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There are 3 main types of LEDs that are most commonly used for growing cannabis. Each type of model has its pros and cons, so there isn’t yet a “best” LED type. Some are better for some situations than other.

Yields! With a quality LED grow light and an average-to-good grow, you can expect yields of about 0.5 to 1g/watt .

Choose LED grow lights if…

Introduction: Are LEDs a Good Choice for Growing Cannabis?

Grow Space: 3’x4′ or 3’x5′

Some LED grow lights have a single COB LED. Multiple units can be spread out as needed.

Actual Power Consumption: 93W in veg, 185W in flowering (this model has a separate vegetative and flowering mode)

Grow Space: 2.5×2.5’ coverage at 34” (suitable for vegetative stage) and 2×2’ coverage at 26” (suitable for flowering stage)

ES180 found on Amazon (sometimes) or order directly The Green Sunshine Company website.

Best Way to Avoid Problems with LED grow lights: Keep them the right distance away!

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The “spider style” LEDs are similar to Quantum Boards in that the individual diodes are spread out and tend to be on the smaller side, but they are set on a panel with “arms” like a spider as opposed to a solid board. One very popular example is the SPYDRx line of LED lights. These typically have an extremely high price, but growers who use them swear they get better results than any other type of LED grow light.

Actual Power Consumption: 500W at full power, and can be dimmed down to 200W for younger plants.

LED grow lights are relatively new to the cannabis growing scene, but they have become wildly popular over the last few years with their ability to produce great yields while staying cool and using a reasonable amount of electricity.

Are there other LED grow lights that work for growing cannabis?

1.) Spread Style.

Pic by Joe “Nunyabiz” Nunya, an avid LED grower who uses ViparSpectra LEDs.

How to Use LED Grow Lights for Growing Cannabis.

Since growers are getting such great results with these lights, and they come at surprisingly reasonable prices for LED grow lights, I knew I needed to highlight this company as our most recommended LED grow light!

Cannabis plants grown under the L450 Kind LED grow light.

With LED grow lights, you will generally get better results with many smaller LED panels, as opposed to a few big LED panels. For example, you will often get better results with 2 x 125W LEDs (total 250W) than you would with a single LED model that produces 250W. This is because more panels often make it easier for you to spread the light to where it’s needed.

Kingbo’s grow light replaces sunlight in your home. With a scientific heat dissipation, this grow light keeps temperatures below 138°F. Costing you only $28.99, it includes a rotatable lamp holder and flexible goosenecks so you can suitably adjust the distance between light and plants.

Yoyomax’s grow light is on another level. It offers customers with 39 red and 21 blue LED lights, the perfect amount of spectrum light to stimulate the growth of your plants. Their light comes in three switch modes and six dimmable options, a great feature for each growing stage of your plants.

How cute is this LED grow light? Barrina LED light is ideal for plants in the seedling, vegetative or flowering cycle. This light possesses integrated plant light chips which have an improved color layout. The super bright light can reduce your costs and prolong your blooming period!

Anyone with this grow light will immediately capture everyone’s attention. VeRosky lights have a wider light angle with each chips light capable of reaching 60°F. The full spectrum additionally ensures your plants to grow healthily all year.

AntLux grow lights don’t need any wiring or reconstruction, permitting you to hang it anywhere by just plugging in the light! The light uses 50W, the equivalence of 300W from traditional lights. Their 5-year warranty plan is only another reason to purchase this!

AntLux 4FT LED Grow Lights.

To those of you advanced in cultivating crops, the Spider Farmer LED grow light is a tool to harvest exceptional marijuana. This light comprises of a sunlike full spectrum for better plants or yields and a glue protective coating on the chip boards.

Are you looking to grow the best marijuana plants in your garden or at home (if you live in a state where it’s legal)? The first step in cultivating cannabis is having access to a high-quality grow light.

Grow lights range in number settings, meaning the higher the number is, the cooler the light is. When it comes to growing marijuana, low spectrum bulbs are going to help you cultivate amazing plants!

Benflor COB LED grow light has it all. From a dimmable button to an efficient cooling system, this LED light will do its job in making sure your plants are accurately harvested. The adjustable Veg and bloom switch lets you save time and energy in controlling the growth of the plants.

Additionally, KingLed’s grow light includes a cooling system with multiple heat sinks, upgraded aluminum radiators and two “high-speed mute” fans.

The Exlenvce grow light comes with a VEG and Bloom channel, utilizing a full spectrum of colors to encourage maximum growing. If you’re still not sold, Exlenvce proposes a 4-year warranty to make sure their customers are left with only the finest grow light out there.

According to customers, because of this grow light, their plants have been able to flourish promptly. For a price of $55.99, you have access to two LED grow lights, 2 power cords, 2 steel hanging kits, a user manual AND free shipping! You will not regret your purchase.

The biggest advantages to grow lights are that garden pests can’t damage your plants and you are in full control of the settings.

Customers who have purchased VeRosky’s light state that the product arrived quickly and was packaged professionally. Compared to most LED lights, VeRosky’s grow light has a different set of colors, similar to sunlight. If you’re wanting to grow the most amazing garden of marijuana, consider buying this.

For only $19.98, this LED grow light comes with two light bars, each 25cm long.

Grow Light Plant Lights for Indoor Plants – LED Lamp Bulbs.

If you forget to turn off the light, don’t worry. Yoyomax has you covered with its automatic timing switch. This light sells for only $29.99 and comes with free shipping!

Luckily, we’ve gathered amazing products to help you out. But first, let’s take a look at what grow lights are and how to make use of them!

Once you’ve picked your perfect grow light, it’s important to have a timer handy. This ensures that your plants are receiving an adequate amount of rest a day, specifically a minimum of six hours.

