grow space (in a grow tent you'll see the side bowing in). That means that all the smelly air is getting vented out the tent so fast that the suction prevents any from going back into your room. Even without a carbon filter, if you have good suction you won't smell anything outside the tent!

No air leaks in your exhaust system! It's important that the only way air can enter the system is through the carbon filter, and that air should go straight outside. If there are leaks in the ducting or around the grow light, then smelly air can escape that way instead of passing through the carbon filter first.

As air is pulled in through the sides of the carbon filter it is scrubbed of all smells. That air then passes through the ducting, blows over the hot light, and the hot unscented air is then vented outside.

Hands-down the best way to control the smell of your growing cannabis plants is to use a carbon filter (learn more about different options for covering up cannabis growing smells). When installed correctly as part of an exhaust system, a carbon filter will not only prevent the smell of cannabis from leaking outside, but it will also prevent it from smelling up your home. A carbon filter can be more effective than any other method for controlling smells, and it won't alter the smell of your cannabis.

In the left pic the carbon filter has a sleeve to help keep out extra dust, while on the right is a "naked" carbon filter so you can see how air can pass through the sides.

1.) To Prevent Smells From Leaking into the Grow Room.

This is the most common way to set up a carbon filter:

This simple diagram shows how many growers set up up their exhaust system.

Once you have suction in the tent and you're venting all the smelly air outside, the next step is to "scrub" smells out of that air before it leaves the house. This is where the carbon filter comes in!

This is an example of a carbon filter in action.

2.) To Prevent Smells From Leaking Outside.

That's pretty much it! You now know the basis of how set up your own effective and efficient exhaust system so odors never escape again!

All Phresh carbon filter models are packed and sealed tightly to provide “ultimate freshness” to ensure that they have the longest life spans possible.

Maybe your grow operation requires a 4-6-inch carbon filter? What about an Aluminum or steel frame? What about the flange, mesh, or CFM!

That adds a massive 15% more carbon than what is normally seen in most carbon beds of economy grade filters currently on the market today.

Whether a beginner or experienced grower, at some point along the way you’ll eventually hear the name Terrabloom.

As you probably already aware, these features and more all play a big role in the performance of your carbon filter. Regardless of if you use it in a grow tent or full grow room.

Terrabloom Activated Charcoal Carbon Filter.

Well, the chances are you want to keep your grow room discreet, as well as odorless, which in turn will not only keep YOU happy, but most importantly your NEIGHBOURS happy, and hopefully unaware…

Purchasing a Phresh carbon filter will ensure the atmosphere of your grow room or tent is thoroughly cleansed and free from foreign particles, dust, odors, and organic compounds. The carbon filters that are manufactured by Phresh are professional-grade systems that are used in research labs, indoor gardening, plant breeding, tissue culture, backyard & commercial gardening.

As well as the above, this filter is rated up to 550 CFM, 1.8″ (46mm) RC-4/8 virgin carbon bed. Which is effective for up to 24 months of continuous use.

The inside of the Phresh Carbon Air Filter contains RC-48 Australian activated carbon which is highly absorbent thanks to its porous surface. Phresh’s partnership with Australia’s best carbon grading lab allows for independent batch testing for every filter, offering the consumer complete peace of mind!

The bed in this particular Terrabloom filter is an impressive 46mm thick, added to this it’s been machine packed with extremely small granules.

They’re a well known trusted brand, and to be honest you can’t really go wrong when choosing a carbon filter made by Terrabloom.

This really is an excellent carbon filter from AC Infinity and offers indoor cannabis cultivators an alternative to what’s already out there.

All Phresh products are machine-packed, which is perfect for carbon filters because it positively affects their density. The top and the bottom of the Phresh filters are made from aluminum which provides a lightweight construction. Thanks to its composition, this carbon filter has been tested and proven to eliminate 99.9% of pollen, mold, bugs, and dust! Additionally, the entire body is coated in an open-air custom mesh that provides the best filtration and maximum airflow.

Terrabloom only uses top grade RC-48 charcoal carbon throughout all their carbon filters, which is usually sourced from Western Australia.

So If you’re looking to learn a bit more about carbon air filters or maybe searching for the best carbon filter for your grow room, then keep on reading.

