american dream seeds

There are a couple of meanings behind American Dream’s name, starting with the obvious link to growing – honest toil, personal improvement, enjoying the fruits of one’s labour.

By enhancing our elite Afghan-Skunk genotypes with a delicate blend of Jamaican and Hawaiian Sativas, Sensi has created American Dream, a strain which gives growers the best of both worlds – connoisseur quality and cash-cropper quantity. American Dream produces avalanches of hard, fist-sized buds that bristle with spiky pistils and glisten with a slick coating of trichomes. This very special strain has a sparkling, silly stone-high and a pungent, earthy Skunk flavour that complements her fruity island notes.


Indoor- Flowering: 45-50 days Height: 100-125 cm Yield: up to 100 gr Greenhouse- Flowering: mid-October Height: 125-250 cm Yield: up to 500 gr.

Large yields are easy with intensive SOG-style cultivation or larger, multi-stem plants. In the greenhouse or outside in warm climates, American Dream can reach the size of a young fir tree, with staggering harvests of bud that can bend even her sturdy Skunk frame. A third meaning of her name may become clear when admiring American Dream in full bloom – the frosted, fragrant, weighty plants of this variety are an excellent symbol of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Some people involved in developing this strain also recall an offhand remark that the aims of the breeder are very well summed up by the idea of the American Dream. When working for long periods with a cherished group of plants, the hope is that each new generation can be even more prosperous than its parents and reach new heights of success. In cannabis breeding, success and prosperity can be measured in terms of potency, vigour, yield and reliability. Because Sensi Seeds is able to draw from a rich and varied gene-pool made up of hybrids and cultivars perfected over decades or centuries, combining this advantage with expert selection actually makes it possible to attain the Dream of continuous improvement.

Regular (non feminized) Cannabis Seeds Temperate / Continental Compact plant Flowering 45 – 50 days Yield Large Yield 70% Indica.

All-America Selections – 09/21/2020.

Duration Type: Annual Light Needs: Full sun Water Needs: Normal Season Type: Warm season Staking Required: No.

American Dream has an excellent and highly adaptable growing habit. This corn produces similarly from the Southern California Desert to the fields of Ontario, Canada. American Dream is the peak of eating quality in sweet corn, excellent bite depth, tenderness, and sweetness.

Garden Spacing: 8 inches per plant Days To Harvest (Sowing Seed): 77.

AAS Judges selected American Dream as their top trial choice and it just so happens to come from the same company that introduced Honey ‘N Pearl, an AAS winner from 1988. In a tight trial, American Dream was pitted up against Honey ‘N Pearl and came through as the winner! With its excellent germination, very tender, super sweet kernels, this newbie will make a great addition to the home garden. American Dream matures slightly earlier than the comparisons and produces vigorous, healthy plants with cobs that have good tip fill of bi-colored kernels. Plants grow 6-7 feet tall and mature in 77 days after planting the seed. Perfect fresh, roasted, grilled, canned or frozen.


This was our first year growing this corn, but it will be our go to from now on. It was super easy to grow. It was healthy, and even when a strong wind came through our garden blowing most of everything over, this continued growing to maturity. Great size and the taste is out of this world. Best corn we have ever had! We’re going to see if we can squeeze in another crop this season, because nothing else compares now. Our only regret is we didn’t grow more!

Thank you for your response, Dean. Your comments about yield, maturation date, etc. are factual, especially for commercial purposes. Since AAS tests for home garden usage, not commercial, the American Dream is an ideal choice for homeowners wanting an excellent sweet corn variety that is delicious and matures over a longer time frame.

Dean Olson – 09/17/2020.

Foliage Color: Dark green Plant Habit: Tall, upright Fruit Color (Harvest): Bicolor Fruit Shape: Cylinder Fruit Size: 7 inches Fruit Flavor Description: Very tender and sweet Number Of Fruits Per Plant: 1 Disease Resistances or Tolerances: NCLB; Moderate Tolerance.

John McCann – 06/14/2020.

Very experienced corn and vegetable gardener, grew for 2020 season in NW Wisconsin. Planted in fresh-tilled soil, 12 row square planting , 12″ apart, 32″ rows. Fertilized and weeded as is customary for sweet corn. Waited until soil very warm, planted 6-15-2020. Some observations: All the cobs are small for sweet corn, which is bad for yield but they handle quite nicely on a dinnerplate. Plant height is correspondingly on the low end for a sweet corn variety, mine were planted in full sun with plenty of fertilizer and water, so I know I maximized inputs to growth. Do NOT recommend if you are looking for maximum yield. Try something like Burpee “Triple Crown” or many others.. Tip fill, disease resistance, etc were very good, which is normal for newer hybrids. Kernels are super sweet and extra tender, as advertised My corn had a wider variety of maturation dates than normal, ususally it all ready within two or three days, and very little was ready in 77 days despite normal weather. This actually was good since I was harvesting for family and friends, not market , so we ate off the planting for some time. Taste and texture hold very well in the field after ripening, which they should for how much sugar is in them.