If you’re looking for an efficient grow light that guarantees excellence, this ViparSpectra light is here to the rescue. Not only does this light consume less energy, it contains a board coated in rubberized material, preventing moisture damage to your plants.

With full spectrum lights ranging from red, blue and white, the AntLux grow lights are amazing! Having a variety of lights only helps the performance of your cultivation process due to the different LED wavelengths.

When it comes to the cooling system, this grow light will extend your plant’s lifespan by eliminating exposure to heat. On top of this, Benflor promises a 3- year warranty with a 30-day money-back guarantee!

Having the right grow light is one of the most important steps in harvesting marijuana. We hope you took away some great tips in growing top-notch plants. Thank you for reading our quality choices of amazing LED grow lights!

Barrina LED Grow Lights.

KingLed is known for being a leading brand in manufacturing LED lights. Forget sunlight. This 1000w grow light contains 380-780nm visible light.

Ladies, how fabulous does this grow light look? Exlenvce builds its light with three, 5-watt chips per LED, making it brighter and more effective. This intensely bright light allows for your marijuana to grow rapidly yet safely.

The best part about LED grow lights is that they generate a small amount of heat compared to many other bulbs.

With a nearly 5-star rating, customers confirm the excellent conditions of this grow light. KingLed are confident in their light’s ability to perform that they also guarantee a full refund within 90 days if you’re unhappy with your product. Free shipping and a product warranty? It doesn’t get any better than this!

The ViparSpectra light makes matters simple for you. It’s lightweight and can be hung just about anywhere in your house. This lights lasts you for years due to its strong structure and reliable quality materials, making your cultivating process convenient to your liking.

They supply your plants with a high intensity lighting compared to fluorescent bulbs. LED lights are vital for wanting to grow a large quantity of cannabis due to its advanced settings.

This LED grow light is perfect to use for beginners. With an automatic on and off timing feature, you won’t have to worry about leaving your plants under the light for too long.

The next step is adjusting your light to a suitable temperature for your marijuana. For growing seedlings, plants benefit from cooler temperatures.

Its Super Lumens feature delivers a lighting boost when needed. Bulbs can be dimmed from 50 to 100% of the power.

Sun System brings you this compact HID light fixture, perfect for small spaces. Its 150-watt HPS bulb can produce an incredible 16000 lumens. Reflective aluminum inserts provide exceptional lighting while vented housing reduces the heat produced by the bulbs.

Its dimmable full-spectrum design allows you to grow cannabis during all stages of growth. Its waterproof power supply is perfect for growing in humid environments. It comes with a three-year warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

3. Gavita Pro 6/750E Marijuana Grow Lights.

Gavita brings you a complete and compact fixture featuring a ballast and replaceable reflector for easy setup. The double-ended HPS lamps are some of the most efficient in the market. Gavita gives you the power to dim down to 375 watts in a gradual manner to protect the lamp.

That’s why we’ve assembled a handy list of fluorescent, LED, and HID grow lights that are affordable, easy to install and use, and all found on Amazon! Even if you don’t buy from Amazon, you’ll appreciate the reviews when you make your decision at your local shop.

Aluminum cooling heat sinks and a high-speed quiet fan is the perfect way to keep heat levels down. These lights are perfect for a 2.5’ x 2.5’ grow area. Every purchase comes with a 3-year warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee.

The kit comes with a Slim Line ballast standard featuring a slim design and larger heat sinks for better cooling compared to its competitors.

The kit comes with two v-hangers and a complete ballast assembly built into the reflector for easy setup. It’s ideal for a 2’ x 2’ growing area. This kit comes with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty on the fixture and a 1-year warranty on the lamp.

Advanced Platinum’s Series 12-band LED grow light has an outstanding PAR and Lumen output, up to 2 to 3 times more than any other similar LED grow light. Its 12-band full-spectrum lighting is versatile enough to handle the vegetative and flowering stages.

1. Sun System HPS 150 Grow Light.

Hydrofarm’s Agrobrite T5 fixture gives you the option to hang the fixture horizontally, vertically, or overhead depending on your needs. Its high output bulbs provide great light intensity at an affordable price. Its 6400K spectrum is rated for 20,000 hours of use.

This kit comes with 8 6500K bulbs, hanging hooks and chains, and an 8-foot power cord. 2 switches on the body enable you to dim 4 inner or outer bulbs based on your needs. Best of all, it comes with a 5-year warranty.

These fixtures are perfect for a 15 square foot garden. All E-Series models can be remote-controlled by the Gavita Master Controllers, eliminating the use of timers and contactors. Now, that’s convenience! Plus, you get a 1-year warranty on the lamp.

Cannabis grow lights are a critical factor in any indoor garden. Lights stimulate photosynthesis for healthy plant development and growth. Choosing one that fits your budget and indoor needs can be difficult.

8. VIPARSPECTRA LED Marijuana Grow Lights.

These cannabis grow kits come with either one HPS bulb or an HPS and MH bulb. The air cool hood reflector features 6” duct ports on each side for ultimate cooling with a small fan (not included).

For some of the best LED grow lights around, turn to VIPARSPECTRA. These grow lights offer full-spectrum lighting for all stages of the cannabis plant cycle. The system features VEG and BLOOM switches to accommodate lighting needs for each stage.

Roleadro’s Galaxyhydro grow lights emit a full spectrum of light to stimulate photosynthesis and bud production when needed. Two high-speed cooling fans, a built-in aluminum heat-sink, and a temperature controller give you the power to precisely cool your system.

Do you want to know more about the lighting needs of cannabis plants? Do you want to learn more ways to optimize your indoor garden?

If you’re a complete beginner, Yield Lab’s 400-watt grow light kit is the best way to get your garden started. Not only are they powerful but they’re also easy to install and use.