Terrabloom Activated Charcoal Carbon Filter.

If you’ve clicked on this article you’ve probably been asking yourself that very same question, or even, is it even necessary to incorporate a carbon filter into my grow room?

The Phresh Carbon Air Filter maintains an airflow of 90% at all times by means of patent pleating. If you’re environmentally conscious, you’ll be pleased to hear that all Phresh carbon filters are comprised of 90% recycled materials.

The 6-inch model enables maximum airflow passthrough for both intake and exhaust configurations and has a duct Opening of 6”, is 16″ in length with a thickness of 60mm as well as featuring Australian RC412 at 1200+ IAV.

Phresh are a popular brand, that amongst other growing tools, manufacture high-quality carbon filters. Phresh Carbon Filters are competitively priced, last twice as long, are half the weight, and have the largest selection of filters to choose from.

Phresh carbon filters are the only filters to use Pro -4/8 Premium Grade Carbon rather than 4/12, which performs better odor elimination and air scrubbing. The Premium Grade Carbon also increases the life cycle to an impressive 24 months!

In the 6″ premium carbon filter model you’ve got exceptional build quality and excellent materials used throughout. With the added bonus of a 90-day warranty if anything goes wrong or is not up to standard.

First on our list is an impressive 6 inch carbon filter that, made by the company Terrabloom.

Red Scorpion Carbon Filter.

This particular Terrabloom filter has a 6″ duct opening and is 24″ length, it also includes 2 machine-washable pre-filters in black & white. All in all, it’s a top-quality 6″ carbon filter.

Build quality wise the AC Infinity contains heavy-duty stainless steel flanges, aluminum meshing, and clothed pre-filter.

Here we have affordable, yet premium carbon filter for grow rooms & tents by AC Infinity. Designed to eliminate odors and chemicals for grow tent setups and larger grow rooms.

To ensure the best filtration, all Phresh Carbon Air Filters have a high-quality pre-filter and the internal base is cone-shaped for better airflow.

The AC Infinity carbon filter features premium-grade Australian charcoal with a higher absorption and longer life rating.

This is amongst the best on the market. Not only does Phresh offer a lighter build than their competitors, but their lower weight allows them to mount onto smaller grow tents.

It gets rid of any kind of odor in or near your grow tent or area.

This is a long-lasting filter that just requires you to replace the pre-filter every 6 months.

However, sometimes, air cleaners contain a higher weight of carbon in a filter.

Grow Tent Carbon Filter Reviews.

The carbon layer is 50 mm thick so you can only expect the best performance from this one.

A Carbon water filter lasts around a year. On the other hand, a carbon air filter lasts somewhere between six to 12 months.

With this information, you can determine the size of the carbon filter you need.

Grow tents with less than 400 CFM a 4-inch filter is needed For tents of 400 or more CFM, you can use 6-inch liters And finally, for grow tents of 700 CFM or more, you should use an 8-inch filter.

This 4-inch iPower Carbon filter has an airflow rate of 200 CFM. It is the best carbon filter for grow room as it contains the most absorbent carbon in the world: the 1050+ IAV Australian RC412 activated carbon.

The applications of this filter also include smoke elimination.

1. AC Affinity Air Carbon Filter.

It is the best grow room carbon filter for those who do not have any budget constraints.

This one comes with a great sealed packaging that ensures it stays intact when it reaches you.

Therefore, growers use air filters to absorb those smells and make the air odorless. The best carbon filters for grow rooms are great for this purpose as the activated carbon in them absorbs the compounds in the air that are causing the odor.

The flanges are made out of stainless steel, while the meshing features aluminum.

How Long Does Carbon Filter Last?

The Phresh Carbon filter will make sure that the air smells fresh in your grow tent. This 4 inches x 12 inches filter has a 46mm thick layer of RC-48 carbon bed.

It can work with 4-inch inline fans, duct fans, exhaust fans, paint fumes hose, and ventilation ducts.

If you are looking for something that works best for all kinds of odors in the grow room or grow tent and filters out quickly, this is it.

The VIVOSUN carbon filter contains a superior quality Australian virgin charcoal bed.

It comes with two machine washable pre-filters. With high-quality materials and carbon, this one is made to last for a very long time.