Britney & Jeff – 06/15/2019.

Mickey Penrod – 08/02/2018.

I grow this in Phoenix, AZ. Does great. Just need to give plenty of water and nitrogen. The taste of this corn is unbelievable. Kids can’t stop eating it.


Award Type: National Winner Class: Corn Variety Name: American Dream Genus: Zea Species: Mays Year: 2018 Common Name: Sweet Corn Type: Edible – Vegetable Breeder: Illinois Foundation Seeds, Inc Close Market Comparison: Xtratender 277A, Honey ‘N Pearl.

American Dream is everything the description says it is. Checked yesterday to find the reality of this corn.


HYBRID SWEET CORN for canning, fresh market and freezing.

10-12 lbs./5-5.4 kg. per acre; lb.-/454 g sows 800-1,000 ft./244-305 m of row, 2 oz-/57g sows 75-100 ft./23-31 m.

HARVESTING: It is best to have a large pot of boiling water ready when harvesting – to retain the natural sugars and sweetness. These natural sugars start to change to starch a few hours after you pick corn. Strip the leaves off before boiling.

77 days. Medium length bicolor sh2 7.75 in/19.5 cm cylindrical blunt tipped ear. Excellent tip fill, good kernel contrast and 16-18 rows tender, sweet kernels with excellent eating quality. AAS Winner. Untreated seed only.

CULTURE: Apply fertilizer at 10 lbs./5 kg. of 5-10-5 per 1,000 sq ft/93 sq m., to the soil before sowing, or side dress in bands 2 in/5 cm wide and 4 in/ 10 cm deep – at least 2 in/5 cm away from the seeded row when seeding. Corn is a tough plant and will survive in many types of soil. Weather and fertilizer play a large part in the shape, and length of the cob. Checks in growth caused by cold nights in late June will shorten the cob considerably and disrupt any planting schedule. To assure a continuous supply of fresh corn throughout the season, sow every week from early May till July 1st. Early May sowings should be treated with an insecticide when ground temps. are around 50°F/10°C. Our fungicide (treatments only protect the seed from rotting – not from corn maggots. Minimum soil temp. for most early varieties is 50°F/10°C – optimum temp. is about 65°F/18°C degrees for normal germination. The use of an insecticide treatment is not needed after June 5th., when soil temps. reach normal levels and maggots are no longer a problem. Sow seed 1/2 in/13 mm deep, cover and firm. Plant at least 4 rows of each variety -side by side, 2.5 ft/76 cm apart – to assure proper wind pollination. Space seeds in groups of 4 – 8 in/20 cm apart (early varieties) and 10 in/25 cm apart (late varieties). Single rows, and group plantings of different maturing varieties cause poor looking cobs with lots of gaps in the rows, due to improper pollination. Check the soil surface for un-planted seed – it encourages birds to dig for more. Thin groups of seedlings to 2 sprouts per hill or group. Any additional fertilizer should be applied before corn is 12 in/31 cm high. Apply Sevin XLR insecticide in 5 day intervals, after corn is 18 in/46 cm high – direct spray into the axis of the leaves for corn borers. As “silks” appear, make 5 more applications of Sevin XLR in 2 or 3 day intervals for ear worm control. Organic gardeners can use BUG BAIT (attracts carnivorous insects) for corn borers and apply mineral oil to corn silks for ear worm control. Home gardeners can control bird damage by slipping small 16 in/41 cm bags over ears a week before picking. Do not remove suckers (small ears) from the bottom of the plant – it will retard maturity. For use of an insecticide treatment contact your local government control agency for advice.

77 days. Medium length bicolor sh2 7.75 in/19.5 cm cylindrical blunt tipped ear. Excellent tip fill, good kernel contrast and 16-18 rows tender, sweet kernels with excellent eating quality. AAS Winner. Untreated seed only.

FREEZING: Use slightly immature cobs with well developed kernels. Husk and de-silk. For corn on the cob – blanch 5 to 8 min; cool, drain, package in freezer bags or individually with freezer wrap. For niblet corn – blanch for 1.5 min on the cob. Chill thoroughly, strip kernels from cob and pack – then quick freeze.