ak 47 marijuana seeds

This easy to grow plant is our most popular, because of her outstanding quality. The AK-47 strain has been often copied or used by other seed companies for crosses.

The name was given not out of any idea of violence, but more in association with the ‘one hit wonder’ that the smoke is. After its introduction visitors to coffeeshops in Amsterdam regularly passed out after a hit of the AK47 strain . Quality without compromise makes AK47 seeds suitable for commercial or home-grows. For a mostly Sativa cross these plants have a short flowering period, producing compact buds with few leaves that gleam with a coat of resin crystals .

Winning 27 awards(. ) in Cannabis competitions proves it is a favourite to grow as well as to smoke.

AK-47 Strain Description.

AK-47 strain is our most popular variety. It is an easy to grow plant and with more than 27 awards , and counting, it is officially the most awarded cannabis strain on the market . The AK47 strain has been often copied, or used by other seed companies to upgrade crosses. This plant is of medium height and produces very good yields quite quickly. Extremely STRONG odour and smoke. Read more.

She delivers a very strong, long-lasting and pleasant High. In 1999 at the Cannabis Cup, an independent lab test proved AK47 weed had the highest THC-percentage of all entries that year . Medicinal plant excellent for pain-relief .

This plant is of medium height and produces very good yields quite quickly. Extremely STRONG odour and smoke . Take extra care for odour control when growing near neighbours!

Latest awards won by AK-47 strain : 2nd prize in category: 'Bio-Weed' at the HighLife Cup 2016 in Amsterdam, Netherlands and 2nd prize in category: 'Indoor' at the Copa Cata Zona Norte 2017 in Argentina and 2nd prize in category: 'Sativa' at the 3rd Great Canadian Canna Cup in Canada in 2018.

Hybrids are adaptable and multi-functional enough to become anybody’s best friend. Whatever you need for AK-47, it can give to you in the smoothest and seamless way. The effects of AK-47 come on slow and steady, and stick around for a long time. A little goes a long way with this one. The mellow indica properties calm the ease and relax the body, but it’s not the ideal strain for bedtime due to its powerful sativa makeup.

It’s ok if you don’t like guns but you love AK-47 marijuana seeds – they’re just named for the power behind them! Find yourself uplifted and relaxed at the same time, with all that stress and pain melting away, when you try this earthy, sweet strain.

Sativa and indica are pretty much polar opposites of each other. So while your mind is staying calm, your brain is getting a boost of creativity and ingenuity. You may feel the sudden desire to go for a run or attend a party instead of chilling on the couch all day. You may feel inspired to create and do something with your hands, like paint or write. Sativa is the perfect outlet for all creative hobbies.

If everybody could put down their guns and pick up the AK-47 marijuana seeds instead, the world would be a much happier place. Don’t let its intimidating name fool you, though. AK-47 may just be the peaceful lullaby you need to fall asleep, and yet, it’s a sativa-dominant hybrid with indica effects mixed in for an extra kick.

AK-47 gives off a stronger mental high than a physical one, making it the ultimate daytime activity before work or when that 2:30 feeling hits. Instead of reaching for an extra cup of coffee, choose AK-47 marijuana seeds instead.


The indica properties, on the other hand, induce a relaxation effect, making you stay focused during movie sessions. Alternatively, if you love to sleep to pass the time, this strain is perfect for this occasion.

The flavor from AK 47 weed is similarly unique, with a sour flavor hitting you during inhalation. During exhalation, you might experience floral and earthy notes . The versatility in the aroma partly explains the reason behind the overwhelming demand for AK 47 cannabis seeds.

The sativa effects in AK 47 are then replaced by indica properties, albeit for a short period. The indica properties are characterized by a state of calmness and relaxation . Other effects that might manifest include hunger pangs and couch-lock symptoms.

Effects of AK 47.

Ak- 47 is a powerful strain for anxiety issues. Used it twice, results are great. The problem is that it’s hard to come by.

In the head fog, in the eyes of the bunnies, but the legs walk, the effect is a bit psychedelic ))) is one of the favorite varieties it’s amazing.

The article has reviewed crucial features that AK 47 seeds for sale harbor in the plant. From the discussion, it is clear that the features justify the hype surrounding the plant. One setback of this strain is that some sellers are selling substandard seeds to unsuspecting buyers. Instead of risking your hard-earned money buying AK 47 seeds from unknown sellers, hit us up for top-grade quality. Our commitment to making sure you get value for money has made us stock the best seeds you can ever get in the market. Reach out to us for unmatched quality.

Max Gear – December 11, 2016.

Emma Sungale – April 30, 2019.

The THC, indica, and sativa properties in AK 47 feminized seeds make the strain a hub for a rollercoaster of effects. When you complete a session of this weed, the sativa properties start kicking in. At first, you might experience a head rush and euphoria , leaving you in a state of confusion. However, this only lasts for a short time before you start smiling uncontrollably. Once the sativa effects completely take over your body, an energetic high might also creep in . If you use the weed for wake and bake, you might perform physical activities in the most unimaginable ways.

The complex blend of taste and aroma makes the demand for AK 47 cannabis seeds go up. The aroma from fresh buds can be described as pungent and spicy . Upon combustion, the buds produce an earthy aroma, with skunky and sour notes.

Recreational Effects.

Majestic – March 9, 2019.

The indica and sativa profile in AK 47 marijuana seeds makes the strain ideal for managing various medical conditions. The numbing effects of THC and indica make the strain ideal for managing chronic pain and inflammation. If you are battling migraines, menstrual cramps, and rheumatic arthritis .

AK 47 weed might not have any close relationship with the famous firearm, but its potency speaks otherwise. AK 47 seeds was developed after crossing four famous landrace strains, resulting in cannabis with a medium to high THC level, considerable CBD, and high yields. If you are looking for a versatile cannabis strain, AK 47 seeds should be on your bucket list.

AK 47 marijuana seeds harbor between 14 and 18% THC , which experienced users might assume to be medium. However, this seemingly medium THC might easily knock you off, which calls for novice users to take it with caution.

For my first outdoor grove I grew seedlings on the windowsill (Windows to the North). The plants were growing very actively, with long, thick stems, with large mugs. I was not even ready for such a rapid growth and late realized that by the time the landing they will be just giants.

Flowering Time.

Samuel Smith – December 22, 2018.

AK 47 seeds do not harbor high CBD levels like some medical strains, with the average being 1.5%. This CBD level makes AK 47 ideal for medical use.

When AK 47 marijuana seeds germinate, the features that are distinct to it start manifesting. There is a list of distinct features that make the demand for AK 47 strain seeds skyrocket. The features include:

AK 47 weed seeds are becoming the top choice for commercial and individual cannabis growers due to their high yields. When you cultivate AK 47 seeds for sale indoors, you can harvest between 1.3 – 1.8 oz/ft 2 (400 – 550 g/m 2 ) . Cultivating AK 47 cannabis seeds outdoors should give between 28 – 35 oz (800 – 1000 gr) per plant . To achieve these insane yields, it is advisable to keep the conditions warm and with less humidity .

Rich leaves – The leaves after AK 47 weed seeds have germinated and the plant completed the vegetative stage are complex. The leaves are lime green in color, with bright orange pistils covering their surface.

hi! I grew AK47 about a month ago with grain, bushiness is very good, but the height of 30 cm, how to understand how much the Bush will stretch out in color? Space from floor to LEd lamps not more than 120cm, when translated into colour?